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  1. not a chance in hell we draft a WR at 8 with our crappy OL and already having Moore and Robby. i mean, maybe if Chase was some 6'5 Megatron clone, but he aint.
  2. was offered a nice deal from LV in this draft
  3. You dont need that many WRs or a TE. We got to the superbowl with walmart bargains at WR. We need OL and defense imo. We already got Moore, Robby and CMC.
  4. Good chance at least lance is still standing at 8. Possibly even 2 Qbs.
  5. Are the Pats our most realistic trading partner? Swap 1sts and add their 2nd?
  6. you think he forgot how to play in 2 years? assume he stayed in shape and is fully rehabed/heal, he is a 1st round talent that will fall due to not playing/injury. He is for sure worth the risk in the 2nd round for a team needing a LT
  7. arm talent is only half (at best) of the equation. the mental aspect is what's most important. pre snap reads, pocket awareness, making progressions, anticipation throws, not forcing things, knowing when to throw it away, take a sack, run etc.
  8. Current pff line grades. Jesus i wouldn't be upset with 3 or so OL selections in the draft. We only have 1 (Moton) starter quality OL on our roster. Yikes. Dennis Daley - 64 Pat Elflein - 48 Cameron Erving - 58 Mike Horton - n/a Martez Ivey - n/a Matt Kaskey - n/a Greg Little - 44 Aaron Monteiro - n/a Taylor Moton - 81 Matt Paradis - 63 Trent Scott - 60 Sam Tecklenburg - n/a John Miller - 61
  9. What we had at LB and FS last year was far far removed from pro bowler. Hell, I would just like to get average play from those positions. Every other play they were out of position or missing tackles.
  10. still have room for improvement at LB and FS.
  11. you could have god mode megatron and antonio gates, but it wont matter if your OL sucks. always always build from the ground up. the lines are the foundation. you don't pass up an elite LT or DE unless you already have one on your roster. which we havent since gross.
  12. they just took a LT in the first round in 2019. given that plus no more green. burrow is going to super pissed if they pass up his man chase or pitts.
  13. LT is vastly more important a position than CB. If Sewell or Slater are there, they will be the pick assuming no QBs are remaining.
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