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  1. TL could easily bust. QBs are super hit or miss. No telling
  2. thats idiotic. at 360 brown was near negative RAS. completely immobile. 20 pounds would just make him average at best. For him to be the best version of him and the most athletic, he would need to be around 320-330.
  3. lol at big framed guy, reminds me of when women say big boned. naw you just fat and over eat. brown can easily get down to 320-330 if he was dedicated to diet and fitness.
  4. he has 17 more pounds to go. he needs to be 330
  5. what u talking bout he cant get down to 330? anyone can lose weight. called eat less and exercise more
  6. so what weight did brown show up to camp at?
  7. naw, they get atleast one more shot to draft a QB high and see if that hits. rhule signed a 7 yr contract. he has plenty of cards to play before he bows out.
  8. Cam was a great athlete. He was not a great QB. Was too inconsistent with passing to be considered a great QB.
  9. most D's don't play full man press against all WRs on every play. on nearly every play there are WRs that start with separation.
  10. It's up to the QB to understand their lines ability and to make their reads accordingly. If I know my line is booty, I got to get the ball out ideally within 2 seconds. gotta set up the right plays and make the right reads.
  11. Actually, Sam needs to not be Sam. Sam needs to become a new Sam. Sam 2.0 If Sam stays the same Sam we all know, he is going to stink up the joint. Sam already has a ton of pressure on himself alone. He knows this is his last chance to make it in this league as a starting QB.
  12. I for one hope either Sam plays very well and we win 9+ games or Sam plays terribly and we lose nearly all our games within 1-2 scores and we get the number one pick next yr.
  13. Many QBs cant process plays in real time under pressure and make the correct reads. Cam never could consistently. Can Sam do it? The jury is still out.
  14. most coaches don't want a QB they feel are not good between the ears. cam was no spring chicken.
  15. Sam is one interesting QB. On one hand, he makes some spectacular throws and runs. On the other hand, makes some really boneheaded throws/reads. Lots of talent. Not sure if he has what it takes between the ears. Hopefully Rhule and Brady can figure this out.
  16. dudes pff was a 60. basically average dude. no wonder they released him.
  17. id show boat the hell out stuff. no care about fines. entertainment for the fans and to piss off the other team.
  18. why the fug would juwan james op out and lose 15m guaranteed? hell naw.
  19. jesus we could have had 4 of the 7. i wanted Smith and Stone (or Tommy Doyle).
  20. GB would be dumb as hell to not trade him. They would be voluntarily missing out on at minimum 2 first round picks.
  21. joe had 33+. brady is pushing the boundaries of tackle limits lol
  22. how does an OT get drafted high with awful feet and hands?
  23. so pretty much no great LTs with 32 inch arms. slightly concerned lol
  24. No one seems to be able to answer this question. What good LT has 32 inch arms? They lowest I can find is 33.
  25. Leno is way better than Erving. Erving at a pff grade of 58 compared to Leno's 74.
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