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  1. Would love to know what safety position Chinn will be playing and who is playing beside him.
  2. That's alot of work but glad someone decided to dig a little deeper. A couple guys usually surprise and make the roster but who will it be?
  3. I must be the only one that likes our uniform colors and design. I dont feel we need change I've seen change for the sake of change and it fail miserably
  4. To this day I will always have a disdain for Denver will always wish bad luck and losses on their dirty ass for an eternity
  5. Excellent post. Makes slot of sense.
  6. Brandon wegner oh what could have been
  7. If anything whether Charlotte or Raleigh it should be named Carolina it's such a regional sport
  8. Raleigh did not steal the Hurricanes, they just played there in Greensboro for the first two years until the arena was built and ready.
  9. I think everyone prefers grass but if your nfl team and mls are sharing a stadium, the grass will not hold up.
  10. I would have like to have drafted wyatt davis in the 3rd or even ben cleveland and rolled the dice on drafting tremble in the 4th. But honestly I am more gonna moan about it. Trust the process
  11. I'm still baffled how Hurney said will Grier was the highest rated qb on their board and the guy has not ever thrown a td kn an nfl game. Or moving up ten spots to draft little while giving up a third rounder because he was left tackle material and now he will he lucky to make the team as a guard. Smh
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