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  1. I mean we need a backup what could it hurt if he shines we have an option or we trade him to a desperate qb hungry team in time
  2. But I think our color scheme logo and uniforms are great. I wouldn't change them at all. It's stupid to just say change because we struggle or lose or outdated, these uniforms have rocked from day one and I hope they never chsnge it.
  3. I'm sorry but maybe I'm I'm the minority
  4. Go for Carr trade back a few spots for extra draft picks then select tight end Mayer from Notre Dane
  5. Yea cause he eats to ho yo such am owner who lost his first round draft pick from trying to tank. And all the issues that come with that franchise smh
  6. My biggest gripe with Fitterer is trading cmc to an in conference rival. I'd take less compensation if he went to the afc. Just watch when we finally go to the playoffs and having to play cmc and he stands in our way. In the afc we would only have to face him once every four years or in a super bowl. Thats what irks me with Fitterer though.
  7. I've wanted the Panthers to end his career ever since super bowl 38. However, I get tired of waiting for the sob to retire. Just want to win and hope he looks as gimpy as he has lately.
  8. Justin fields one wonders where we would be if we drafted him. Or how bout Micah parsons
  9. He has found a qay to go on ir without standing on the side line looking like a douche
  10. Honestly it's not likely gonna happen. Every monster lb we ever had has been drafted in the first round. We using ours on a qb most likely. As far as a de to go across from butns in the 2nd, it's hit and miss. We drafted YGM in the 2nd and he has not planned out.
  11. No disrespect but I don't care to see players that I root for players for my Panthers go to another team and prosper its pure torture. I do motcroot for ANY other teams period
  12. Yes Baker sucks but even the great Aaron Roger's got two consecutive batted down in their loss today. Oh and on a side note I want Rhule fired too but those clambering for Rivera to return how he doing in Washington? No thank u
  13. I guess what I'm getting at is Tepper can't afford another knee jersey reaction or he gonna look even more foolish. He has to fire Ehule but he must make the next hire hit spot on
  14. But a plan has to unfold. If he fires Rhule who does he replace him with in season? Sure Wilks would work but if he can get anything out of this team will it interline him from hiring his next head coach, someone who might not be on the horizon till some smoke clears for whatever reason that may be. And our offense will still be stagnant cause we have McAdoodoo. As bad as Rhule needs to be fired a plan has to be worked out. When your front door blows off during a hurricane u don't rush out during the storm to replace it u wait till the storm has blown thru then take action. GOD THIS TEAM is enept
  15. Because he knows if he doesn't have the right guy in place TownePlace Rhile it's gonna look worse. He knows he has to get rid of Rhule but it's a question of how soon and what's the plan on who is next man. He is probably getting his feelers as we speak
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