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  1. Elite qbs don't grow on trees. What's he suppose to do draft matt hones or justin fields instead yea they are elite alright
  2. Explains why we kept so many tight ends on the roster. I can see it in practice today....hey Arnold go long... no longer. Like go to Jacksonville and turn around
  3. And %$## the Saints. Nobody said anything u thing when they beat a quarterback less Denver team cause of Covid protocols. Didnt that game count towards then winning the division last year? F%$# em like i said.
  4. He was grossly overpaid here. He also cost us a few games with missed kicks. Hurney and rivera poo the bed when they put butker on practice squad when he was the equal to better kicker at a cheaper price. That's where we dropped the ball.
  5. Wow what does that say about Jansen. You draft his replacement, and he calmly keeps his job as the young replacement struggles. Consoles Slye when he was on his way out the door during the last preseason game. Now he is named a team captain. From the ashes rises the phoenix.
  6. Did he and Rivera get into it during the stanford call games
  7. Did you know that if Jansen plays in all 16 games for us this year he only needs to play 13 games for us next year and he would replace john kasay for most games played by a player in Panthers history
  8. Maybe he walked his happy ass to practice on his hands and knees
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