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  1. Nothing against dawn Staley but no. Just puck qualified coach with prior experience i.e. Dantoni or Mark jackson
  2. I'm not really impressed with kotkeniemi
  3. I'm thinking linebacker maybe safety depth or defensive end depth
  4. I put out my benediction on my YouTube channel- carolina sports guy. I'm hoping Ekwonu even Neal but please God no qb.
  5. The only issue I can find that could be a head scratcher I'd the training facility. Surely Tepper has the money buy with significant upgrades to remodel BOA, the ongoing situation of the Panthers training facility in SC, and with a distant eye on a future home for both the Panthers and Charlotte FC it could just be alots on the stove and that in time this will be taken care of, time will tell.
  6. What an idiotic statement. If contraction then why not Jacksonville, Detroit, or Houston. Just a dumb ass statement to even say such.
  7. What Fitterer is going to have to do is slowly yet firmly grab the reigns from Matt rhule and take control of u Jr duties he should have be given from day one.
  8. If Cam does indeed come back the only juice that p.j. will be bringing is water to the starters during time outs
  9. Elite qbs don't grow on trees. What's he suppose to do draft matt hones or justin fields instead yea they are elite alright
  10. Explains why we kept so many tight ends on the roster. I can see it in practice today....hey Arnold go long... no longer. Like go to Jacksonville and turn around
  11. And %$## the Saints. Nobody said anything u thing when they beat a quarterback less Denver team cause of Covid protocols. Didnt that game count towards then winning the division last year? F%$# em like i said.
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