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  1. Didn't see or hear any radio play by play experience. Apparantly, that kind of experience isn't necessary for the Panthers twice in a row now. Very generic on TV. Let's face it. We don't get much right around here.
  2. We're not getting a first round pick for him
  3. Not to mention, McCaffrey is just as much a WR as he is a RB
  4. You can have a high priced back and a young, good QB. Got to draft one first.
  5. I'm all about Sam Mills, but Peter King is a hack
  6. If you pass, we don't have another pick in top 100. You're basically waiving the white flag on the season.
  7. Jake wasn't flashy, but dude was a winner and got the most of his ability. He also didn't puke all over himself in the Super Bowl like hmmm hmmm. He gave us a great chance to win.
  8. WOW! That is one terrible list. I think this class is better though.
  9. Love me some Luke, but I'm not sure if he's ready to step right into coaching
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