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  1. Smitty was fun, his partner is Awful. Terrible voice and tries to make it all about him, when he's not getting the names of the players wrong. Glad the national guys have been counting us out this year. Make for a nice surprise.
  2. We have a guy with a great skill set who carries no drama. Just keep him healthy and I feel good.
  3. Good for him. We've got our guy, and didn't have to give up 3 first round picks to get him
  4. No one said he couldn't run for yards. He was never an elite quarterback and was one of the most inaccurate passers of the era. That usually showed up in big games. Sorry. Like the guy, but he wasn't elite.
  5. You're not alone. I think we have some of the best uni's in the league
  6. Other than the MVP year, not sure Cam was very elite. He had good years and mediocre years. Rarely "elite" when compared to the best the NFL has to offer.
  7. Not bad considering the nightmare NY was. Shows he believes best is yet to come from SD.
  8. Someone gave him REALLY bad advice
  9. Mick was local yokel hire. We don't need another one. We are an NFL team and deserve someone with a national profile.
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