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  1. Panthers 25 Dolphins 7 Like I’ve said, Panthers will stick around in playoff race long enough to get everyone’s hopes up and then blow it.
  2. I imagine Rhule would call plays himself. He has done it before in college.
  3. But we are actually pretty close. 2016-6-10 2017-11-5 2018-7-9 2019-5-11 2020-5-11 2021-5-6 = 40-52 1997-7-9 1998-4-12 1999-8-8 2000-7-9 2001-1-15 2002-7-9 = 34-62
  4. We missed the playoffs by a few points in 1999. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.derp/platform/amp/2020/6/29/21305657/we-need-more-points-remembering-the-dramatically-wild-finish-to-the-panthers-1999-season
  5. Oh we will beat Miami. Then come out and poo the bed against Atlanta. Then we will win one of the games we aren’t supposed to win to keep us relevant until like the final 2 games of the season and do a total nose dive. Classic Panthers. Just like 1999, 2004, 2006, 2009, etc.
  6. Okay but you can’t run with Cam in the red zone every time. You got to have a guy with size. People forgot Olsen scored around 60 TDs here and size and reach was a lot of it. Even Benjamin had 20-25 TDs here. Not even gonna start on Moose.
  7. Trying contributing to the conversation instead of leaving a Yelp review like you just stayed at a Bed and Breakfast.
  8. Wait, what about the Giants? What did I miss here?
  9. Yeah this was kinda my point before he started splitting hairs.
  10. I disagree, we are missing a red zone threat. Like a Moose or Olsen. Our TEs aren’t it. Need a 6’5 or 6’6 dude that can go get it.
  11. I’ve made a very decent but not extraordinary living managing projects, specifically start ups and construction. It boils down to clear expectations and holding people accountable. If your expectations are clear and not being met, you see what resources that person or group needs. You still don’t get the results you want, you move on and force change. Cam was the “resources” stated above. Probably the only reason Tepper put on a fake smile. You can’t keep asking for poo and giving the same results.
  12. Not for this long of a period of time. Even 01 was sandwiched with mediocre seasons. I feel like we are in the 1997-2002 lull. It really feels like the Seifert years. We need a John Fox. 1995: 7-9 1996: 12-4 Division Champs Lost 3rd Round 1997: 7-9 1998: 4-12 1999: 8-8 2000: 7-9 2001: 1-15 2002: 7-9 2003: 11-5 Division Champs Lost SB 2004: 7-9 2005: 11-5 Lost 3rd Round 2006: 8-8 2007: 7-9 2008: 12-4 Division Champs Lost 2nd Round 2009: 8-8 2010: 2-14 2011: 6-10 2012: 7-9 2013: 12-4 Division Champs Lost 2nd Round 2014: 7-8-1 Division Champs Lost 2nd Round 2015: 15-1 Division Champs Lost SB 2016: 6-10 2017: 11-5 Lost 1st Round 2018: 7-9 2019: 5-11 2020: 5-11 2021: 5-6
  13. Nah I’d want Dan Campbell so he could chew some knee caps. Terrible coach it seems but very genuine person.
  14. Not trying to be Mr Rain Cloud here but our opponents next year look pretty rough. Home Atlanta New Orleans Tampa Pittsburgh Cleveland San Francisco Arizona AFC West (Would be Las Vegas right now) NFC North (Would be Chicago right now) Away Atlanta New Orleans Tampa Baltimore Cincinnati LA Rams Seattle NFC East (Would be WFT right now)
  15. And here’s last season but the difference seems to be the entire 2nd half and not just the 3rd qtr.
  16. Same drum, same tune. We come in strong in the first qtr and then they figure us out.
  17. I don’t think he’s going to make it to 7 seven years. I also don’t think he’s getting fired this year. I think if his record next year is the same or worse than what we finish this year, he will be canned.
  18. Have to win MIA, ATL, and NO and one of the TB games or Buffalo. We do have a bye week so that helps us. But yeah 9-8 only gives us a chance. Rams are gonna be there, Philly has one of the easiest schedules remaining in the NFL, and Minnesota is starting to play well. The latter two also have beaten us. So we lose to MIA, ATL or NO is pretty much over.
  19. Aside from Brady, not yet. He or Pat Meyer need to get thrown out on their asses. Matt Rhule if he doesn’t stop this clown show before the end of the season. Best thing he can do for his career is fire that jackass offensive coordinator he has and call plays himself.
  20. Oh hell, I just found a copy of his play sheet.
  21. His playbook be like: Run right Run left Run middle Pass 1 Pass 2 Pass 3
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