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  1. I would try to shake things up on the staff a bit this offseason. Potentially fire Reich and try to replace him with Deuce, Caldwell, or Evero to see what happens. I would make sure Scott couldn’t gamble away any assets and go into 24 like that. We will have a 1st in 24 and a ton of cap room, we can sell off players for more picks as well and fire both GM and HC and do a full and total rebuild the right way into 25.
  2. And apparently Jordan Matthews will be TE3 this week since Sullivan is out. Yes WR Jordan Mathews from the Eagles years ago.
  3. I imagine Wright or Strachan will get elevated from the PS this week as well. Thielen , Mingo, Marshall, ISM, PS Guy?
  4. Yeah not really. I haven’t seen any overthrow past 15-20 yards. He’s really airing it out there
  5. I have no idea what you’re watching, but I haven’t seen anything that wasn’t a drag route or hitch route overthrown. Half the time when he “doesn’t have time to throw” it’s a screen and it’s designed that way. We run about 15 of those per game. I’m not saying the WR don’t need improvement, but he can’t get the ball downfield with zip. Now whether that’s because he has a weak arm or throws from his tip toes or while he jumps in the air is a different story.
  6. I’m not shitting on the kid, but it’s because his deep ball is terrible unless the receiver is wide, wide open. He has really bad arm strength and the balls sails on him. That pass to Hurst was 20 yards and floated its way there. Every time he has went deep, the ball hangs up in the air and sails off route because there is no zip. Don’t believe me, go watch the games again.
  7. You have the link? I seen the one yesterday where Schefter said he wouldn’t be surprised if Reich was let go at the end of the year and said Tepper is very impatient. Same one? David Newton shared the clip on Twitter of this one yesterday.
  8. Yeah because Matt Rhule was doing all that instead of making a game plan and he’s gone.
  9. Didn’t he end up changing his number to 7 the next season anyways?
  10. Depends on a few things really. I imagine they are going into a second year with this staff. So if they recoup any trade value with Burns, Chinn, etc that will be the deciding factor. You’ll have a lot of other holes on the team so you have to take that into account as well. If we get back into the 1st we will probably use that and sign a second or third tier guy in FA. If we don’t get back into the first we will probably go after a first tier FA and draft one in the 2nd or 3rd.
  11. You have a “mini” bye week coming after this game. Any changes that need to be made will likely come Friday-Sunday. My guess is Scott and maybe some Assistant coaches. Letting Scott go now would give Tepper time to really look around before the offseason starts. Then again he may just put Morgan in for the interim and let him roll with Frank another year and then clean house in both spots. By then you have two years of Bryce and a pretty good idea where you’re at with GM/HC/QB and start fresh at all 3 in 2025.
  12. Nasty sloppy games with a weird score. Bears- 22 Panthers -6 This is the game that gets people fired and benched.
  13. No he is not!? He doesn’t have half the arm strength that Brees has. That pass to Hurst down the sideline took 10 minutes to get there. Drew Brees also didn’t panic and throw the ball up randomly each time he was going to get hit. Hell 3 or 4 times this year, he has gotten hit and the ball goes flying out of his hands. (Lions, Saints, Falcons, Vikings) His been picked on 2 or 3 screen passes this year. And the rest are because he can’t see over the middle. He sucks. It’s okay to admit it.
  14. I don’t really mind his meddling. I’m glad he cares enough to meddle. I don’t like his poor decision making. He is always concerned about being “cutting edge” with analytics, data, etc. Like hiring Rhule thinking he was swinging for the fences or putting together this Frankenstein staff that can but together a passing game and trade up and take this cerebral QB. Really he just needs to go hire somebody that knows how to win football games. I don’t care if they run the wing-T and 46 defense. Just go hire somebody who can win. It’s that simple. Who cares if they are offensive minded or defensive minded anymore.
  15. Take it from probably the only OL guy on here. It’s the scheme. There is some laziness from time to time during certain protections but you got Jeff Davison Offensive Lineman trying to play Air Coryell out there
  16. But imagine there only being 1 toilet. That’s how I feel. Shitt on repeatedly
  17. He asked Dabo on a live radio interview why he makes as much as he does when the team is playing like garbage and Dabo went on a ridiculous 3-4 minute rant about how people like Tyler are the problem, and Clemson didn’t do anything for 35 years before he got there, and basically said he doesn’t fail.
  18. Yet Icky was laughing his entire interview like nothing was wrong.
  19. I thought it was he was “uninterested” during the interview or appeared distracted or something
  20. Don’t know man. Really feel like we win this game like 10-7 and give everyone false hope during the mini bye so the Cowboys can beat us by 35.
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