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  1. Fire Joe Brady and hopefully Pat Meyer. Move Elf to center and pick up another C in the later rounds. Try to get Corral or Willis in the 1st. Spend the excess money on FAs and a LB. Trade Shaq/Robbie for more depth or picks. Tag Jackson and trade or depth or picks as well.
  2. Right so use the money/picks to build around Darnold or draft a QB to compete with him. And still use the money for an OL. Logical route.
  3. I would rather invest that draft pick into a new QB, and the left over money into OL to protect him. Or vice/versa. That would be most logical...
  4. I would rather invest that draft pick into a new QB, and the left over money into OL to protect him. Or vice/versa. That would be most logical...
  5. Right but hard to replace those bums when you don’t have any picks. That cap room only goes so far when our other draft picks need extensions.
  6. We have hit the right player more times than not, especially lately.
  7. Yeah it is. I can tell some of you weren’t around when Hurney traded ours away. 1st round picks come in handy when you are building a franchise, each and every season. If we traded our next 3 picks, we wouldn’t pick in the first round again until April/May 2025.
  8. The OL is 5 players. That’s almost half the offense. That’s not one position.
  9. Yeah funny how sh!t happens when people know what they are doing. Fox also went to the 1-15 to the Super Bowl in 2 years.....Without trading the farm away.
  10. Big difference in 2 and 3 first rounds. Rams also had a better overall team and supporting cast. We would have almost nothing around Watson except a broken ass RB and DJ Moore.
  11. Kerry Collins Tyrone Poole Blake Brockermeyer Tshimanga Biakabutuka Rae Carruth Jason Peter Rashard Anderson Dan Morgan Julius Peppers Jordan Gross Chris Gamble Thomas Davis DeAngelo Williams Jonathan Stewart Jon Beason Jeff Otah Cam Newton Luke Kuechly Star Lotulelei Kelvin Benjamin Shaq Thompson Vernon Butler Christian McCaffrey DJ Moore Brian Burns Derrick Brown Jaycee Horn I like our chances of keeping 3 first rounders over the next 3 years.
  12. Nope. Sure wouldn’t. Don’t really care to be the 80s dolphins with Dan Marino carrying a worthless team. Deshaun Watson isn’t close to Mahomes.
  13. Bullsh!t, not with his injury history and wear and tear. A 2 or a 3,4, next year 3.
  14. That’s reaching. We have had more solid first rounders than not. And two of those came from this regime and all 3 under Tepper.
  15. Trade Derrick Brown, Jaycee Horn, and Brian Burns for Deshaun Watson? Because that’s how much 3 first rounders are worth.
  16. Everyone who wants to trade for Watson either A) don’t realize how much 3 first round picks go or B) think we trade some scrubs and get him. ”yeah give them Sam Franklin and half a bag of donuts they’ll do it” Trading 3 first round picks would be like trading Derrick Brown, Brian Burns, and Jaycee Horn for him.
  17. Only if there are conditions. Those conditions being we get picks back for time missed and picks back for players traded if he misses time. Say we trade a 1,1,1, a 3 and Robby Anderson, and Dante Jackson. We value Robby at a 4 and Jackson at a 2. If he misses no time over 2 years it’s solid. If he misses say a season we get half back. If he misses 2 years we get 75% back. If he’s out longer than that it’s all back. If he misses half a season we get 25% back. Only way I’m doing it.
  18. I actually looked at QB stats and highlighted the years Sean Ryan was QB coach if anyone cares. The combination of him, Brady, and a terrible OL didn’t have a chance of making Darnold better. Maybe if he got a really seasoned staff but this was the wrong marriage.
  19. I’m really not opposed to Rhule or Sean Ryan calling the offense. Look at Sean Ryan’s resume. He has coached Eli Manning, Deshaun Watson, and Matthew Stafford. He’s also been in the league a while and coached multiple positions. I really think the only reason Joe Brady hasn’t been canned is because it would derail his career.
  20. Darnold averaged 2.5 sacks per game in NY. Hes averaged 4.5 sacks per game the last 4. We aren’t helping him.
  21. I would be okay with it IF we get all of our picks back plus extras for players traded if he gets suspended.
  22. Not disagreeing he was a perv. But as far as football operations he was lifetimes ahead of this assclown. Who knows same stuff may come out about Tepper years later too, I don’t think any of us seen JR in that light back in the 90s and 00s.
  23. I actually prefer Richardson. Tepper is 20-35 with no division titles or playoff appearances. Richardson took us to the Super Bowl twice, NFC Championship 4 times, Playoffs 8 times, and won the division 5 times. One of those Division titles/NFC Championship game appears was in the Franchise’s second season ever. This is Teppers 4th season. Most importantly he brought the franchise here. Him being a creep doesn’t make him a bad owner. It just means he was a creep.
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