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  1. I think Jack would be more of a situational LB in a 3-4. If we could get him on a cheap deal, I wouldn't complain about it.
  2. YGM is going to be an Edge. He doesn't fit the frame of a traditional 3-4 5T or 3T. He and Luvu are more of a 3-4 Anchor and Burns/Haynes/Barno will likely be the Buck.
  3. I could burn two zig zags and still move better than that.
  4. I could live with Hyatt if we signed a dependable FA WR. Since we have Hurst now, a FA, Hyatt, and Marshall with Smith and Shenault isn’t terrible. By no means great but we have seen way worse here.
  5. I expect a WR, a depth LB and a tackle. (We literally only have 3 right now, Ickey, Moton, and Larnell Coleman)
  6. Well by then we will be around Rhule’s 7 year mark, so yeah of course we will.
  7. Well look at QBs this staff has had over the years, we have Josh McCown as a QB Coach and just signed Andy Dalton yesterday. Frank Reich: Matt Ryan, Jacoby Brissett, Phillip Rivers, Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, Andrew Luck, Jacob Eason, Sam Ehlinger. Jim Caldwell: Andrew Luck, Matthew Stafford, Peyton Manning. Thomas Brown: Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff. All pocket QBs.
  8. Really think it's Stroud or Levis. I don't think AR goes Top 15.
  9. Only if an erratic coke head owner who had the world at his feet for over a decade and lost it, and really wanted a certain QB, would it be possible.
  10. Seems counter-productive to me as well. Only logical scenario I could imagine is if you are in a race with other teams to grab the No. 1 pick. Then you obtain it and can hold it ransom for where you want to be on your timetable instead of Chicago's.
  11. For those thats never seen one before.
  12. Not saying they are, or I'm advocating to, just that it's a possibility.
  13. Well one was to move up 8 spots and the other is to move down 3 spots. So, in reality you paid the difference to move up 5 spots. The closer you get to No. 1 the higher the increments increase with each pick on the value chart.
  14. I have no doubt in my mind that they are planning to tank. I figured that when they kept Bowles around.
  15. I'm talking about the compensation; the other factor is horrid.
  16. This is what we have for each position group under contract for 2023. Names are not in any particular order. Its not a depth chart.
  17. "I'm just going to make a totally new thread declaring my opinions without any analysis!"
  18. I could be wrong but just looking at some charts, a reasonable offer to trade down with the Colts would be: Car Obtains: 2023 4th overall Pick, 2023 3rd Round Pick, 2023 4th Round Pick, 2024 1st Round Pick, 2025 2nd Round Pick. Ind Obtains: 2023 1st Overall Pick Really might not be too awful actually...
  19. Yeah I really would not be surprised to see them trade back with Indy and take Levis. I really hope not but could really see that happening. Especially if all this Bryce Young is beloved by Irsay hype is true.
  20. I think Corral could be dealt for a pick. They brought in Eason and Walker is floating around FA for cheap money and Reich knows both of them. I imagine it’s Eason and some veteran he has rubbed shoulders with at some point like Brissett or Foles.
  21. I think that poster said his side was starting at 16. But still, you don’t come in that high without expecting to get at least 12-14 out of it.
  22. It doesn’t exist if you build your contracts from the start to favor the cap like New Orleans and others do.
  23. According to sport trac his value is 12.3 million per year. We need 10 million for draft picks, we have around 22.7 million depending on the cap restructure. You want him to be the only guy we sign?
  24. I have this odd fear they will trade back a few to recoup some of what they lost and take a different QB. I don't think they would after going all the way to 1.
  25. Previous poster used the old quote "Best ability is availability". (Note: Somebody should tell Jackson and Horn that). But it's true. Anyways, I love Young, but his FRAME is the issue. Murray is short and athletic, but he is stocky, same for Wilson. Young has the shoulders of a middle school safety; his legs look like pencils.
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