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  1. To me, Edgerrin Cooper is very similar to Jon Beason. I'm hoping we get Cooper, and Xavier Legette and then grab Jaylin Wright in the 3rd.
  2. Bryce and thielen is for real. Both looking good.
  3. Announcer said that duck was a great throw? Wtf?
  4. My only thought is, great tempo, and good matchup with their personel. Don’t want to give them a chance to sub.
  5. Did Thomas Brown call the plays on that drive?
  6. Also OP is trolling with this thread. Hence his comment. “It’s preseason”
  7. Way too early! Cam showed nothing his first two preseason games. Showed some sparkle his 3rd vs the bengals. Wasn’t until week 1 vs Arizona we knew we had something. My half time leak was amazing in Glendale after that smitty td. Yes, I do believe in Richardson, his film just shows he plays at a different speed. I wanted him before the trade up. Obviously it wasn’t possible. B Young will figure it out. It’s early, got to give him time in the pocket, he’s a pocket passer. A qb of his intelligence, is in less need of a good wr core. Just give him time to process the defense. Will get better with reps, just protect this man!
  8. How the heck could you ever POST THIS!!!!!! Arrrrrrrgggghhhh. Blasphemy! I’m sure there’s one out there comparing Farve and Rodgers. Dinner’s ready time to eat!
  9. Huntington Beach! Gotta rep my hometown!
  10. Don’t overlook the statement made by Reich bout hoping that he’s challenged enough. That’s tells you how smart and how much of a grasp he has on the system.
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