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  1. First time creating a post, can someone please move to Panther forum. Let the off-season thread begin!
  2. Pure speculation at this point in time. It does make sense though. And to think this off-season couldn’t get any crazier! https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/03/25/panthers-uniform-redesign-2023-offseason/
  3. Please tell me it’s Brad, and not Brett. Too many Mandela affects already.
  4. Quality thread! If anything thanks for the laugh. Keep pounding!
  5. On your way back check the bathroom to see it was destroyed, or freshly remodeled. That would be a big tell.
  6. Bet it was SCP, on one of his road-trips.
  7. Most of these Herbert threads have people thinking he was available when we chose Brown. This is nice for a change, even though it sucks.
  8. NFL Sunday ticket. $100 for the season. Find someone with a college edu email for the discount.
  9. The Panthers will try to utilize him the way the 49ers used Deebo down the stretch. Could be an awesome move if it works out. You’ll see a good bit of teams adding more Deebo like plays this year.
  10. When the ocho was introduced, was the start of the downfall of ESPN. ESPN used to have pizazz with dignity. I miss Stuart Scott.
  11. Smitty knows what he’s talking about. Love hearing this specially CJ. I remember how impressed he was about Kupp pre draft.
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