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  1. Assuming we still can’t get Fields at 8: Sewell Surtain Pitts Chase Slater
  2. Teddy is physically limited from his injury and also is adverse to taking any chances until the game is on the line.
  3. Yeah, I’m talking about an extension. We better know for sure after these 34 games whether he can play before giving him a 4-5 year bank buster deal.
  4. I think Joe Brady will make Darnold look like a steal. With that said, he’s going to mask some deficiencies that will remerge once Brady leaves for his HC gig.
  5. This is precisely it. He’s 23 years old, so it wouldn’t hurt to baby him for a half a year and not put too much on his shoulders. with that said, his price tag is going to get awfully steep in a short period of time. We’re going to need to know at years end whether he is worth staking the future of the franchise on.
  6. New England would be his best bet to succeed. He could backup Cam and if Cam struggles, he could jump into the starting role.
  7. We’re sitting at 8, Lance, Wilson, Lawrence and Fields have all been taken. Sewell, Pitts and Chase are also gone. Mac Jones is still on the board. Washington and New England are both calling to get in front of Denver. All of a sudden our 8th pick holds a ton of value. We make the deal with New England. They give us 15 and 46 this year for number 8. 15, 39 , 46 turns out to be Parsons, Eichenberg, and Trask we then Trade Teddy to WFT for a 2022 4th post draft. That Darnold trade doesn’t looks so bad in this scenario. We essentially traded a 6th for a starter to take
  8. Exactly. We couldn’t have gotten to six for this price.
  9. I don’t hate this move really. I get people are disappointed because it is Sam Darnold but the potential is there for him to make a turn around. The fact that we get to surround him with Moore, CMC and Joe Brady gives me some hope. if we add slater, Sewell, chase or Pitts, Darnold may not have to do a whole lot but get the ball out quick to his playmakers.
  10. We are absolutely trading back now into the teens unless Sewell falls.
  11. 2nd rounder next year is kind of irrelevant. Fitterer will just trade back next year and pick that second back up.
  12. A few that haven’t been mentioned on the bad side -Jakes extension after the Arizona debacle -Hiring George Seifert -The big splash free agency year with Ken Lucas and Mike Wahle
  13. We need to go get Minshew right now. He’s an instant upgrade over Teddy and is not at all afraid of throwing down the field. He will turn the ball over but I’d much rather see that then check down Teddy.
  14. With six of those wins coming in the first eight games of his ownership. We’ve won a total of 11 games since mid 2018. My guess is this is the first time in teppers life he’s had to deal with a lengthy string of losses with no real clear cut formula to end them.
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