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  1. I thought Sean McDonough was an atrocious football announcer, but I really like listening to him call a hockey game. His range seems to fit this much better.
  2. Fox would be smart to go with a three man booth of Brady, Burkhardt, and Olsen. Olsen would be great in a Siragusa type role while Brady transitioned into it.
  3. Dead last seems pretty harsh but not completely out of the question. Atlanta splits with us when they are awful and the last we played Drew Lock, he looked like Manning. I can’t confidently say we’d beat a Doug Pederson Jaguars team or a texans team that made improvements. id say the bears, Falcons, panthers, Jets and Giants all could make a strong case for being the worst
  4. You guys supporting Rhule honestly can’t see how horrific he is as a coach. Are we watching a different team? The guy is horrible in game Throws his QB’s under the bus at every turn Has redefined nepotism on an nfl level Boasts to his players about getting any college job he wants Cant stay committed to his own plan (ie the qb situation) lost seven games to head coaches who are no longer employeed, some of those being absolute butt whoopings (Giants game) Is horrendous against the NFC South (I’m pretty sure tampas average margin of victory is north of 15 in the four games we’ve lost to them) Has a record of 10-23 Has a seven game losing streak and a five game losing streak among the last two seasons
  5. 5-36. Sweet mercy.
  6. Another year of awful offensive football on the menu
  7. That would be a good time to catch the niners. A likely 1:00 game against a west coast team with a qb in Lance who is unproven.
  8. Why exactly is it different when they travel to Boston. Genuine question from a fan who doesn’t follow hockey as closely.
  9. We’ve given their top line all kind of confidence. Gonna be tough to overcome their experience playing like this.
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