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  1. Wind is out of the sails again as another lost season of missed opportunities sets in. Glad Cam Is back though. Will at least make the remaining six worth watching.
  2. For all the lack of trust I have in Rhule as a coach, he does seem to have a strength in player development. A lot of the young guys he’s brought in have shown a ton of promise.
  3. Burris and Brown need their tails chewed for that effort yesterday. Brown was especially awful against the run. Just getting blown off the ball. Top ten picks don’t play that way.
  4. The path is still there but it is extremely narrow now that Minnesota, San Fran, and Philly have all caught on as of late. I think the Saints continue to fade, but I’m not sure we can overtake those other three unless we go 6-0 or 6-1. I don’t think 4-2 gets it done.
  5. Tampa has that line and the running back to do it. I doubt Tom throws more than 20 passes in our game. They are going to pound us with fournette.
  6. We ran that quick hitter with success three times last week. Never saw it once today.
  7. 0-4 against the NFC east. We managed to lose four games two different ways: eagle and Giants games were offensive meltdowns, while the Cowboys and Washington games were defensive disasters. losing those four conference games, along with the Minnesota game makes regaining any type of wildcard spot an incredibly tough task.
  8. Just want to make sure my name is added to this thread. This dude ain’t it.
  9. Terry is killing us but the run to the left is equally as disturbing. They have been doing it at will.
  10. Defense is playing as bad as the Minnesota game.
  11. I can’t envision us giving DJax big money. He’s definitely earned it and I hope he gets a big pay day somewhere. There is just too much depth to warrant spending it on him.
  12. I’m ready for the packers to become irrelevant to see how loyal these cheeseheads really are. They’ve been spoiled by good QB play for four decades.
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