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  1. Signing Darnold and passing up on fields had the potential to be the first dominoes in the sequence that gets Rhule fired after year three. I hope Sam succeeds. I just have zero confidence in it.
  2. He should have been moved to LT two years ago. He would have likely excelled and then paying him big money would’ve been a no brainer. This franchise just can’t help getting in its own way.
  3. Garbage call. Ridiculous save on the other end and then point just owning Ned. Same story. Different day.
  4. Just completely outplaying them right now. Have to keep this intensity up and we win this 4-3 in this period.
  5. I think we’re a five win team. I think a part of our “success” last year of being in one score games was due to the unpredictability of Rhule, Snow and Brady. Teams now have our tendencies on tape and this defense is still incredibly weak at the linebacker position and the secondary is still an unknown. Offensively the line should scare everybody and couple that with Darnold, who has been abysmal as a pro, we could have problems. we go over 7.5 wins only with a healthy CMC, Moore and a much improved Darnold who limits turnovers and makes plays in the red zone. i see wins a
  6. Looks like a home opener against the jets.
  7. Every year we do this thing where we worry about making someone a top paid position player and then in two years we look foolish as the cap continues to balloon. You pay good players. We should have done it with Bradberry and we had better do it with Moton.
  8. I think people are severely underrating New Orleans. Drew was holding that team back the last few years. I don’t expect much of a dip from them at all if they are healthy.
  9. It’s just nice to see patience as opposed to panic. It seemed very calculated and we were intent on not reaching, something hurney has a bad tendency to do. I have no idea if any of these guys will be any good though.
  10. I’m expecting an Okudah like year. Beat a lot, considered a bust, but shows flashes.
  11. If we can hit on two linemen in the third, this offense has some potential.
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