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  1. Some of y’all are so scared to make a move it’s embarrassing. We should be the favorites in our division so we’d likely be trading a pick in the twenties next year to go get the guy that this fully capable staff can develop. I see some of the same posters praise the coaching staff and Fitterer and Morgan in one thread and then completely panic in the next thread about going into next years draft without a first round pick. You’re either completely risk adverse or all the pomp and circumstance your shouting about the front office and new staff is a front. trading away next years first in exchange for a rookie qb on a rookie deal that allows cap space to be used in free agency to build a competing roster while they rookie deal is ongoing is the blueprint. if this collection of coaches and front office personnel think there’s a talent worth trading multiple picks for, I’m on board.
  2. I don’t know, but for the first time in forever, I have hope.
  3. I would trade 9, the Rams 2024 first and the Rams 2025 first for the number one pick. Oh wait.....
  4. If it weren’t for the PSL system, the panthers would easily be in the bottom five average attendance number and would be contemplating putting tarps in the upper deck.
  5. If the Bears asking price is 9, the two seconds and next years first; we should absolutely make the deal and take Bryce Young.
  6. Reid vs Eagles Kelce vs Kelce its all scripted. Just needs a little nudge from the officials
  7. It’s crazy to think that had Wentz and Reich not completely botched that week 18 game against a 1 win jags team in Jacksonville, they both go to the playoffs, Wentz probably doesn’t go to Washington to get Rivera’d and Scott Turnered and Reich most certainly doesn’t get fired for a down year in Indy following consecutive playoff trips.
  8. Really hope he gets a shot somewhere. His accomplishments in his 12 games are hard to overlook. I do hope when he does get another chance that he squeezes in a bit more aggressiveness into his style. The Tampa game ultimately should have taught him that tough lesson. Had we gone for those fourth downs and won that game, I’d be stunned if he wasn’t named our head coach.
  9. 1. I think he’s gonna love Levis and Young on the toughness aspect. Both of those guys have done some pretty good stuff while being banged up. 2. Big ding to Levis and Richardson here while Young gets a big bump. He should also really like the tape of what Stroud did vs GA. 3. Young is heads and shoulders above the rest here. 4. AR probably gets most of his consideration from this trait. Young and Stroud not far off either. 5. By all accounts All four of these qbs are solid leaders.
  10. He’s just inconsistent with his vision. We trade CMC which signals to the league that were in rebuild mode so we get some amazing offers for Burns and Moore but don’t pull the trigger. I was fine with him passing on the Moore deal but the Burns trade was too good to be true. We now have to pay Burns top five money to be a fringe top ten defensive end. We start last year 3-0 beating two of the worst teams in the league and a Saints team ravaged by Covid and all of a sudden we are in win now mode trading for a Gilmore and Henderson. I worry about his vision for this team and to see it through.
  11. Agreed. I wouldn’t be shocked with a pass rusher either.
  12. An incredible amount of recency bias being used here. let’s not forget that Zach Taylor was all but fired before Burrow saved his ass last year. The Siriani hire was destroyed by nearly everyone when it was made. His success is more indicative of the job that Howie Roseman has done than anything he’s had his hands on. For every Sean McVay, there’s an Adam Gase or a Mike McCoy lurking. For every Kyle Shannahan, there’s a Cam Cameron or a Rob Chudzinski or a Nathaniel Hackett near by. I’d even argue that McVay and Shannahan are exceptions to this rule due to the tree they come off of.
  13. I’m not sure Payton is a retread in the same manner your describing and I’d also argue that retreads have had more success recently than not. McCarthy, Pederson, Reid, Carroll are all retread coaches who have had success this year. Retread head coaches get a bad rap, but there are some legendary names who have won titles on their next teams. In fact 17/52 Super Bowls have been won by coaches who are retreads. BB obviously skews that number a bit with his six but there is more success going this route than many believe.
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