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  1. To be fair the franchise embarrasses itself far more than the fanbase. The team loses, the fans react.
  2. Steals at offensive line? It's going to take a trade up. It's been like this the last few years. Second round offensive line talent takes trading up.
  3. Oh I know, but you and me both know that it's going to get harder and harder to find the talent. I don't want to think of this like a Cam re-run, but this feels like what we did to Cam. Took too many luxury (arguable because we're lacking protection for the most important position on the field) picks instead of trying to build the offensive line. I just think they've really placed themselves into a corner (no pun intended). I hope they have some trade in mind for an established LT, if that's even a possibility.
  4. I feel like they've forced themselves into a corner. They really need to get Sam more protection.
  5. It doesn't really matter now. It's Sam vs the world.
  6. I mean that's arguable what's unreasonable. Last year people were being banned for essentially give their real takes on Teddy Bridgewater not being franchise material. At least it's not at that level locked down discussion right now.
  7. I use to like Brett, but after a few years of watching his videos I learned to take his videos with a major grain of salt.
  8. If that's true why not find a tackle for him though? They're really hanging Sam out to dry. Also, all eggs in one basket it is then.
  9. If that's true than if Fields does well I expect a house cleaning next season. I don't imagine Tepper as a patient man.
  10. This forum is quite an entity of isomerism and cliques. It's weird that even people that were staunchly in favor of a LT for months to give Sam a real chance changed their tune quick just to go along with the front office, and the crowd.
  11. It's going to be hard to develop a QB that sees ghosts with a poor offensive line.
  12. This isn't trolling. It's a factual problem the Panthers have right now. Sam needs an offensive line to even have a chance at turning it around. They need to somehow hit it big tomorrow or trade for a LT to give Sam a real shot.
  13. Sometimes people have opinions, and there are places to discuss them called open forums.
  14. The irony of the 2013 defense is that we had UDFA/Nobodies across the secondary.
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