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  1. To be fair the franchise embarrasses itself far more than the fanbase. The team loses, the fans react.
  2. Steals at offensive line? It's going to take a trade up. It's been like this the last few years. Second round offensive line talent takes trading up.
  3. Oh I know, but you and me both know that it's going to get harder and harder to find the talent. I don't want to think of this like a Cam re-run, but this feels like what we did to Cam. Took too many luxury (arguable because we're lacking protection for the most important position on the field) picks instead of trying to build the offensive line. I just think they've really placed themselves into a corner (no pun intended). I hope they have some trade in mind for an established LT, if that's even a possibility.
  4. I feel like they've forced themselves into a corner. They really need to get Sam more protection.
  5. It doesn't really matter now. It's Sam vs the world.
  6. I mean that's arguable what's unreasonable. Last year people were being banned for essentially give their real takes on Teddy Bridgewater not being franchise material. At least it's not at that level locked down discussion right now.
  7. I use to like Brett, but after a few years of watching his videos I learned to take his videos with a major grain of salt.
  8. If that's true why not find a tackle for him though? They're really hanging Sam out to dry. Also, all eggs in one basket it is then.
  9. If that's true than if Fields does well I expect a house cleaning next season. I don't imagine Tepper as a patient man.
  10. This forum is quite an entity of isomerism and cliques. It's weird that even people that were staunchly in favor of a LT for months to give Sam a real chance changed their tune quick just to go along with the front office, and the crowd.
  11. It's going to be hard to develop a QB that sees ghosts with a poor offensive line.
  12. This isn't trolling. It's a factual problem the Panthers have right now. Sam needs an offensive line to even have a chance at turning it around. They need to somehow hit it big tomorrow or trade for a LT to give Sam a real shot.
  13. Sometimes people have opinions, and there are places to discuss them called open forums.
  14. The irony of the 2013 defense is that we had UDFA/Nobodies across the secondary.
  15. It's because it's entirely difficult. Trying to build an elite defense is very very very difficult. You essentially must hit on late round all-pro talent to achieve it (Panthers 2013, Seahawks). It's so costly to draft a defense high and try to keep them all signed, almost impossible.
  16. I mean we really don't know what Deshaun thinks. I may be wrong, but I feel like Rodgers, being his age, will not go to a team without franchise pieces across the line.
  17. We tried to trade with Miami, and tried trading for Mathew Stafford. It's not really dumb, more of a fact. Now that Sam is the only option we need an offensive line badly to keep him from seeing whatever ghosts he has.
  18. No you're right it is, but man it's going to be trade up city tomorrow, and the top of them are going to get scooped. For Sam's sake I hope they work on some form of a trade just to insure that whoever they're targeting tomorrow makes it to us. Otherwise we need to seriously think about trade options for established players. We're stuck with Sam now, and we really need to give him a offensive line. No troll, hate me all you want (whomever), but this is a necessity. We can't do what we did with Cam and have no-names, defensive tackles, and UDFAs protect Sam.
  19. I just don't see how they really like Sam, but aren't putting him into a position to shake his ghosts. I hope they find a LT tomorrow.
  20. You are correct. You're assuming out offensive line is the same as last season.
  21. Rodgers would never think about coming to a team with this caliber offensive line. I hope to hell we do something great tomorrow, because right now I feel bad for Sam. I think people are under the impression the line improved from last season, but really unless we're lucky it looks like we're going into the season with quite a lot of questions, and retreads.
  22. Please watch his games, please.
  23. The problem is that the pick kind of makes me feel like they're throwing Sam even further under the bus. Reasoning is Sam had a good LT, and arguable okay offensive line last year, from what I've seen. This year he's going to have question marks all over the line. If they really wanted Sam why not take the tackle? We can always push the idea until tomorrow, but that's the idea that the Panthers stumble into a LT tomorrow feels far too hopeful (coming from the years of waiting for a LT to fall to Carolina for Cam). Building a defense isn't going to help Sam Darnold. Not when he's getting blindsided. In a odd way I feel like the Panthers aren't sold on Darnold, and really are just trying to pick the safest player they think was on their board.
  24. Why not? Quarterback is the most important position in all of sports. Why not take shots?
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