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  1. https://twitter.com/atl_q0/status/1437391389545926658?s=20
  2. “Preseason play didn’t inspire confidence” Sports media is made up of a bunch of morons. I’m not sure half of them even watch sports.
  3. I’m not a Darnold hater, but he still worries me. I think it’s crucial that he gets out to a good start.
  4. Corey Miller is a nut job. He’s been whining about his son not getting preferential treatment since he was in high school.
  5. Didn’t you just say yesterday you would love to have cam back? Didn’t mention anything about him being unvaccinated. Hmmmm I’ve seen enough of your post to come to the conclusion you are mentally ill.
  6. Christianson was playing LT that last possession.
  7. Huh? Do you think I just became a Panthers fan this year?
  8. “Cult of Cam” is the most accurate thing I’ve read on here. There’s Panthers fans and then there’s Cam fans.
  9. Shi Smith was a bright spot on several very bad South Carolina teams. I’ve watched him make tough, contested catches for 4 years. He’s an absolute baller. I agree about the oline. Put Brown and Christensen on the right side and let’s roll.
  10. Jaycee only played in 7 games last year. He quit the team when Muschamp was fired.
  11. 3-5 for 46 yards He will get absolutely trashed on here for the two incompletions.
  12. I joined this site during the offseason, so I haven’t been through a season on here. But holy crap, some of you are over emotional nut jobs. My wife is more rational/knowledgeable about Panthers football and she still thinks Cam is our QB.
  13. South Carolina fans weren’t happy with him lol. He ripped Jake Bentley to shreds when talking about Shi Smith. He wasn’t wrong about anything he said, but was kind of an odd rant to go on considering Jake Bentley isn’t even playing football anymore. Gamecock message boards were furious about it. I’m a longtime Bentley hater so I was fine with it lol Overall, I thought he was fine for a preseason game. He’s not very polished, but I loved his honesty.
  14. Appreciate the link. I really enjoyed that. Great job @ellis
  15. Here’s another post where you so confidently state things as fact, but it’s nothing more than your effeminate feelings.
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