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  1. “It’s going to take time for these guys to gel as a unit” - you in week 3 when our oline looks like trash
  2. I just expected him to look competent. I understand the lack of reps and terrible oline excuses, but even when he had a clean pocket, he looked awful. He better be mentally tough because that was a devastating start for a rookie QB.
  3. Pretty sure John Ellis said Ekwonu hasn’t taken a single rep at guard in camp. Switch Christensen and Ekwonu and I’d agree with you.
  4. He’s playing and he looks really good. Drake London had a catch and went into the tent. Haven’t seen an update.
  5. I’m facing the same dilemma. I’ve got the #3 pick and it’ll probably be between CMC or Ekeler. I’ve had CMC the past couple of years and he’s absolutely killed me.
  6. He did, but then Matt Corral took a few reps at LB and Smith was moved back to 3rd string.
  7. I generally can’t stand the soy boy dorks in sports media, but I don’t see the problem here. I thought Rapaport did a good job of explaining why he said what he said.
  8. Are you under the impression every other team drafted 7 new starters? There are some straight up weirdos on this board that think they’re NFL GMs.
  9. I don’t feel like this team is in a position to start addressing special teams in the 4th round. Keep hammering OL or maybe a LB.
  10. If we draft Pickett at 6, I’ll buy a Josh Allen jersey and start slamming myself through a table every Sunday.
  11. Not a Heels fan, but I’ve watched Howell play a good bit. If he doesn’t learn to slide in the NFL, he won’t make it a year. I think he’s good, not great. I wouldn’t draft him at 6, but I’d wouldn’t hate it if we traded back and picked him.
  12. If they keep this bum coaching staff, probably not as much as I do now. I’ll still keep up with what’s happening, but I’ve checked out emotionally.
  13. If the guy paying $60 million doesn’t care, then neither will I. I’ve given my last fug about this garbage franchise.
  14. I’m almost to the point where I hope he does. I’m sick of caring.
  15. It’s hilarious to read a bunch of soy boys on a football forum complain about blue jean Friday.
  16. Good on Cam for being professional about it, but despite what the fan boys think, Carolina is Cam’s only chance at a paycheck next year. What do you expect him to say?
  17. Other than the Arizona game, our games have pretty much been over in the 2nd quarter. They’re not even competitive. Robby Anderson being a moron is your proof the team hasn’t quit? Jesus……
  18. If PFF graded versatility, they’d be near the top, though. Matt Rhule has no clue what he’s doing.
  19. Wtf are you talking about? Why are you quoting me? What part of my post said anything about Darnold being good? I said I’d rather have Cam start. You sound like a typical “Cam fan”.
  20. People acting like Cam is still any good are strictly Cam fans, not Panthers fans. This place is full of them. Having said that, I’d rather watch Cam this year and maybe even next year than Sam freaking Darnold.
  21. But he made them run and touch the “DBO” sign. Are you trying to tell me that didn’t work with NFL players?
  22. I’m not one of those who can just not watch and do something else. But watching this year seems so much different than years past. I just watch. There’s no excitement, no anger, and sadly, no hope. Rhule has wrecked any chance of climbing out of this hole.
  23. Replace Cam with Darnold in that video and the fan boys would buy it hook, line and sinker.
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