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  1. The NBA draft is wild to me. You’re drafting players from all over the world, but apparently there’s so few quality players, the 6th overall pick is almost considered a throw away pick. It’s like “meh, we took a gamble at 6. If it doesn’t work out whatever”. It makes it seem like the draft is pretty irrelevant.
  2. Will you be able to select your own multi view games this year? I thought I heard that a while back.
  3. I’m glad he’s stepping down. The team definitely needs some new energy. However, when you have two starters basically just decide they’re not going to play 1/2 the year, it’s not really fair to Clifford.
  4. I was at the game Sunday. He didn’t even sit courtside with the team for the entire game. He was there for the first half, nowhere to be seen the second half. That might be insignificant to a lot of people these days, but to me that says a lot about him. Selfish prima donna.
  5. If enough emasculated males in sports media complain loudly enough, NFL will changes its rules to oblige them. Soys boys who never played sports trying to tell NFL LBers how to tackle a horse like Derrick Henry. How embarrassing.
  6. He balances out all of the other soy boys who constantly simp for her.
  7. I know I keep beating this drum, but wtf are Ball and Williams doing? Who misses 3 months with a bruised back? And I know ankle injuries are more complicated, but I was at the Memphis game several weeks ago and Ball was doing an individual workout before the game. He looked perfectly fine. These guys just come across as soft to me. I know they’re talented, but you can’t count on them. You can’t build a team around soft players like that. Is it normal for NBA players to sit out as long as they want to? Does the team not have any say in players returning from injury?
  8. Have they given a timetable for their returns? I was at the game against Memphis and Melo was doing an individual workout before the game and he seemed to be moving around just fine. I thought for sure he would return after the all star break. And what kind of back bruise keeps someone out 3 months?
  9. 44 bench points tonight. That is insane production compared to what we’re used to.
  10. They should absolutely resign him. He’s one of the few dogs on the team that gives a crap. We have so many soft ass players on this team. Play a week, take 2 weeks off. Mark Williams has been out 2 months with a bruised back. Haha that is insane. You can’t build a winning culture around soft players like that. They are a cancer.
  11. He’d average about 4 targets and 30 yards per game. What could possibly go wrong lol
  12. I could be dead wrong about this, but based on his actions and his family, Ball could be a cancer to a young team like the Hornets. He has potential to be a superstar in the league, but I wouldn’t build my team around him. I agree with you about Miller. He is a special player who will hopefully become the face of the franchise. I’m becoming a big fan.
  13. It’s hard to even enjoy Hornets games right now. 8 minutes into the game and they’re down 20. It’s just sad.
  14. One of the most overrated players in franchise history. Dude disappears for weeks. People can spin his one dimension, mediocre stats all they want, but he’s a slightly above average player. Nothing more.
  15. I just don’t care. Thanks, Tepper! You narcissistic prick!
  16. He helped build that roster. That’s why people are complaining.
  17. He pretty much carried the team while Ball was out. But to my untrained eye, something seems off when he and Ball are on the court at the same time. He’s just not the same player.
  18. I can already hear the usual suspects saying “he just needs more time”. Dude has been helping build this pathetic roster for four years now. *Spoiler Alert* It’s going to be a sh!tshow
  19. Fitts was probably offering a 4th and 6th for the fan to shut up. Also, just lol at them taking a week to come up with this BS excuse.
  20. Did you sniff your own fart after this poo pile of a post? David Tepper is unquestionably a huge POS. And in my opinion, anyone defending him is a huge POS. Put that in your “normal” pipe and smoke it.
  21. If Tepper had to sell the team because of this incident, that fan wouldn’t have to pay for a meal in Charlotte for the rest of his life!
  22. That’s basically every Hornets game I watch. They’re all the same. They go down by 10-15, battle back to make it a one possession game, lose by 10. It’s beyond frustrating.
  23. You might want to rewatch the first half of yesterday’s game. It was atrocious. He’s not only not a factor in the games, he’s a liability. Most overrated Panthers player I can ever remember.
  24. I don’t think he’s worth anywhere close to that, but after the way Fitterer has handled the situation, I certainly don’t blame him for asking for it.
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