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  1. Reich was asked what he is looking for in a Qb and danced around the question like he was auditioning for You got served 2
  2. I wouldn’t say absolutely no insight.. they did say we are looking for a speedy, deep threat type of receiver. Only pointing that out for those unable to listen right now.
  3. Stroud: 6’3 218 Dalton: 6’2 220 Yep, I know it’s a reach but I couldn’t help but check out and see if there was a size similarity there too.
  4. Lol Reich walked into the QB room and said “everybody gtfo”
  5. Many of the fan base didn’t appreciate DJ even if 89 did.. I don’t like it but I hope he has a chance to show what he can do, he instead of being judged how he has been here..
  6. Not all point guards play the same, could still be either Young or Stroud. The words about Young were just public prior to him being a QB coach. I don’t think that means that McCown doesn’t think Stroud has that same “point guard” type ability and has likely used the same verbiage talking about him to Reich. McCown said at the end of Stroud’s evaluation that people probably have Bryce as the #1 pick but by draft time that may change to Stroud depending on the needs of the team and the type of offense.
  7. Like what would a “true number 1” even look like in the offenses and situations he has been placed in since he was drafted. Would have to be elite, damn near unable to be guarded to be successful. This season was so trash offensively that he couldn’t keep his 1,000+ yard seasons up Dj doesn’t even have a QB that could throw an accurate 50/50 ball and let him go attempt to make a play consistently. I agree, we have a #1, I agree low end (until we see otherwise) but we do. Sadly with as long as he’s been here his environment around him is still a dud and many receivers with his ability probably would have or already had been looking for a way out.
  8. Quality post based off the title alone.
  9. “I thought we were cool, WTF, I told you no plays made against me during my comeback drives!!”
  10. Never and then Little League or Never is funny to me for some reason
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