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  1. I am not, I do love our uniforms though. I dug deep for that positive but it’s something lol
  2. Outside of Cam being back, I’m thankful our uniforms are fire.
  3. He’ll catch the yips again soon enough and he’ll be saying “I’m back” to his couch
  4. He was more comfortable than Darnold after a offseason
  5. Lollllll to @Growlpoint, who tf wants to hear that in that situation. Shoutout to the stadium for the atmosphere..hell keep pounding just came back.. A new QB to Rhules Regime has done this much…. Let that sit. Something is off
  6. Yeah our defense had a bad game and man was I pissed about that timeout that looked to be a punt and then just kidding..we are going for it
  7. Yeah you are terrible at reading lips, after watching I think he said.. ”This my team!”
  8. I cant view the video either but Happy Birthday!
  9. They asked him in his first presser if he’d been paying attention to the Panthers while he was away from football and he said no he really wasn’t paying attention to any team just enjoying being a dad. This looks like he paid a little bit of attention to me or our atmosphere at home on game days is an active conversation in the organization. Someone should have been said something about it.
  10. The article I read that I think was on the Panthers site stated, “say less, got it.” That small “got it.” makes a difference for those who don’t understand the lingo. Say less is “say no more/I got you”, no disrespect whatsoever.
  11. And I still thought he easily looked better than Darnold. That’s when I realized what I’d forcefully gotten used to seeing at QB
  12. Probably held an erection for too long after having the best seat in the house when Cam first scored.
  13. I can only imagine what this all looks like in Sam’s eyes.
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