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  1. Yeah we don’t need an article for this, Chief.
  2. I don’t get it.. unless 4500 stakeholders are that interested in these practices
  3. The right situation, Fields might show the league something.
  4. Running your mouth Leads to us supporting guys the way meeting poo goes?!
  5. Better than so many of us imo.. didn’t throw a punch. Will be recognized for that but if you know you.. if you know you know Bro would have gotten a few combinations
  6. Anyone know what he’s trying to say with the emojis?
  7. They Executively Vice President the operations of football. How this helps the Panthers put a winning team together, i don’t know and no clue who he will report to. (Been a long day at work, I couldn’t help it.) edit: and what @PanthersATL said too lol
  8. For added context: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/39422716/sources-brad-idzik-panthers-oc-call-plays CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- New Carolina Pantherscoach Dave Canales is hiring a familiar face as his offensive coordinator, but that person won't be calling the plays. Brad Idzik, who followed Canales from the Seattle Seahawks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneersto coach wide receivers last season, will again follow Canales to the Panthers, sources told ESPN's Jeremy Fowler. Canales, however, will call plays for the Panthers as he did as the offensive coordinator in Tampa Bay last season, sources told ESPN. Idzik, 32, has never been a playcaller.
  9. “So if we lose this last game.. you’re going to kick me and the rest of the team in the ass like this?” Tepper: …Foot just a litttttle higher. You watching this, Smith-Marsette?”
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