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  1. Yeah we don’t have any of those anymore.. Norman was damn near crazy in 2015 and Smitty was crazy, period. Lolllll
  2. Chinn a dog. Horn is a dog but has to prove he can play at this level. I think he will and will provide more juice to the defense. Donte got some dog in him but needs to get healthy/pull it all together. The offense is pretty chill. They’ll beat you but won’t really let you know about it.
  3. If you hear something you feel is untrue/unfairly said..and you want to clear it up, and you have the platform to do so... you can do it respectfully and let people read between the lines. Doesnt have to be a shot to be a defending statement to the current staff.
  4. I remember DJ in his rookie year looking far better than Funchess.. yeah he had some fumble issues but who cares, coach him up and let him take his lumps and he’d be good (as he is now). Every time he came in he made plays and didn’t get a real shot till Funchess had back issues. Pretty sure Burns didn’t start either his rookie year.. He came in mostly on obvious passing downs and always made plays/stood out. I’ve had a few occasions wondering why young players didn’t get the start or significantly more playing time when Rivera was here.
  5. Anybody said Brenton Bersin yet? Probably not a favorite but the guy didn’t do anything wrong he was solid when he played.
  6. At the end of the day, I ask myself the same.
  7. Why should we Kerrigan? Come on, it’s early Monday, what more can you ask from me?
  8. Good for him. Hopefully he is humbled and matured. Last time I saw him he was beefing with Cam and he made himself look like a straight hoe.
  9. Thanks for everything Luke, especially putting Chinn on game (mentoring) in his first year. I’m sure he will stick as a mentor for some of the guys he connected with.
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