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  1. Kevin: "And they get him again!" Greg: "I think they traded 'Darnold to Arnold' for 'Yet another sack of Dak.'"
  2. Concerning the 2015 game: Romo's run fits the old "I brought you into this world and I'll take you out of it" phrase considering our 1st and then our last game against him. It was really not fair to him that they brought him back before he was ready AND they dumped the pressure of the season on him despite that record. On the OP's subject: I think they have the right to be excited to get their QB back and that they are playing really well. I can also see why they think our 3-0 may not be real. I'm not sure myself. BUT, a couple things I do feel good about are: (1) that they've allowed a lot of passing yards. With CMC out, we need to face a team where Darnold can shine. And it looks like he's taking advantage of those opportunities and we have the WRs to exploit that. (2) that our D seems to be not only really good but also really good in the areas that are needed for slowing their particular strengths. I hope it's enough. Right now, I'm about 50/50 on this one.
  3. If they were the Purple People Eaters, we could be the Blue Ballers.
  4. This is actually the first game that is not a must-win. If we lost any of those other gimme games, it would've been so disheartening to both the fans and the team that it probably would've affected the rest of the season. But it does have the potential to legitimize our team and build major momentum, so it'll be the most exciting one to go into thus far.
  5. I'm quite sure there will be those who find some hidden beautiful art and meaning in this movie. I, on the other hand, am quite frustrated that it wasted my time, and I can't figure out how someone could think it was a good idea for a movie, especially with the ridiculous non-existent ending. I felt that it was such a waste of time that I'm putting the warning here.
  6. I'm just messin' with you. You can steal it if you want. I'm sure we can figure the appropriate royalties.
  7. Alright now. You tryin' to steal my thunder? Last week I posted that we should either call them Snow Storm or Purrgatory.
  8. For those concerned about this trade: "It's a risk to take him." No more of a risk than any 3rd round draft pick we would've gotten. "We needed the pick for O-line." If we go into next year's draft thinking "we've got to pick O-line," we're screwed before we start. We go into the draft seeking best available player. If it happens to fix a hole, awesome. But never reach just to fill a hole. Fill it thru FA. There's no question that getting a #9 overall pick for a 3rd round pick is BPA.
  9. Sorry this ended up here instead of the Panthers forum. I just realized it's in the wrong place but It won't let me put it in the right forum. Maybe I have to have more posts before I can start a thread there? Or did I do something wrong?
  10. It seems that every time we've played the Cowboys, something outstanding has occurred. Some good, some bad, and some just wow memories. What big memory comes to mind when you think of those games? I'll tell one of mine: https://www.espn.com/nfl/recap/_/gameId/251224029 You thought the refs were bad Thursday. Must be a Texas thing. In December, 2005 you may recall our best player Steve Smith suddenly getting ejected from the game for what looked like nothing. But worse than that was the horrible ending to the game. Dallas was kicking a FG to send it in to overtime. We blocked the kick and won the game! Except the refs didn't like that outcome. Read the article for details . . . if you dare.
  11. I'm not gonna get hopes up yet because I can easily picture them being asked "Are you thinking of putting him on IR?" and them saying "No," but meaning they aren't considering that until they get all the facts. IR "is not the plan as of now." I think I'll still hope for about a 3-4 week rest for him and a full recovery in that time.
  12. . . . making Smoot one of my favorite words.
  13. I'm just going by the scrimmage line they put on TV, but it sure looked like the Texans were just as far in on an awful lot of snaps. I'm not generally into ref conspiracy theories but I did wonder if maybe the Texans had told the refs to watch for it.
  14. And there's also the fact that all of us want to talk football because our team won and is undefeated, but we're all in this weird bad mood because of the injuries. Nice recipe for a lot of good fighting today.
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