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  1. Why? THIS IS TERRIBLE! I think we're gonna really regret this decision. (I don't really think that, but this is the only thread with no one complaining. Didn't want to break tradition.)
  2. It is amazing how quickly things change. 4 days ago, we had Eason, a still injured Corral, and the worry that no decent QB would be there at our pick.
  3. I kinda think some here got so used to having #2 and #3 type QBs as our starter, that they're now forgetting Red's just our backup, and a perfect one to have at that.
  4. I know, but I'm referring to the round robin in our division: Dalton coming from Saints to Panthers Bucs #1 pick Winston with the Saints Panthers failed QB Mayfield to the Bucs And our previous QB Heinicke to the Falcons. Now one NCFS team just needs to sign Matt Ryan for $2.83 million and we'll have a perfect storm.
  5. Ha. So we'll have Dalton, the Saints'll have Winston, Bucs are wanting Mayfield , and Falcons have Heinicke!
  6. That would give us the opportunity to cut him next year with a hearty "Get the @&% off our field!"
  7. I know, but just hang in there.
  8. Props to you! I have no issue with strong opinions on here, but I have a lot of respect for the few that'll come back and acknowledge that they were wrong on something.
  9. Have the Panthers played this well? Yes.
  10. Crazy that we lose a player that we want AND that wants to be here because he's too valuable for the Bears to agree to the trade without it. (I still agree with the trade, but hate that this was a must for it to happen) Hopefully he will follow the path of Moose and Pep. I'd love for him to end up back here sometime.
  11. Thank you! That video was extremely helpful (if the info is correct-varying opinions, I'm sure). My concern is the "what if we're wrong?" issue. If we choose Stroud and we're wrong, we end up with a QB that's not as good as hoped so we have to focus on building a better team around him. If we choose Bryce and we're wrong, We have another situation like Corral; a QB who can't even be on the field. If we go this route, I'll be happy to have him, but It'll feel like watching Alex Smith's return.
  12. No need to get huffy and puffy about it.
  13. I feel for you! A few years ago, I did an "Ain't likely and you may not want it, but what would you do" thread. I got the same as you; a million replies saying 'it ain't likely' and 'I don't want it.'
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