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  1. This won't sound positive but please bear with me: A few weeks ago, NFL Radio was speaking of how bad the Panthers were. Bill Polian acknowledged that this was the case. That's when he started saying some of the most encouraging things I've heard this year. First, I'll say it was encouraging because he was not trying to compliment our team. He was blunt about our flaws (and about other teams' flaws). So it was an honest evaluation from a tremendously knowledgable HOFer. He said stats may not show it but he has seen very nice growth from Young each week. (Remember, this was before our win). Then he spoke of what he had said before the season. He saw in training camp that we were having great growing pains with new coaching, new system, etc. He also saw that we still had quite a few players that don't fit the system. His determination back then (that he stated back then) was that our team would have a much better 2nd half of the season than first half as things started clicking. This not only gave me a bunch of encouragement about the rest of this season, but that we will continue to see incremental jumps forward as we move into next season and beyond.
  2. Dalton cannot leave here until he he fakes a QB sneak at least once.
  3. It doesn't matter but I wish it did. I wish they'd make preseason record the last playoff tiebreaker before coin flip. That way, it wouldn't matter enough to make coaches and teams have to adjust their plans for it but it would be more fun for the fans.
  4. A lightning storm is exactly when we want our guys out there! Don't you guys read comic books?
  5. Nice post. But now I'm all for Bryce changing his name. Yoing! Try to say it out loud without smiling.
  6. Will always love that guy for playing for overtime.
  7. I think there are actually two questions tied in with this: 1. Did we win this trade, and 2. Did we make the right pick? The first one is an absolute yes. We won the trade (although I think Chicago did as well.) We had to assure a position to get our QB. We not only got to a point that we could get one of the top QBs, we got to the spot where we could get our choice of any of them. And we did this at roughly the same cost as moving up to get one of the leftovers. We made this trade with the idea that we would need to fill a hole created in the loss of DJ Moore. As of now, I like our WR room better than last year. We don't have a WR equal to Moore, but close enough plus we upgraded all around including pass-catching TE. (So it was a trade of "Moore for more.") We sacrificed future draft picks, but we were doing that anyway and unsuccessfully with our Darnold/Baker/Corral efforts. So, yes, we won the trade. But we have to wait to see if we made the right pick with it.
  8. I'm pretty sure you're just having a brain fart and will remember him when you see this highlight:
  9. Me too. You'll be happy to know that one Panther fan called in the other day (and, just like you, I cringed waiting for the usual) but this guy represented us well. He had intelligent comments, intelligent questions and sounded like he had all his teeth. So, ONE!
  10. Yes, but the dilemma is I can't help myself. We wants it. We needs the precious.
  11. I have him 3rd round. You sure you're not just throwing out a smokescreen?
  12. The media won't put us up there as a biggest draft winner. But, if we made the trade yesterday (instead of weeks ago and it being "old news") we'd be listed as one of the top winners. The Texans did awesome. I know they have holes but they got the star to build around on both sides of the ball in one draft. Yes, we went the other way, building a team first so as to drop in a QB, but I can't fault them at all for using this draft capital to go this route. (And it explains why they didn't jump to do that three-way trade with us and Chicago. I think this was a much better plan for them.) But the Eagles win this draft.
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