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  1. Same ol people going to say the same ol thing in every thread. They already made their mind on Darnold when he got here so ain’t no talking reasonably with any of them.
  2. Oh and here's the link for Steve Smith on the radio. Funny again how you completely misinterpret what he's said to fit your narrative. If anything he's laying blame on the play calling and how they think they can out scheme the defense when they should be doing what a lot of us have been saying which is to run the ball more. https://omny.fm/shows/the-kyle-bailey-show-podcast/the-clubhouse-steve-smith-37
  3. So instead of 3rd and 3 you have 3rd and 10 that doesn't impact play calling or how a defense plays you? Those things also kill a drive you do understand that? But we get it you don't like Darnold so whatever fits your narrative.
  4. I think you’ve mistaken fanboys for realists. Everyone knows his warts coming from the Jets. You give him the same situation that he’s had with the Jets yet you expect him to perform better than expected the last few games. Not one person doesn’t think he has faults yet people expect him to perform like a top 10 QB when his OLine leaves a lot to be desired and his receivers had issues catching the ball the last game. His decision making has been an issue but you can’t expect him to get better if you’re constantly putting him in unfavorable situations.
  5. Yikes 3 sacks for a OG. That’s like a special sort of terrible.
  6. It’s Darnold’s fault for throwing it to them. Should have thrown it to the other team since they catch his passes.
  7. Or it might just be common sense when you’ve been running the ball well and it’s working to run it more often. Control the time of possession and your defense won’t be so gassed at the end.
  8. You must have started watching football this year then. The play happened in the first couple of min it had little outcome on the game. It was a bad INT yet y’all talk like bad INTs don’t happen to all QBs.
  9. It’s as if INTs aren’t suppose to happen when you play QB
  10. The point that people don’t seem to get is that we traded a starter on offense where we are struggling to have an identity for someone that isn’t even contributing. I would think Arnold probably catches a couple of those 10 drops we had today which might have made a difference.
  11. Or maybe they put him in position to look good. He’s made 18 passes this game they don’t rely on him to do much. Their playcalling has him make quick short passes pretty much and dink and dunk offense a majority of the time.
  12. With how Taylor is playing I would be willing to trade CJ back for our 3rd and Arnold. Arnold also at least would contribute considering our needs on offense at this point.
  13. The first INT was bad but there was still 58 min to play. Turnovers happen and you probably would have thought he would have another multiple INT game after that. But he rebounded and played good enough where we probably would have won if it wasn’t for the drops.
  14. Signing Cam does nothing for this team unless you’re a Cam fanboy. He’s not leading us anywhere and he has no future. So you might as well ride with Darnold until you have all your questions answered or figure out the next answer.
  15. Seriously he’s a work in progress. He’s shown some progress and he’s had issues. Expecting him to play like a franchise QB when this OLine is basically the same he’s had with the Jets the last few years is unreasonable. He played well enough for us to win if there wasn’t a ton of drops by the receivers. Somehow you can’t expect him to continually outperform when he’s put in an unfavorable down and distance after each drop.
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