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  1. Why? They are upset, because their demands are not met (disrespect). The team wants some more proof, that he will take the next step and he is worth what they demand. I don't think I paintet a realistic scenario, but I am confident he will play and sign a contract with the Panthers.
  2. How about a crazy thought? Both sides want to wait/ agreed to wait how the first game plays out. If he wrecks shop we will lean more towards his demand, of he is still only very good and situationally great, they meet more towards the front offices offer. I believe Burns will be a long time Panther and he will experience much better years in the future of this team, than what he has to go trough on the past. Let's bring them Birds down to earth!
  3. Whouf, he looked old/stressed. Hope it's just because he didn't sleep enough in the last days,not because the roster is not where it needs to be.
  4. After i saw his performance I wished he would get cut. Hopefully we take a flyer on him. Big, strong, fast, separates and catches the ball securely even with one hand? Sign me up! (all based on one preseason game highlights)
  5. In the beginning he said something like "we are going to put got in hopeless situations. Situations that you can hardly ever win." That was before the joint practice. I don't know if he was talking about practice or the game or both though. Let's all hope we will have a more competitive team on the field once the season starts. After all the hope, I am not ready for another long season. I want some excitement, something to be hyped about. At least be a team that others have to be on their toes about or they get smacked in the face.
  6. 1. Look competitive 2. First Bryce TD (preferably to Mingo) 3. Hope at right guard (preferably Zavala)
  7. Jordan wrecked the entire game. For the team he is playing for...
  8. As a fan from far away this is the stuff I come to the Huddle for. First have experiences, that get shared with the crowd. Thank you and everybody taking the time and showing the dedication. This is what makes this place worth coming to. Of course I am also here for the in depth analysis, since I am a noobie in NFL matters.
  9. I sure hope so, while enough ??? remain. I am all in on everything, but it's only OTA's. I am more excited to seeing our second/third string QB in the preseason than I ever was for anything in preseason.. I wasn't around for the beginnings of Cam though..
  10. I like how he talked about his work and relationship with Thomas Brown. He was not shy to say, that there are differences and they can have discussions and different views. What I like about it is that he is not trying to whitewash anything. That gives me hope, that those differences get dealt with professionally and not swept under the rug. That way, differences can be constructive, not destructive. I get that vibe with this staff and it is a refreshingly adult way to deal with problems, that will always occur in social systems, such as a coaching staff or football team. This is the season for excitement and hope and I am all for it. Who cave get excited about this staff and the first pick can't be a real fan of this team. Let's go win the south!
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