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  1. The Steelers released Devin Bush and Myles Jack, both formerly regarded as highly talented LBs. Would one of them be valuable for us, since LB is a position where we need enforcement? I don't know if they would be too expensive and I don't know enough about scheme fit.. Just a fan from Germany, thinking they could be worth a shot for the right price.
  2. The Steelers released Devin Bush and Myles Jack, both formerly regarded as highly talented LBs. Would one of them be valuable for us, since LB is a position where we need enforcement? I don't know if they would be too expensive and I don't know enough about scheme fit.. Just a fan from Germany, thinking they could be worth a shot for the right price.
  3. I don't know if anybody actually listened to the podcast. I did and Frelund made the emotional comments also in the light of the rape accusations towards the bills rookie kicker Araiza or whatever his name is. She told a story how she stood just a couple feet away of him in camp, before the allegations came to light, and how that made her feel afterwards. With that on mind and the Watson story in Cleveland I am sure she was emotional and wants Baker to F em up. That's what she told him and he agreed, but he never came to her loudmouthed with that comment. Although I am pretty sure that die burns inside of him. Which is good for the Panthers. So that's that.
  4. Top five QB prospect by draft score I don't know how much next gen stats means to real life football, but this boy might as too the excitement most of us feel about our new QB. For me one of the most important differences to Darnold is his demeanor. He had his struggles (not alcohol but the depression) and has matured trough it. He seems a lot more comfortable in his own skin than Sam, much more in command of his fate. We might have found something. I am officially aboard the hype train!
  5. Comparing Herberts talent to this years QB class is nothing but a reach though. If there was a Hebert type QB of course that changes things. I just don't like reaching, while passing on a "shure shot".
  6. There is always the possibility of a bust. Either way. It's a simple risk /reward calculation. Drafting a QB in the top ten, that actually has a second round grade is very different from drafting one of three LTs projected to be around top ten talent. Let Darnold and Rhule flame out. We should not pour further resources into them. Imagine us taking a backup level QB and therefore passing on a high level LT.
  7. I don't really care if Darnold can be salvaged or not. What I do care about is the future of this team. I don't want us to reach for a QB who isn't it, costing us a draftpick, that would most likely shore up one of the most important positions for years to come. I don't like the idea of trading away valuable picks to get a QB either. If we take a QB in the later rounds/trade a late round pick I am all for it. Let's just not hipfire. Next year looks a lot more promising. Let Rhule and Darnold play it out together. If they manage to improve, fine. If not they will be gone next year and we have a new potential franchise player on our team. Just to bad for the rest of our young talent. A wasted year.
  8. The Cam signing elevated us fans as much as it elevated the team. Maybe even more. What felt like a chore to go trough (the rest of the season) now feels exciting. It instills optimism. What makes me feel even better, is that it's not only optimism regarding the sports side, but also regaining trust in the coaches. They s did a great turnaround in a short time, but mishandled the QB situation. I feel like the salvation of Darnold is not ever going to happen. He has all the tools but one. He just seems, sorry to say that Sam, a little dumb. Best wishes to your brother an your family.
  9. That's what I was thinking. Suddenly the offense is able to move. Against a good defense even.. Crazy.
  10. Can't believe after all this in the end Burns fugged it up like THAT in the end.
  11. I fuggin luv it! For the first time since I am a Panthers fan (not as long as a lot of you, I know) I get the feeling that we have a plan, we want to build something and progress. Get better every day. This is fuggin nice! Two years ago, I would have never dared to dream of having a player of his magnitude traded to the Carolinas. Now it is possible. Good times ahead!
  12. Around the NFL Sessler is on the Panthers Bandwagon (and a couple others) since Matt Rhule arrived. They had him on for an interview before the last season. They had a "last call for the bandwagon" segment today and did a preview of tonight's game. Panthers were getting some love.
  13. I like avalanche.. Anyway, Snow ballin..
  14. i dont know if this site still works, but the preseason games are on it... nflreplay dot net. i dont know if it is allowed to post the real link here, so i will keep it this way: nflreplay"dot"net. Hope this works for you (and anybody else). If this is against the huddle rules i will delete this post. Hit me up with a pm if there is a problem.
  15. Pubic hair got caught in the zipper, sources close to the team are saying
  16. With Rhule and now Fitterer I get the feeling, that there is a long term plan in place, that is being pursuit. Which I really appreciate, obviously. With Hurnia it was more of a trial and error. I feel like they want to build a team that can content first and then get the QB of the future. In the best case on a Rookie deal, so it would be easy an the cap. Teddy was just a bridge QB and so could be Darnold, plus he has a pretty high upside. I feel like we have a good core of players now and I really like the approach of keeping them with us. For anybody crying out because the Robbie extension would make it impossible to sign DJ: do you really think our decision makers are such fools? It is the opposite. Obviously they are trying to keep both. Moton got a new deal done. This is good stuff. Why have turmoil when you want stability? I wonder why we wouldn't be better than last year. To be worse, Darnold would have to be a burning clown car, falling off a cliff. Our defense is better, some optimists say it might be top 10. Or offense is loaded as well, with depth and high caliber players. If Darnold fulfills his potential, that all the scouts s in him or offense might be top 10 too... Our draft class seems to be one of the best in Panthers history. I know it's early for this statement and probably we could have done something a little different to maximize (LS comes to mind). What I am getting to is: I have trust, that we are on the right track and are building a contender. Sorry for the long read, and my blatant optimism, but I don't post often and wanted to share my feelings before the season starts. I am excited and looking forward to Panthers football.
  17. Dude, you got no clue. I mean it's obvious often, but it doesn't stop you from putting your thoughts out there in a way, like they are the truth. Sad to witness. There is a german saying that I have to think of very often, when I have to read your bs. It goes like this: No clue about anything but an opinion about everything.
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