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  1. Not sold on Levis at all. He has done nothing at all this season. He should be elevating KY and as others have said they are not exactly a bad team. No thanks. The Saints can have him.
  2. Wilson has always been crazy, even at State.
  3. Maye couldn’t even win a high school state championship, fuggetaboudit
  4. No thanks. He had the perfect QB for his system in NO. It is very rare for a coach to repeat the success he had in his first gig when he gets another Head coaching job.
  5. He will always have the Oilers playoff game.
  6. Granted, I haven't been paying as much attention to the NFL since the Panthers are so bad, but Reich should have made it to Black Monday at least.
  7. Wow, that is a bit of a surprise.
  8. Wilks will be coaching by himself soon at this rate.
  9. I am liking the stability Wilks has brought to the team. I would be on board with extending him. This is the best we have looked in like 5 years.
  10. There is not a sure fire franchise QB in this draft. That is the problem.
  11. His pick 6 cost us the game. That and a sorry kicker of course.
  12. An NFL kicker should make both of those kicks with his eyes closed. That was a pathetic choke job by Eddie.
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