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  1. True, but I feel like Wilkes, Campen, and McAdoo will bring much needed experience and professionalism. Hopefully it’s enough to bring some wins home.
  2. I'm up for that. He is still young with room for improvement. Melo would feed him. if we can improve the 5 position we will be a major force next season.
  3. Brees was milquetoast in the booth. That and his toupee made it unbearable.
  4. I think the kid has it in him to be a franchise QB. I’m officially hopeful.
  5. Yes it will be at Wofford again.
  6. Can you imagine how ruthless the New York media would be to Rhule and his merry band of college misfits if he had been hired there? It would have been a blood bath.
  7. I have a buddy who's son played with Mays at UT. He says the kid can play and has a big time mean streak. If he stays healthy he will play sooner rather than later.
  8. Mack and Longo totally tanked Sam’s draft stock by making him run all last season. They never bothered to develop his QB acumen. Sam and his family should be livid.
  9. Yeah you can tell who has never watched Corral play. He is an excellent athlete.
  10. He’s a UNC fan boy so he’s mad we didn’t draft Howell. That’s all.
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