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  1. Lol, I don’t think I’ll be visiting Buffalo in my lifetime. I do enjoy watching their table bashing tailgate videos though.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I will prepare accordingly. Chicago is the worst fan experience I have personally had, those dudes are wack.
  3. Heading to Phoenix for the Cardinals game. My son works in Tempe and bought tickets for me and my brother. I'm looking forward to it for sure.
  4. Excellent that this got done before the deadline. Moton is the kind of guy you want to invest in and keep around.
  5. You conveniently left out his passing stats. There is no way to win in the NFL today by using your QB as a power running back.
  6. Cam has a strong social media game but his on the field game has been abysmal for 4 years now. Move on.
  7. OL will likely make or break this coaching regime. If they can make progress each season and develop a strong OL, our offense will be unstoppable. If we keep trotting garbage like Little out there, it will be their downfall.
  8. I think he will get frustrated that he can't game the system as much as he could in college. I predict three seasons and he develops another unexpected medical crisis.
  9. Ron will have basically unchecked power with Hurndog at his side. This will be a spectacular spectacle to behold the next few years.
  10. Too bad for Kemba, but he got paid. I think his knee is shot.
  11. I'm worried that Erving will end up like Okung, out with injury for a large part of the season.
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