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  1. His Diva act is getting very old. I hope he sticks to his word and sits out.
  2. Because it is all conjecture and opinion until these guys actually take the field and play. I would have been happy with Fields, but I will be shocked if he plays as well as Herbert did as a rookie. Jones was a big no for me so any potential gain from an alternate choice is unknown. Darnold has as much chance at succeeding as Fields, maybe more.
  3. We did not mortgage the future on Darnold. We gave up a second round pick. If he sucks he will be jettisoned just like Teddy was and we can draft a QB next year.
  4. Bless his heart, TA had all the talent in the world but no drive to get better. I think it was Amato who told TA that you can’t help the club from the hot tub.
  5. He was a party boy as well. He wasn't a first round pick but was a first round talent who busted with his first team. The circumstances are different but he went from rags to riches due to the change of teams and better coaching.
  6. Favre was a bust in Atlanta and went on to be a perennial all pro. It happens.
  7. I agree, I think he was a sneaky good addition. He may kill it on seam routes after DJ and Robby and Marshall clear out the DBs.
  8. Impressive draft so far. These guys know what they are doing.
  9. Our offense was pretty effective at moving the ball and scoring, except at clutch time. We could not stop anyone and get the D off the field. I am fine with building the D into a nasty, lockdown unit and tweak the offense as we go. We will see on Sam, but if Bilgewater could move the offense, I think Sam will be fine.
  10. Fields could also have a seizure during a game one day soon which would muddy the waters greatly regarding his career.
  11. Positive vibes, it’s going to be a great day for the Panthers.
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