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  1. What a shitty, franchise altering for the worse decision that was to draft BY over Stroud.
  2. deep thoughts from BigKat Please show us more. And while you are at it try to develop a little self awareness.
  3. Why do you “legit” feel the need to start a new thread about every stray thought that enters the echo chamber you call a brain? It’s insufferable. Put these idiotic thought in one of the other 10 active threads regarding today’s events.
  4. Would rather have Gagh any day.
  5. Excellent. Will you stop making stupid threads on here as well?
  6. Poor guy got scapegoated. He was awful to be sure but the coaches trotted him out there.
  7. Frank is drowning. Please do him and Panther nation a favor and cut him loose.
  8. Since it is Friday I will drink a shot of bourbon for each time you see him up on his toes. Let me know.
  9. That is the first logical step. Frank seems in over his head though and if we finish with one or two wins he needs to be shown the door.
  10. I don't think Tepper cares about being hated. Money is his deity so hit him in the wallet where it hurts. How? IDK. Stop going to games I guess but then the stadium is full of fans from the opposing team.
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