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  1. Can't argue with any of this. He was awful against the WFT, constantly in the wrong gap or getting washed out by the OL.
  2. Good stuff, glad you could get to the game. We should all enjoy this to the best of our abilities and not let the wins and losses control our moods so much. A good buddy of mine who had been going to games with me since 1995 died last week. He fought and scratched and clawed to live so he truly embodied the keep pounding motto. I am sure he would have loved to be there and see Cam's return home but it was not to be.
  3. He's not good enough to diss Cam like that. Fug him.
  4. I’ve complained about it to the Panthers earlier this season. It is way too loud. You are right, you can’t even talk to the person sitting right beside you.
  5. I doubt we see Sam take a snap for us ever again. Coaches can’t throw players under the bus no matter how much they suck. Sam will be put out to pasture or be humanely euthanized.
  6. Damn it all. Ron deserves to have Darnold as his QB for the next 10 years.
  7. Ha ha I was sitting right behind you with my brother and two sons. We were high fiving you guys a lot.
  8. Infinitesimal chance of that happening. He is turrible.
  9. I don't think anyone actually expected Cam to be brought home. We were hoping against hope. All is forgiven my child.
  10. This is incredible. I will be in Phoenix for the game Sunday, I so hope he plays.
  11. Cam is in the building. My kid knows one of the low level equipment managers and was told CAM IS IN THE BUILDING!!!!!!!
  12. We have to go all in on Watson in the offseason, it's our only hope to be relevant anytime soon.
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