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  1. The tweet specifically mentions a trade, thus the cap comment.
  2. I would be ecstatic if the Aints took Teddy off of our hands and give us something of value in the process. I doubt Coach Vicodin is quite as dumb as he looks.
  3. Houston will do whatever the dumbest option is. They will have to relent due to the buildup of pressure from all sides but it will likely cost them capital since the timing will not be ideal.
  4. It’s gotta happen by the draft or else we have to go to plan B. B does not stand for Bridgewater.
  5. Miller is pretty much a JAG. I will be shocked if he isn't cut in camp.
  6. It would be called an illegal crackback block 10 times out of 10. That doesn’t change the fact that Smitty was a bad ass.
  7. Marty wasn’t the best at what he does unfortunately. Just be glad he’s not our problem any longer. We just have to clean up a few more of his mistakes.
  8. Moton can bet on himself and play the tag game and hope he doesn’t suffer a serious injury. If he gets an offer that provides security and stability he should take it.
  9. He’s an annoying bastard but he has the clutch gene and is a winner. I’d do it for three firsts if no other players were involved.
  10. I hope for Lance's sake that he doesn't end up with Riverboat. It will be Cam Newton all over again.
  11. Weiss is a toad. His QB takes are laughable.
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