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  1. Can we save one sock for Joe Person's mouth?
  2. If I was Tepper's advisor, I'd say have the framework for the building deconstructed and hauled away. The sooner the better. I guess Tepper thinks he's still in some legal "pecker measuring contest' with Rock Hill so he probably won't.
  3. What once was a state of the art NFL facility will now be re-flagged as "Ned and Juniors Transmission Overhauls"
  4. Yes ....and I'm still not buying a Buick.
  5. I wonder when the camera will show Sam warming up on the sidelines.
  6. The Atlanta kicker (Koo) is no joke. The guy has incredible range.
  7. A couple of first rounders are backing up PJ. So you never know.
  8. They have Carolina surrounded. Those poor bastards....now we can attack in all directions!
  9. Can you also provide me with the winning Powerball numbers?
  10. The Falcons starting seconds is pretty much sidelined with injuries. They'll rely on the run If PJ plays smart, and we stop their ground attack we win.
  11. It's our arch nemesis the freaking Falcons!
  12. ...and his "claim to fame" will be blowing the biggest lead in SB history.
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of Neidemeyer, the head frat dude and ROTC guy.
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