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  1. Hard to pass up 2 first round picks for Burns. Love his speed/pass rush but is to small to be a complete DE. Liability against the run. 2 first round picks would give us a lot of fire power in the draft to hit on someone or ability to move around in the first
  2. So glad this finally happened. What impact could this have on our offense? Will it still be the same boring offense or will Wilks allow Mcadoo to open up the playbook more?
  3. As a panthers fan since I was 8 years old, I haven’t enjoyed watching a game in the last few years. Even when we win a random game it feels like a fluke and it’s filled with so many mistakes I still don’t feel inspired after it. I lived through the 1-15 season and the clausen year and it just has those feelings. No hope or excitement. But yet I’ve never missed a game and will still be watching every Sunday.
  4. I just don’t understand what’s going on with baker. It was said that he’s been changing his throwing motion since the offseason. Don’t know if it’s that or not. I remember every time they tried changing Cams it just completely messed him up. Also does anyone find it odd that Baker never wears any panthers gear in his press conferences? During the week and post game. Just a observation lol
  5. https://www.nfl.com/news/panthers-owner-david-tepper-expected-to-be-patient-with-head-coach-matt-rhule-as please God no tepper. We’ve been patient enough already
  6. It’s honestly so sad and depressing to watch the team already coming out of the locker room silent and beaten. All starts with the head coach and team captains. Rhule has always wanted a qb and team with zero emotions so he has a easier time controlling them. Exactly why he shipped Cam out first thing and Sam was his guy. Football is about passion and fire. One reason i let myself get excited about mayfield. But seems like they’ve already neutered him and told him if he wanted to be the starting quarterback he’d have to play flatlined and hold his emotions in. I just miss the passion jake and cam played with. It’s contagious
  7. So Watson travels to meet with Atlanta (which shows his interest). Saints owner is like “oh hell nah” and flies to Atlanta to meet with him a second time. Meanwhile Tepper and Rhule are sitting on their ass while looking deep in each other’s eyes and saying “we’ve got this boo”. Sounds about right
  8. I’ve been on here for awhile for news but I’ve never posted. I just get the feeling tepper has been begging him to come here for over a year and he’s still looking to go anywhere else. Panthers probably have the best deal on the table for the texans but watson is still wanting to go somewhere else. Just another disappointing loss as a lifelong panthers fan. But if he isn’t sold on us we need to move on and stop begging for him to want us back
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