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  1. I hope the FO neglects PG in summer league because they want to force everyone on the floor to create for themselves. I’m not saying it’s a good development strategy but it would help to know that it’s on purpose and not because they’re asleep at the wheel.
  2. Probably just a warning to rival GMs not to max him just to mess with our cap space or they might end up having to live with that contract. I think we will match any offer sheet.
  3. McCoy left Kansas City and put up 131 yards in the next season and then he retired. He was done and he can’t accept it.
  4. He did it coming off of injuries with Jeremy Kerley as his top target. His 2nd receiver was so bad he never played another game in the league. His head coach never coached again in the NFL. His offensive coordinator took a demotion back to position coach. They tried playing Gabbert and it was a train wreck.
  5. I don’t know if it’s different with trades but spotrac says cutting Pitts would accelerate his bonus and his cap hit would increase by almost 20 million.
  6. I don’t think so. It’s more like overplaying her hand. I think she got tipped off about the Browns meeting but I don’t know about anything else. Sometimes those insiders like to speak cryptically and let the audience make a connection that ain’t there. Saying what we already heard from somebody else but letting us think it’s being reinforced by their source instead of just basically being repeated. I don’t know though I’m just speculating.
  7. That’s just semantics then. If they’re wrong how plugged in are they? I mean message me and I’ll be your source lol.
  8. She was all about the Browns and said going to play for your hometown or where you played in college is overrated to most players. Said that players sharing an agent doesn’t matter. What changed? I don’t think she has a source but she’s signaling like she does and basing everything on the same reports anyone else can read on Twitter. And I think she personally doesn’t want Watson in Charlotte and it’s affecting her coverage. It doesn’t have an impact on the outcome but keep it in mind if you’re going off of what she’s saying about this.
  9. The cap is there to keep player wages down. The owners wouldn't tolerate any other team manipulating the cap like this to stay competitive but the Saints need a leg up because the next time they're so bad the fans are wearing bags on their head to the game that team is getting moved. And it always looks bad when a team has to move.
  10. I was thinking it never made sense for all this New Orleans talk to be coming from Watson’s camp. Like what’s the point? I saw Tanier speculating it could be a ploy by Houston to squeeze more compensation out of Carolina.
  11. I don’t get how the feeling can be that Carolina ain’t his first choice but that they’re still in it. What am I missing? The way the reporters put it all the teams put in offers that the Texans would accept. What could Carolina even do to close the gap now?
  12. Cam was unbelievable in that playoff game against the Saints but I agree with you.
  13. I hope he's already made a decision and is just being thorough with this Browns meeting.
  14. Thursday? Brad sucks get me a screenshot that says late Monday night.
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