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  1. This dude is a cornball. It's tough to fake an interesting personality.
  2. You don't get to ask others to face reality when you're out here comparing Chark to CeeDee Lamb and Mingo to Jordan Addison. Bryce can still be a bad QB even if the receivers are terrible. You don't have to be ridiculous to try to make a point.
  3. Most of those guys get that separation while commanding the attention of the defense. Meanwhile you can stick a warm body on our non-Thielen receivers and they're taken out of the play.
  4. Sometimes people point fingers first in hopes that nobody thinks to point fingers at them.
  5. No. Troll account that tries to go viral with semi-educated guesses.
  6. Nagy was a scout in Seattle while Morgan was there.
  7. Johnson and Disner may not be the package deal that some assumed. Johnson will get hired this offseason. Who else is still looking for a GM and coach? Did anyone else even interview Disner?
  8. I’m happy with Johnson, Slowik, or Macdonald.
  9. No kidding. Ravens had 60 sacks this year. Young was sacked 62 times in one less game. He was up against every week.
  10. Headline: fired employee has negative opinion of the person who fired them.
  11. This gets at why I think this job could be somewhat more attractive than popular thought. Young was a pretty popular prospect and I doubt we’ve reached a point where confident (read: narcissistic) coaches think they can’t make it work with him. But even if it doesn’t work out then the next coach likely gets another swing at it in the draft (unless they mail it in like Reich). On the other hand choosing a team like Washington and struggling with a Maye or Williams means that coach likely won’t get another shot at it. That and knowing Tepper will not be outbid makes me think Carolina is in a somewhat stronger position than some want to think or admit.
  12. The skill position and IOL talent, indefensible scheming, and coaching turmoil are irrelevant because of the stat sheet. Got it. I’ll reserve judgment until I see Young operate within a modern offense with NFL caliber players. Not a perfect situation. Not the Miami Dolphins. Just a collection of players in the ballpark of league average. A roster assembled to at least present the rare opportunity to attack a defense deep. Not an unreasonable expectation. I have no investment in this beyond wanting to see Young succeed or fail in a context where his success or failure can’t immediately be attributed to an all-pro or all-trash supporting cast. I don’t believe many people on either side of the argument here are interested in finding the truth about Bryce Young unfortunately.
  13. He literally can and literally has. NFL Next Gen stats has his longest completed air yards pass at 48.2 yards. That’s not a great number but it’s obviously greater than 40. It’s also very context specific. Chiefs passing attack had issues this year and Mahomes came in under Bryce with his lowest LCAD of his career at 46 yards. We know that Mahomes can throw the ball way farther than that but it goes to show how the conditions that a player exists within can impact their box score over the course of a season. Tough to say exactly what Bryce can do when we have only ever observed him targeting the worst deep threats in the league, within an uninspired scheme, behind a uniquely terrible interior line. The team is definitely going to prioritize a receiver and linemen in FA and probably at #33 as well. If those additions prove to be in the ballpark of league average then I think we will have a much better understanding of Young.
  14. I definitely think this will be a package deal. GM interviews are certainly covering the prospective GM's thoughts on the coaching search. Tepper gets the coach he wants without stepping on the new GM's toes.
  15. It might be a year early to hire Slowik but he’s making a really strong case.
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