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  1. No but your biggest point is that he is 5th on the list and Im saying by the time everyone that currently is playing retires he will be 9th or 10th or not even in the top 10.
  2. If Russell Wilson plays as long as Rivers he is on pace to pass him too. Again, Rivers most impressive stat is how long he played.
  3. How am I an idiot for pointing out the facts? Big Ben is 3,000 away, Ryan is 8,000, Rodgers is 12,000 yards behind and Stafford is 18,000 yards.
  4. If Big Ben plays 1 more year he will most likely pass Rivers on the list, Ryan is 2 years away from passing him, Rodgers is probably 3 years away from passing him, Stafford is 4-5 years away. Rivers most impressive stat is that he played for so long. Its a lot to assume all will stay healthy enough to pass him.
  5. He lost to the Jets twice too. If he is just the 3rd or 4th best in just the AFC during his time (not counting everyone in the NFC), is he really worthy of the Hall of Fame?
  6. Rivers has a lot of regular season stats. But only because he played for 17 years. He has 0 super bowls wins, 0 super bowl appearances. He only made it to 1 conference championship game (1-5 in divisional playoff games). 0 All Pro seasons, 0 MVP seasons. He lead the NFL in TDs as many times as he lead the league in INTs. Those are things the Hall of Fame is going to look at. He was a good consistent QB for a long time. I hate to say it but if Philip Rivers is a HOF then Matt Ryan is a 1st Ballot HOF.
  7. Rivers had Gates though too
  8. Me either, but I saw him on the Dolphins squad. He is from Middle Tennessee St. Small school offensive lineman that no one has heard of, sounds like a perfect Hurney pick for Washington
  9. One of you is talking about Mac Jones (Qb on the Panthers side) and the other is talking about Robert Jones (OT on the Dolphins side)
  10. As much as I love Cam, I dont think he is in the HOF either.
  11. Anyone with more kids than playoff wins isnt a HOF QB
  12. How the hell does First Pick score the drafts. For the Panther I ended up with Lawrence falling to 8, Trey Smith in the 2nd. Ended up with 12 picks all A+ and it wasnt even a top 20 Panthers draft. Had another with 24 picks and 22 of the 24 were A+ and the other 2 were A and even farther off. The drafts arent reasonable but I just want to have a top draft lol
  13. I like PFF but there seems to be a glitch. I always seem able to trade down from 8 to SF for 12, 44, 113 and 153 this year plus their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round in 2022 and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round in 2023. Which I would gladly take but there is no way it would ever happen.
  14. 100% chance he starts next year, at least for the first few games.
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