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  1. These are different issues altogether. Jump and the net will appear, fortune favors the bold, philosophical blah blah blah. If Young had a larger frame, a million things. We’d have no shot at him. Look for the truth, not the dogma. I offered evidence. It’s a big one. When I found it I was ecstatic. What a mind bender, a game changer, a world flipper. I saw it only as good news. One less concern. Backed by cold hard fact. The pushback to blatantly good news is a surprise for me. Shouldn’t be, possibly. This place is a cesspool, by its nature. Not on any individual. I was lured in by my excitement, as I’m sure most are. I will bow down and take my leave and go back to the occasional glances from afar. Adios amigos. May the draft gods show favor.
  2. I will exit the theoretical. Let’s keep this in the framework of fact. The data says lighter quarterbacks are less prone to injury. That same link (which is broken down by position) does in fact show that heavier runningbacks are less injury prone. I know you were going for snark but just check it out. It’s all right there. While it is “data” it is also just simply data. Didn’t come here to disillusion or attack. Just statstics. None of it’s made up. Thought that make for something new to talk about. Would you not think it irresponsible to assume Young’s frame is a concern without looking at the data?
  3. It is broken down by position. Really I just wanted to offer the explicit data without theoreticals. But at the risk of running off in the weeds… You’re probably aware of Strouds explicitly poor numbers under pressure so I won’t post any extra stats (don’t wanna hurt poor frankys head). I would only ask if you’d consider Stroud less of a risk when the inevitable extended play arises vs Bryce’s plus numbers under the same conditions. I look at it as proven concerns for stroud vs theoretica concerns for Bryce. For the record - I’m not in agreement with playing Bryce at running back. Totally a bad idea. Qb only. Come on frank! Don’t draftem for Rb!
  4. Just another data point. That specific instance was him trying to make a play rather than take that sack right? He landed on his own shoulder? So theoretically - not trying to be funny (necessarily) - but thank god he didn’t weight very much lol
  5. That’s specifically what the link is about. Meant to ease that specific concern. It’s just a helpful point for analysis. Perhaps some haven’t seen. No need to be hateful. We’re on the same team here.
  6. As far as what’s in this man’s soul, the posted video gives some great insight into his personal toughness. As far as the data.. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/weight-and-injuries …it’s a nonstarter. statistics: not just for losers anymore!
  7. Man I don’t even see it as a downside. Think of the marketability of our Mighty Mouse.
  8. Thanks for posting this. Jesus Christ guys - watch this video. This is a guy that exists and we could have him if we say so. Jesus.
  9. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/weight-and-injuries tell a friend. Stats are cool
  10. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/weight-and-injuries According to data, the exact opposite of everyone’s expectations is true.
  11. Sorry for the off topic - does anyone know why when I click on “Start new topic” and scroll through options, the only one I can actually click on is “Nfl”. The rest are greyed out. I’d like to post some relevant statistics to our new qb feud.
  12. Bryce had 1 ball batted last season. The nfl batted balls leaders were a tie between Josh Allen and Justin Herbert. #statsya’ll
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