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  1. Hell of a nice guy too. I met a few Panthers on a USO tour in Germany and he squatted down to my (then) 8 year old sons height and smiled really big for a picture beside him. Really made my day.
  2. I have never understood why people with so much money would ever fly coach. It’s kinda my life dream to fly first class but I will never be able to realistically afford that.
  3. Wait....."THE" Brandon Bolden???!???!?? How on earth was he not surpassing Cam Newton??
  4. Does this mean there will be an attempt at returning a punt next year?
  5. I barely watched the dolphins game and haven’t watched one snap since. Super hard to want to watch anymore.
  6. I did really wonder what was going to happen here. I considered making a whole thread on it but felt like it lacked substance. Anyways, Arians hates the Panthers, right? So what is worse to do to them? Pulverize and humiliate them or ruin their draft position? Arians made some super bird brained move with the Cardinals a few years back “intentionally losing” to do some kind of backwards ass playoffs trickery that was highly touted and got him praised as some genius; it was supposed to work in his favor but wound up blowing up in his face super bad.
  7. He seemed like a pretty normal dude until Burfict rocked his jock. I honestly think that helmet thing with the Raiders had something to do with him worrying about another concussion. He was mocked and ridiculed for it, but I really think he's probably scared shytless.
  8. Basically, he paid off the layaway balances for over 300 military members that had items on layaway using the Army/Air Force Exchange and Navy Exchange. Well done, Sir. https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/24/us/mccaffrey-layaway-military-trnd/index.html
  9. How many damn times is this that Miller or Daley have had some kind of Covid stuff? I honestly confuse the two and wonder if they are twins, or clones.
  10. 72 is the highest i ever saw, and that was when Snake said this team was not a playoff team after losing to Dallas this year.
  11. Its an extremely old huddle joke from like 2010. Someone made a ranting post and said "for peaks sake" and then there was Jake Delhomme's "Tommy Jone surgery" along with "THEMarcusHudson" and some loser that wore a Panthers polo to a job interview.
  12. "Playoffs? You kiddin' me.....PLAYOFFS??!!??"
  13. He also thinks Miller and Daley are 1st string caliber starting NFL guards for some reason. Both those chumps should have been out of the NFL a year ago.
  14. What about Richie Cunningham instead?
  15. I really feel like a small part of the Cam signing was to keep anyone from getting fired that week.
  16. I didn't dare make a thread about it, but I felt like one on the hidden agendas behind signing Cam was to keep anyone from getting fired that week.
  17. I have noticed and ungodly amount of crypto ads being shoved in my face at every single site I go to. Just seems so obviously fishy and forced.
  18. In addition to this, I really think a lot of these players have mailed it in, given up, stopped really caring. However you want to put it, I think they have lost a lot of motivation and are just ready for the season to end. Its felt like one incredibly long season and I cannot believe there is still so many games to play.
  19. I am also not sure how EVERY fan on this frickin board could clearly see he needed to be traded before the deadline but these "professionals" making millions to decide these things just let him stay and let what has happened happen.
  20. I still feel like this is almost a carbon copy of the Curtis Samuel situation.
  21. Ever since the Giants game it has felt like a total chore to watch this team. The cardinals game was a breath of fresh air but ultimately may just be one golden night that could possibly resemble the end of a legends epic story (Cam and Cmac) I all but had to force myself to watch the dolphins game. I am i am absolutely shocked there is still 5 games left (or however many are left I’ve honestly lost interest)
  22. I didn't dare make a thread about it, but I felt like a hidden aspect of signing Cam was to keep anyone from getting fired.
  23. Plot twist: Matt Rhule did it himself.
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