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  1. Some of the most successful defenses in the last decade didn't seem to truly have a base. Take for instance the Seahawks and Legion of Boom. Lots and lots of pass rusher types and no real true 3-4 or 4-3. That defense also had lots of versatile players that didn't limit the defense. Rivera's D the last few years he was here was a very standard looking 4-3 without much of anything different.
  2. I would be very happy with 9-8 with ONE condition. That condition being that one of the 9 wins must be in Atlanta. I swear that place curses us, when was the last time we won there? Not even in the 15-1 season!
  3. I always hated that "who did they beat" line from the 2015 season. The Panthers played and beat every NFC playoff team that year besides the Vikings and beat one of the AFC teams. Of the remaining 11 playoff teams that year, the Panthers beat 5 of them during that regular season.
  4. What's up with coach Rhule's pinky ring? Who the hell cut Joe Brady's hair like that? Why can't Jaycee Horn do push-ups worth a poo? How did Kamara keep from getting his untucked Coach chain snatched off all game? AND WHO THE HELL IS THE REDHEADED WATER GIRL?!!?!??!??! WE NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE!
  5. For the first time ever as a Carolina Panthers fan, I am not worried about a rookie and/or no name coming into the game and lighting us up all to hell. Or should I be........?
  6. I’m sure the WFT is very pleased with the expensive WR investment they made in Samuel this year….
  7. I was able to watch it with VPN last year but it was super clunky and froze up repeatedly. Yes! This! I turned off my VPN and it was clear as day, with a much smoother interface. The US version was like using Limewire or something, just god awful. They also tried to make me go through 12 stages of hell to watch it on my PS4 (which i was never able to make happen)
  8. There was no way they where letting Manning lose that game. He also basically got benched in the 3rd or 4th after Kony Ealy picked him or nearly picked him. I intentionally forget a lot of the details of that game. And I am I the only one who noticed the field was set up a hell of a lot like the Broncos home field?
  9. Didn't Bullseye masquerade as Hawkeye for a while too? I know the most recent Daredevil season blended a few great Daredevil comics like Born Again and the other storyline where Bullseye went nuts and wanted to be Daredevil, doing things dressed as him. Bullseye was also quite an entertaining character when he was harassing Punisher for a while.
  10. Was much more expensive for me. Regular was like $99 and international like $150
  11. Been a MAJOR pain in the ass for me overseas. I paid for the US version and it gave me a lot of problems using VPN. So, I signed up for the Euro version which was "free because I already paid". Then five seconds before gametime they told me I had to upgrade, UGH
  12. Isn't the rookie long snapper "out with a hip injury" too? Hmmmmmm
  13. Don’t we have “His Airness” too? MJ? Anyways, just let Brown start dammit, he’s a peacock, gotta let him fly!
  14. Have you not seen all the sporting events with packed stadiums and maskless people? I am not trying to attack you, I am on the same side as you, and I have seen you comment in TB about this a lot too. I have a skewed perception of all this, because I have been trapped working overseas since it all started. It amazes me all of the facebook posts with massive amounts of maskless people and the sporting events with lots of maskless people in attendance. We know now that a vaccinated person can still contract COVID (which still really blows my mind that it was a shocking revaluation to some people and was their next excuse to refuse the vax). So knowing that, why do they not have to have a negative test to attend the event as well, knowing full well they will be crammed in with unvaccinated, maskless people? It just sends really mixed messages to me. I think that in order to attend an event, one should have to be vaccinated, have a negative test, wear a mask, and still social distance.
  15. Why was this SO much less of a problem last year before vaccines? Oh...maybe its because masks where suddenly lifted out of nowhere and no one felt the need to get vaxxed afterwards. The stadiums full of maskless people at wrestling, basketball, baseball, and football events don't help either.
  16. Yall realize he was kicking for the Texans yesterday right?
  17. I still can't forgive him for letting Kirk friggin Cousins destroy the defense for a come-from-behind victory last year calling prevent.
  18. It wasn't really directed at you. There seems to be a ton of people on here who think if Brown doesn't put up 9 sacks a year then he is a total but. I reread the post, and you are right. If he has that much success then he will always be employed.
  19. I know we are talking about Qbs (mostly) but a few years ago I saw an interview with Chris Johnson and MY GOD was that man the dumbest sounding person I have ever heard speak. It will always be burned into my memory.
  20. Well for as seemingly little as they were used, Robby had one burner of a bomb TD catch and DJ made an amazing catch near the sideline. CMC also opened the lane up massively for Darnold's walk in touchdown.
  21. I had said this before in a different thread, but; I have the feeling Djax will be in a similar situation as Curtis Samuel. A solid player but just not the guy to continue forward with. A "B" student who is in a contract year. Unlike Samuel, I am betting that Fitty gets something for Djax, maybe a trade before the deadline or franchise tag and trade. SOMEthing....not keep him, but not just let him walk like Samuel.
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