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  1. They need to be doing Nordics to fix all these hammy problems.
  2. The Steelers have a ridiculously long line of talented but highly troubled WRs. There is also Burress, Martavius Bryant, and I suspect Thigpen will be a headache soon. Emmanuel Sanders if the only one of the bunch that wasn't a well known lunatic. It is as if the Steelers have a WR factory and they all have the same brain defects.
  3. I have always been skeptical of the many NFL receivers named "Mike Williams".
  4. I don't want any trading with the Bears after the DJ Moore eff up. No thanks, we already shelled out to them.
  5. The last decade has just been atrocious: 2014 Blake Bortles Johnny Manziel Teddy Bridgewater 2015 Jameis Winston Marcus Mariota 2016: - Jared Goff Carson Wentz Paxton Lynch 2017 Mitchell Trubisky Patrick Mahomes Deshaun Watson 2018 Baker Mayfield Sam Darnold Josh Allen Josh Rosen Lamar Jackson 2019 Kyler Murray Daniel Jones Dwayne Haskins 2020: - Joe Burrow Tua Tagovailoa Justin Herbert Jordan Love 2021 Trevor Lawrence Zach Wilson Trey Lance Justin Fields Mac Jones 2022 Kenny Pickett 2023 Bryce Young CJ Stroud Anthony Richardson
  6. Him and Chase Young so they can underachieve together but collectively make for one really good player (sometimes).
  7. When your team is basically completely full of holes at every position, the O-Line should be the top focus, without a doubt.
  8. Should have just traded his ass to the Rams when we got a ridiculously good offer. Leave it to this organization to eff EVERYthing up!
  9. This team has holes at pretty much every position. I was JUST thinking about how filling the O-line should be top priority if all areas are weak.
  10. I had never been so upset over a game that didn't involve the Panthers. I remember its was Seahawks vs Packers and somehow those fools where down like 21 with only like 2 mins left. They scored, then got the onsides. I was like "no way....this is NOT going to happen". Then the Packers fumbled (or something) and they had the ball on Green Bays 10 or so. I remember Russ running backwards, not looking, throwing the ball up in the air as a wounded effing duck and then that goofy white boy TE Willson miraculously catches it and scores. MAAAANNNNN I was annoyed with that outcome lol.
  11. Brown is not only elite, but seems to truly care. Remember when he roughed up slantboy in the locker rooms hallway after the game?
  12. Name your top three players drafted since Tepper bought the team.....
  13. This organization could eff up a wet dream, and they did with Burns. My god that situation makes my stomach churn. I can think of so many other stupid situations where the Panthers got NOTHING, paid too much, or got completely hosed. I cannot think of a single time the Panthers have made a good choice for resignings.
  14. The McCaffery fumble in the first quarter when they were building moment, the blocked PAT, and the awful special teams mistake was not defense......
  15. What's Pelosi's "lucky and totally not insider trading" stocks?
  16. Just wait until Horn lights it up somewhere else and is magically never injured again lol
  17. Poor Burns. Not trading his ass for a boatload of picks has only made things worse for the Panthers and for him. Everyone lost on that, even the Rams.
  18. I am with you, Horn can kick rocks and go dominate on some other team with all his magically cured non-contact injuries like McCaffery. I just think trading for Jeudy in particular is of no value at all. I would take a 7th rounder in 2027 over Jeudy.
  19. Why does anyone have interest in Jeudy? If anyone traded anything for him, they buyer and sellers should be studied in con-man, advertising, and marketing schemes in college courses for decades to come.
  20. Should have traded his ass for that massive bounty and avoided all this absurd and nonsensical drama. Its not necessarily Burn's fault, but not taking that trade has put Burns and the Panthers in a bad position. The trade would have worked out well for everyone.
  21. I forget the names of the dynamic duo of dumbass that started at G under Rhule but they had zero playing in the NFL, much less starting for anyone!
  22. I think you could put any current QB or any QB from any era in their prime on this team (or any of these Panthers teams within the last 5 years) and they would absolutely suck ass.
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