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  1. Bro some dudes just don’t play anymore it don’t me that have to dramatically retire
  2. Now do one on our illustrious history at QB
  3. How does he have any trade value at all? Before he could take his first snap, dudes ankle snapped in half while he was tying his shoes in the locker room.
  4. This is extremely hard to digest after 2 decades of very lame-o trades and no risk taking.
  5. Yea, there is much much more that made me think that also. I can say I have learned a lesson here, and I will be teaching my children how to not make mistakes like this. Overall, it cost me $2,800 and a temporary lapse of sanity. I absolutely chewed out and fired my realtor, then sternly spoke to the mold remediation guy. I am just glad this is all behind me, the $2,800 being the collateral.
  6. As if Bezos needs to own ANYthing else... I swear the dude is a real life Lex Luthor.
  7. If you do not think intelligence and situational awareness is important, then watch the last 10 mins of the Cowboys vs 49ers playoff game, MAN that was painful!
  8. UPDATE: Politely asked him for a more detailed invoice. He replied with some of his logic and justification but I think he could see where it was headed. He told me $2,800 was fair. I told him if he sent an invoice for that I would pay right away and not ask anymore questions. He sent it to me about 5 mins later and I paid it right away. I think it turned out the best possible way. Thanks for the advice!
  9. With ketchup....like a certain team owner prefers it
  10. Ok, I’m going to lead with this. I really hate dealing with people SO much.
  11. Hmm ok. I think I am just going to dispute and negotiate the bill. It is not very detailed or itimized IMO.
  12. This is just really bizarre to me, because in theory, he could just whip up an invoice for anyone and take action,
  13. It is a joke from like 10 years ago on the huddle when Delhomme got Tommy John surgery. Someone misspelled it as "Tommy Jone". There is also the infamous "for peak's sake" mistype that caught fire.
  14. The bill he sent me has options to pay online with credit cards, etc I have called off the sale of the house, and considered asking the realty company to pay for this “work”. Also, does he have any legal basis at all to do anything to me? I never signed ANYthing, at all.
  15. No, But there is a ton of 3 way matches and storylines they discuss but somehow cut Benoit out of it as if he never existed.
  16. Maybe Panthers can contact the WWE and find out how to “Benoit” Rhule.
  17. Ok, so here's the deal. My wife was trying super hard to sell our house, and the buyer had some hard-on for getting the house "mold tested". This was in Illinois, and after a long series of painful calls and emails, it became apparent to me that actual "mold testing" is reserved for EPA type stuff and is only conducted at large businesses. The realtor was NO help finding anyone to make this happen and my wife took the initiative to find someone. The big names in the area were totally swamped with frozen pipes and flooding already, but eventually got back to us to inform us they did not provide mold testing. Anyways, my wife eventually found a company through Angieslist (which was a MAJOR red flag to me) and a guy came out to do an estimate. He said it would be "about $5,000 or so" which sounded nuts but we were desperately trying to sell this house. There was no paperwork exchanged, and nothing was signed. He sent a crew to the house, and once again, no paperwork was presented or signed before or after the (poor excuse for) work was performed. The worker asked me to pay with Venmo, which I then told him to send me an invoice. He looked really disappointed as if he knew he was not going to get paid. The invoice is extremely vague, and I have attached it to this thread. There is no way in hell this "work" was worth nearly $3,500. So what would you do? Just pay it? Haggle with him? Tell him to get real? The "invoice" doesn't even have my legal first name on it, and I never signed anything AT ALL. Yes, some people came out and did some "work" so totally stiffing him does not seem right. Paying this obnoxious amount for him to send a crew of scummy guys (one of them left my house and knocked on the neighbors door three doors down for no believable reason. He claimed his saw burned up but did not ask us if we had one). What is some advice for this, and what would you do? Invoice.pdf
  18. I thought the Carolina Panthers only had legendarily BAD quarterbacks
  19. This is a great question and I was about to make a post pertaining to situation I am in. Basically hired this total scumbag to come and do "work" at my house. He charged and obnoxious amount and sent a very undetailed bill. At one point, his employee asked me to pay 3K-5K with effing Venmo. He is asking for about $3.5K but it just does not feel right. I DID NOT sign ONE single document before or after this all started.
  20. That’s pretty much what was about to happen here. I swear this dude did NOTHING. He would call my wife and say something needed to be done and she would start working on it. I had to explain to her multiples times that HE works for US.
  21. Yea, maybe so. I have also wondered if the realtor would back out before I did. I was a complete asshole to him over the phone. I didn’t mean to flip out on him but MAN did he push my buttons. I asked him if the buyer or his company was pitching in with the $3k mold guy he did not help us find, and insisted that we get. (I was already pissed with him expressing concern for my family after the scumbags that came to my house and ALL he could ask was if I got a mold test, or not). When I asked him that, he said “mold guy?” As if I was talking about an effing rocket ship on the roof. I then asked him why he was suggesting to my wife to get car titles loans in order to contribute to the $15k closing costs and he says “I am trying to help her get the money”. I lost it on him. I had already ran out of patience with him long ago. Point is, I partly thought he might back out himself citing me as a raging physco.
  22. Another update: I left him a voicemail saying I was backing out of the sale, and I emailed his realty company directly. This was so weird to me.....they did not put up ANY resistance and all but immediately send me documents to sign to back out of the house. They had me on the hook for a large payout, and was representing the buyer. What am I missing here? They didn't even try to salvage it, one bit.
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