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  1. Dammit, thought he was wearing a Detroit Lions shirt
  2. “In cahoots with puss in boots while playing lutes to prostitutes who’s reading roots”
  3. Who’s seen Ted Lasso? The owner hires a coach that has never coached soccer and has won only a small college football championship. The owner does this to sabotage the team to spite her ex husband. Sounds really…..something….
  4. Maybe he has been watching too much of The Boys and his new idol is Soldier Boy?
  5. I am starting to think the Covid pandemic was less confusing and better handled worldwide than the Panthers FO has been since Tepper came to town. Has anyone seen Ted Lasso? I am starting to think Tepper is intentionally sabotaging the team to spite someone he hates….
  6. I am seriously considering only glancing at NFL games this year, my interest in it all is at an all time low.
  7. I always wondered what a team would think if the player ordered chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.
  8. One for one swap with Cmac?
  9. Hopefully you all can watch this, but basically it’s Sir Purr in a Santa outfit jumping off a roof, as the memes page reminds us we have Sam Darnold and Matt Rhule. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=7357577440983817&id=275993145808984&fs=60&focus_composer=0&m_entstream_source=video_home&player_suborigin=entry_point&player_format=permalink&ref=m_notif&notif_t=watch_follower_video
  10. Why did Ron Artest leave the game early? He wanted to beat the crowd….
  11. I’m in the middle of a crowded food court dying of laughter at this
  12. I’m just relieved there will be even less Seahawks jerseys everywhere, every Sunday. Much like the Chiefs, no one shared their “team pride” until “their” team was winning. I’ve seen less and less obnoxious Seahawks jerseys the last 3 years or so.
  13. Meanwhile, they are still popping off $250 PCR tests at airports if you had a mechanical issue on your first flight. Oh! Then they shove you on a tiny bus and half-assed ask you to "keep social distancing" before making you wear your mask on a crowded 200 person flight that is 15 hours long.
  14. This, to me, is extremely similar to the Curtis Samuel situation. Both are solid and can be great at times, but both will demand a lot of money for the mediocrity. Jackson should have been traded before the deadline IMO. I am hoping we get SOMEthing for him before he has a fate that will probably resemble Samuel's fate, which is being way overpaid and sitting on the bench injured.
  15. Have we EVER kept any of them around?? I remember reading a "why your team sucks" article on year and it made a great point, no one hates their own players more than the Carolina Panthers. Cam, Peppers, Smitty, Beason, Thomas Davis, Josh Norman, Bradbury, cant think of his name right now but that big fat awesome DT (Chris something, Jenkins maybe?), Starr, and many, many more. Sure, one or two was past their prime, but many of them were just flat out released or cut. I don't have all of the info in front of me, but it would be really interesting to see exactly how much we got in return for these players departures. I am willing to bet, even if the return was all of them combined, it would be one very sad and pathetic result.
  16. fug it get beasely and cousins and have the dynamic unvaxxed duo
  17. Honestly, just about everyone is loaded. These teams have been highly competitive! Think about it, as awful as the Panthers have looked, they have also looked really good too. The levels are seeming to get really even and I have always wondered if there will be a bizarro year where almost every team is 8-9, or 9-8. There was a ton of weeks throughout the regular season where almost every game was a 3-4 vs 4-3 or 5-5 vs 6-5 (bye week) etc.
  18. The Bucs was pretty much a band of mercenaries. They did it so slowly and sneaky its easy to forget; but Brady, Gronk, Fournette, AB, and lots of others I forget. Even a kicker ffs lol
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