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  1. You don’t have to respond to me. I’m explaining myself clearly and if you disagree, that’s fine don’t try to dictate what we can be said. A person’s character is intrinsically tied to them in all facets of life “bro”
  2. Like, everyone is all strongly against the actions of guys like Ja, Pacman, Rice, etc. in the past and somehow we're just like looking the other way here? I just just don't understand. And it's not unwarranted in looking at him as a prospect. You're drafting the person as much as the talent.
  3. Gun fight as in--Darius Miles was mad a woman rejected him so he called up Miller to come bring his gun to him outside a night club and shot her multiple times, then yes, a gun fight.
  4. Might as well ping NO as: Derek Carr Kendre Miller Chris Olave Rashid Shaheed Foster Moreau *Thomas & Kamara are certified tossups/likely to be MIA more than available.
  5. As I prefaced, we can all make mistakes, I am not perfect, none of us are, and admitted I am being judgmental. That fact doesn't somehow diminish the reasoning here. I don't want to draft a guy that brought the weapon to the crime. Sass me if you want but I think that's a fair reservation to have when someone was murdered. You started by saying "he wasn't convicted" and now you're sassing me that I'm trying to take some moral high ground. All I'm saying: I don't want him, he brought the eventual murder weapon to the crime. Cut and dry. If you want to look past that, like I said, all good. I can't.
  6. Bball is definitely another realm entirely. Happy to discuss, but, this disqualifies him (for me). Fine if not for you. Not judging your standards or openness to hearing him out/seeing who he is. I think it's pretty clear the inherent risk he immediately brings by drafting him.
  7. When a coworker or teammate, whatever, asks you to bring a gun to them at a really late hour to a night club parking lot, you simply don't bring one. Simple as that. Has nothing to do with sports, or anything else. He brought the weapon to a freaking bullet spray on a young women.
  8. A woman, a young mother died. That's all that matters here. And he brought the gun to the scene. Great, technically, he's out clear and hopefully learns from it. You want him, I don't. That's really it.
  9. When have I brought up his guilt/non-guilt? I'm not speaking to that. I specifically qualified my statement saying we all make mistakes. There's an inherent risk here just by who he's rolling with. What I'm saying I want him nowhere near this team. Doesn't matter if he gets convicted of anything or not. I don't need a crime to qualify someone. I am admitting I'm being judgemental, but when you're talking leading a franchise, why take this type of risk?
  10. Not to mention, you think there would be a remorseful reaction yet he decided to orchestrate that super poor taste "frisk" floor introduction where they pretended a cop was patting him down a week after the killing. Sure, they claimed they were staging a TSA precheck "clear for takeoff" but it smelled so bad. At best tone deaf, at worse, I...I just don't know. Who would want that? Again, we can all make bad calls, make mistakes, but when someone shows you who they are, best believe them. Oats and that whole team just seems really cruddy
  11. The question is, if you're an NBA GM, do you want to give this guy millions of dollars and trust to build a team around. It's not about being vs. not being a criminal. Me, I'm staying away. No questions asked. Just not even getting near that.
  12. There is no core. This team is not good. Mark looks good. I'll give us that. And re: Miller-- That's was his crowd and he drove the gun to the crime so I don't know what to tell you. If that doesn't give you pause beyond the obvious on-court Scoot edge, then fine. It makes me crazy nervous. Him not being the one to start the bullet spray & murder doesn't somewhere warrant us to just ignore the situation. Like, how can anyone ignore this? Especially given the current culture and situation around guys like Ja. Nah bro. I'm being judgemental, but a mother's life was taken here. I'm not getting near that, especially after this whole Miles ordeal.
  13. And honestly, I would not even bother re-signing Bridges and dare I say even consider trading Lamelo at this point for a fortune. I just don't Lamelo isn't bringing rings to the QC and this team is far from competing. New owner, new coach, new star all needed. Find the best stud complimentary pieces for Scoot to get in return for Lamelo and some future unrestricted 1sts. Ayton+Cam, Jabari Smith+Eason, I don't know, but I'd rather position this squad for a rework than continuing to try and build something around Ball.
  14. Scoot's age and sheer superstar upside is just something you don't pass on to take Brandon Miller, who's got question marks outside the game of basketball in itself. Miller would be a colossal mistake. And I know he wasn't the killer, I'm not saying we're all saints, but still, being the one who brought the murder weapon, at the behedst of the shooter (Miles), confirmed via text, well, to the eventual murder scene just scares the crap out of me. There's just so much weirdness to the whole story, I would just stay far and away from him if it were me. Morant's whole ordeal right now is about flashing and pretending to be all tough whereas Miller's circle actually had a straight up shootout killing. This is an easy call. Scoot all day, every day. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/brandon-millers-link-to-fatal-shooting-what-we-know-about-alabama-star-freshmans-involvement-in-murder-case/
  15. I agree w/Hubbard, I'm indifferent to Chubba. He had nice moments last year but he's not a cemented asset moving forward. Brady may end up working out best as our new Hang'man instead of a long term LG. Lots of misses these past 4 years. Patriots are experiencing the same thing right now. Bill B hasn't been drafting well and they haven't managed to build a good enough team post-Brady. Starting to really slip.
  16. With Pride & Nixon already gone, YGM, Taylor, STO, Deonte not panning out, the Rhule 2020-21 drafts are looking downright bad. 2022 had more Scott involvement--Smith, Barno, & Mays need to step up but have a bit more leash. 2020 is going to be just Chinn & Brown as hits if YGM doesn't make something happen. The 2021 class is the one that's bubble-types are hitting a make or break season. TMJ, Tremble, Hubbard, Taylor, Deonte, Shi. Time to show us what they've got. 11 picks in that draft, I'd like to think we found more than just Jaycee, Brady C & Hubbard (maybe). Just a huge year coming up for Tremble & Marshall. It's funny, in addition to the draft class, we also have #9 overall (Henderson), #42 (Shenault) from 2020. We've got 2 first and 3 second rounders from the 2020 draft on this team.
  17. Here was the TB touchdown that I had remembered; had some nice moments to close the season. Earlier in the year--
  18. For the most part, it's make or break time, but luckily they're still young. Younger than most rookies.
  19. That's the Fray, not Ed Sheeran
  20. Panthers minicamp thread about...the Titans and Will Levis. Nice.
  21. Gotta say, I really liked what I heard in DJJ's interview today. Both him and Mingo seem like really hard-nosed/tough but smart & students of the game type guys. Maybe he's got some goods to provide. https://www.panthers.com/video/dj-johnson-i-m-here-to-keep-improving
  22. I’m somewhat going out on a limb but I just think Tremble has made an impact nearly every time we ask him to grab the ball. Even if he’s not TE1 in a big capacity for the offense, I think he’s a perfect guy to have here and could very well grow into an all-around type. Especially being a TE, they notoriously take time to develop. He’s basically a rookie with experience. A mid-3rd rounder at that. He’s a guy I’m willing to back even though it seems many are lukewarm on him. He had a fantastic route and TD against TB near the close of the year. He just seems to make stuff happen.
  23. Well, agree to disagree. I know what I'm trying to say but to each their own if your don't share optimism about either. All good. He will remain at most TE2. And in that capacity, likely top out at a Trey Burton type level. But I think he can elevate a bit more past a Burton type.
  24. I'm really not. I'm also not saying he's going to have some superstar year either. There's simply some nice reasons to be optimistic about him. He's still going to have a high percentage plays with blocking assignments. I'm also specifically explaining how he's more of a blocking TE role that has the capacity to become a strong receiving threat. Never once extrapolated for a full season or said TE1s don't block. I'm simply stretching out his two seasons in context for modest hype, not saying he's coming up on some 800/7TD year.
  25. One thing is for sure, I really hope Bryce start off hot and we take care of NO week 2 on national TV. Dalton knows that defense and can no doubt get him primed for that game.
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