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  1. My opinion: We need "a Bill Polian" to be President to handle the football side. Hire a GM, coach, scouts, etc. Real estate, politics, etc. shouldn't be the job of the life-long football guy.
  2. I'll continue to pound this drum: It doesn't matter as long as Tepper is CEO. He needs to hire a CEO/President who oversees the entire operation; a leader; a visionary; a FOOTBALL man. That person who then put together the plan and HE would hire the GM and then he and the GM would hire the coach. First step, find a Bill Polian type to be your consultant to identify this Leader/Visionary. That person IS out there. You just need someone to help you find him. And when you find him, you make him an offer he can't refuse. First name I have is: John Lynch, 49ers. Hire him as President/CEO.
  3. As I posted last week: I knew we were in trouble when the first thing he did was retain Marty Hurney. That told us that he had NO football contacts. And as we've seen now for five years, he doesn't. He and his wife are apparently making all the decisions on a GM and Coach.
  4. Dave "Daniel Snyder, Ted Stepian, Robert Irsay, Donald Sterling" Tepper.
  5. He continues to make the same mistake over and over and over. That is: HE is the CEO of the organization. On Day 1, he needed to hire a "Bill Polian" to be CEO/President. A football man who would then hire the GM, Coach, Scouts, etc. I don't know who that person is. But if you gave me the consultant job, I can guarantee you I can do the research to find out who that person is. That Leader who is at the top of the food chain. Find that Leader and then make him an offer he can't refuse. When he retained Marty Hurney and didn't clean house immediately, I knew we were in trouble. Why? Because it showed he didn't have his own football people. As long as Tepper is CEO, this franchise is going nowhere. Even worse than before.
  6. Agree 100%. The Panthers are now Washington. Since 2019, there is one common denominator in the Panther's never ending chase for that elusive QB. That is David Tepper. From Bridgewater to Darnold to Mayfield to Young. All Tepper. His impatience has nearly destroyed this franchise. In 2020, just go with who you got and lose. Don't trade draft picks. Just lose. Just about everyone would have understood. Rebuild. Start from scratch. Reboot. And then...they signed Bridgewater. And some of us wondered: Why if this is a rebuild? The Bridgewater signing was the first indication that this owner was never going to rebuild. Which has led to a complete Cluster ----. I have NO DOUBT this franchise would be better off if I was running things. Why? Because I would get the ----out of the way and find a football guy to run things. Not simply a GM. But a President that oversees the entire operation. Bring in someone like Bill Poiian as a consultant in 2019 to put the pieces together...build a front office. Find another hobby folks. This cluster ---- isn't going to get better. Daniel Snyder clone.
  7. It's gonna be even worse in April when Chicago has the first pick in the draft and drafts Williams or Maye.
  8. I wonder if Tom Brady, Jim Kelly, Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes had anything to do with the retread becoming successful?
  9. Not luck. He orchestrated the trade to get Mahomes.
  10. Which three do you think they'll win?
  11. Gosh. I didn't know that. Seriously, you truly believe putting together a football team is ALL about "developing players." How long have you followed the sport? A year? I guess in your world you could go round up 5 or 6 guys at the rec center and then the coaches will "develop them." In your world, the work the scouts and GM do to find players is a waste of time.
  12. "we could of done a lot with those draft picks." Really? What? I now have zero confidence in the GM. He's proving to be worse than Hurney. Hurney hit home runs in the first round. This guy hits home runs in NO round.
  13. Here is an example of why the GM should be released either now or after the season. Preferably now. Offensive lines are not built with first round draft picks. They are built by personnel people who know what they are doing. A fourth rounder here, a free agent there, a first rounder for your left tackle. Fitt has now had three years to get this right. He hasn't Yes, it takes time to build a team at your SKILL positions. NOT at offensive line. OL development is done by someone who knows what they are doing. Scouts, Coaching and GM. There is NO excuse, after three years, Bryce Young (or Stroud or whomever) should have had to walk in to this mess.
  14. NONE. And most of us saw that last March.
  15. would have been nice to have when Williams and Maye enter the draft in '24.
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