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  1. Not a head scratcher at all. They identified GM candidates and no one wanted the job because of the owner.
  2. I read it and thought it was parody. Hard to believe the person who wrote it was serious. The guy's time with the Panthers coincides with how long the organization has sucked.
  3. Yes he is. No question. No one could take a player that has no talent and do what he has done. But...there's no doubt having Shanahan has moved Purdy to another level. Had the Panthers' drafted him, he would have likely been cut.
  4. Brock Purdy is succeeding because of WHERE he is and WHO is coaching him.
  5. Does not have a strong arm and does not have an accurate arm. I have never seen those limitations be fixed.
  6. Considering who the owner is, the Panthers are fortunate they could find anyone in the NFL who would take the job.
  7. After 17 games of of attempting to have an open mind, my conclusion: I felt the same in game 17 as I did in game 1. He has neither a strong arm nor and accurate arm. THAT is not going to change. How that was missed is amazing to me.
  8. I'm not a Fitt fan at all but...it's hard to believe someone with his background could be as bad as he has been without some help. Namely, Rhule and Tepper.
  9. It won't take a new coach to figure out: What is needed most is GOOD players at just about every position.
  10. The BEST player available. Period.
  11. I agree. He chose not to throw at the combine. That's 100% on him. He made a business decision. He got what he was shooting for -- being drafted Number One. Financially, he'll be fine. He apparently is a good person so he should have a nice life ahead of him. That said, I didn't see an elite arm at Alabama. And I still haven't seen one. Good luck to him.
  12. All I'll add is: I thought this last fall, winter and spring. I said the guy is not accurate and he doesn't have a strong arm. I've seen nothing this year to change my mind. It's not hate. I like the guy. It just is and no amount of coaching will change it.
  13. Yes, Maye and Williams are upgrades. Why? Because Fields' body won't hold up. I said that before he was drafted. As big a person as Cam was, he also had a short career.
  14. At this point, you take a deep breath. Find a competent person to run the franchise -- Belichick, Harbaugh (WHOEVER, I don't know who that magic person is. It's not Fitterer). Then, hire a coach. Again, Belichick, Harbaugh, WHOEVER. Then, draft the best player available in the second. Point: Don't panic and draft at QB in the second round. There won't be one.
  15. As someone on here posted a two months ago: "Everyone wants to be a head coach. Working for Tepper won't be a deal breaker." I thought the guy who posted this was an idiot then and I still think he's a idiot.
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