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  1. UNC went 9-5. Without Drake Maye, likely 3-9. Nearly everyone who watched every game, which I did, says the same. He has all the tools. What he lacks is an offensive line and a coaching staff. Dropping in the draft next year won't happen.
  2. You left out Andy Reid vs. his old team. They will talk about that 'til your absolutely sick of it.
  3. Wilks should have been Day One: We are going offense. All winning did was screw getting a QB. My guess is Stroud will be available at 4, 5 or 6.
  4. Agree. Same with Bill Walsh with Montana in Round 3. But...I do believe that Andy Reid drafting Mahomes was Reid recognizing something others didn't. And then developing him. It CAN be done.
  5. I understand that this will likely never happen but... After the Eastland Mall fiasco and the Rock Hill fiasco...and Tepper and his wife are leading the interview process...What is the world would give anyone confidence these interviews are going well? Tepper's wife? Are you kidding. This has all the markings of a Rankin Smith, Robert Irsay, Bill Bidwell, Ted Stepien, Donald Sterling and Daniel Snyder ownership group. An absolute cluster #$%^. IF this guy Tepper was truly interested in winning, he would have found a "seasoned football guy" to run the show not his @#$%^&* wife. (I know she isn't running things but you get my point). So, here's my question for those who know more about how the NFL works than do I: Is there any rule that would stop Tepper from hiring John Lynch away from the 49ers and giving him the title "President and General Manager"? That would be a promotion from what he is doing now. Right? That's what Joe Robbie did in 1970 when he hired Don Shula away from the Colts. He gave Shula a great deal. It worked.
  6. Concerning Wilks, in my opinion, the biggest indictment against him is the 21 play, 91 yard, 11:43 drive engineered by MITCH TRUBISKY. Let me repeat that: Mitch Trubisky! Steve, you simply COULD NOT allow that to happen in what turned out to be your biggest game as head coach. I will cut him some slack on the Buc loss due to the injuries. But not the Steeler game. His coaching life was on the line in that one. He flunked.
  7. Great point. I should have done my research.
  8. It's amazing to me that the Bengels have been horrible forever. And then...right when they get Burrow, they have a great defense.
  9. This. Great research. And I'll add: In the NFL, greatness is a partnership. Lombardi and Starr. Noll and Bradshaw. Landry and Meredith/Staubach. Shula and Griese/Marino. Walsh and Montana. Johnson and Aikman. Belichick and Brady. Reid and Mahomes. Just an opinion but that's why Tepper should TRY REAL HARD to identify that offensive coach who can work with and develop a QB and become a partnership. That person may not be out there. But at least try to find him.
  10. I've been lurking here for awhile but hadn't signed up until now. I'm an original PSL owner so I have been at this for awhile. My response to this post. It's all about coaching. In my opinion, Hurts has become Hurts because of coaching. Purdy has become Purdy because of coaching. Mahomes, drafted with the TENTH pick in the 2017 draft, has become Mahomes because of coaching. It's NOT just having a high draft pick and then using it to draft a QB. It's also having a coach that can develop that QB. Normally, if a defensive coach/DC becomes the head coach, he then has to find a offensive coach/QB coach to develop his young QB. And normally, if that offensive/QB coach is really good, he moves on the be a head coach. And the defensive coach (Wilks/Rivera/Fox is FOREVER looking to find the next QB/OC. The point: Great offensive minds/QB coaches don't stay assistants long. They become head coaches
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