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  1. You want to me to get a life but yet take stock in how often I post in a forum? As for the math I’m not 70+ so I know how to quickly compute exponential functions.
  2. I’ve heard Hollywood Brown and/or Van Jefferson because of coaching staff’s familiarity and ability to get them up to speed quickly. Don’t really see Davante or Tee as realistic because they’re not gonna give up another one. Although wouldn’t be surprised to see a push for Higgins in free agency
  3. So in essence a single piece of info was presented and it turns out the bets never really happened and you and your buddy actually just discussed the improbability of a team going undefeated? Cool 50 year old anecdote
  4. I don’t know any specifics and would just be reporting speculations that I don’t really think are based in actual info. Sorry
  5. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is made up as your HS buddy didn’t end up paying you $40,960. Everyone needs to relax, I can tell you that no one in the building is worried about Bryce at all. He’s shown flashes of exactly why every notable analyst had him ranked as the best QB prospect in the draft. There is absolute frustration over how the season has started and especially on how the OL/run game has performed. They are looking to make an upgrade at WR and help alleviate playing 8-9 in the box and believe the return of Corbs will have big impact. I believe there’s also been frustrations in the playcalling but wouldn’t expect any rash decisions on the coaching front at this time.
  6. Nah I’m fine being questioned and certainly haven’t been infallible but the things I say are sourced, I’m just not gonna reveal by whom. There is plenty of info out on Jets not wanting HK and so they aren’t giving nearly as much access or cooperation as years past. The teams all get input on what can and cannot go out and it’s in the best interest of the studio to make the host team look good. All the teams are already reluctant to be a participant and mostly forced into it if chosen. It would be even worse if they actively made the team/players/coaches look bad.
  7. The producer isn’t working to make the Panthers look bad correct. However, the Jets do have a much heavier hand in what is allowed to be shown and the final edit than in years past.
  8. I enjoy that you wrote this but then several hours later downvoted the comment
  9. You talk about Tepper’s greed but Dundon literally made his money by being a slumlord. He bought low-income family’s automobile loans, mortgages, and health care bills for pennies on the dollar and then jacked up interest rates. Let us also not forget him buying a football league pretending to the savior, took their proprietary technology, and then folded the league and attempted to not pay the players or employees their due wages. He also isn’t some mastermind behind team building. The Canes were dreadful for years and got to pick up a lot of prospects that have turned into quality players now. He bought the team at the tail end of the rebuild. Meanwhile the Panthers had the oldest roster in the league and a franchise QB whose arm died on them. Finally, can we stop pretending like the Hurricanes have this unbelievable die hard fan base? From 2014-2019 they had bottom five attendance (with nothing else to do in the town) and that included two dead last seasons. They’re like every other fan base in that they show up when the team is performing well. This pretend rivalry is so tiresome because no one here actually thinks about Raleigh.
  10. I already wrote that I wasn’t going to pretend to be more in the know than other insiders who had differing intel and could definitely be wrong. You complained about that as well, so what would you like? Other people also had similar insights (Shams, Fischer, etc.) that drastically changed the betting markets. I don’t think my post here flipped the markets so clearly other people heard things that people within the org were leaning Scoot. Finally, as previously noted, I’m a big fan of Millers. I not only thought he was the better fit but also the better prospect. I gain nothing from providing what I hear and so I also owe you nothing.
  11. I’ve never tried to ruffle any feathers and just came on here to try and share some insights I hear since I don’t think local media breaks too many stories and national don’t care. Even in this case I said I didn’t feel great about sharing but sent just to inform what I heard. I’m not sure why that’s offended you but I definitely haven’t meant to
  12. Cool man. I’ll stop posting the stuff I hear and have gotten right. I’m sure most people would rather have your hard hitting insight and scoops like neither Thielen or Chark joining the team because of Charlotte not being Raleigh….
  13. I don’t really feel like I need to cover myself. Just telling the truth, both what I heard and what may happen. As a fan of the team I’ve preferred Miller anyway.
  14. Not gonna pretend I’m more in the know than Woj for NBA. Have a couple rock solid sources in the Panthers and some feelers in the Hornets. Reported what I heard but also MJ having final say makes it more difficult to predict.
  15. Source: Team leaning towards Scoot after doing more due diligence on Miller and something else popping up from earlier in his life. Don’t have details and was hesitant to post since it deals with a young man’s reputation but just giving the intel I received
  16. *NO INSIDER INFO ON THIS TOPIC* However I did want to clear up misconceptions like this one. City/County Governments have entertainment and tourism budgets earmarked specifically for projects like these. They CANNOT use that money for things such as schools or other infrastructures. It is a completely different pool of resources and does not impact in any way the other budgets
  17. This is just not true and based on the amount of content that I think can/will come out you all will see that soon
  18. I don’t think it’s news to say AR was/is liked by some people with the team. Same with Stroud. But from what I’ve heard is that Bryce has been unbelievably impressive and has won over pretty much the entire org, including those that leaned CJ or AR in the beginning. A lot of people have also been on Young from the beginning and that’s why they went to #1 to begin with. Finally, while I think the Teppers approve of Bryce, I don’t think they’ve forced the hand. The minds at be just seem to have come to a conviction and a consensus
  19. I had Josh McCown as new QB coach before there was any news on it. Same for Parks Frazier and Thomas Brown for their respective positions. But if you don’t want insider info, and just call it false statements that’s cool. I don’t need to post here anymore.
  20. Source (although a newer one for me): Young has not only canceled his remaining visits but is using that time looking for places to live in the area.
  21. The interest in Bryce Young is definitely legit although I wouldn’t say anything is set in stone. Especially with QB visits left to play out. From my understanding the trade to 1 was with both Stroud and Young in mind and proponents for each in the building. From the sounds of things the pendulum is moving towards Bryce. At this point the expectation is the Panthers will make the first pick in the draft so while not everything out there is legit, everything also isn’t all a smokescreen… As mentioned above, nothing is definitive and likely won’t be until next week after visits conclude
  22. This is something that’s been discussed for a while. Not sure on timeline but definitely something that’s been in the works. I know there’s an emphasis on regulating the blue and making sure it’s consistent throughout.
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