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  1. One title would do me just fine. Whenever my other teams have won a title it helps me not care as much it helps me put things in perspective. I'm still a fan of those teams but I'm no longer consumed by the team which is better for my spiritual and mental health.
  2. I would love to be an awful franchise with three Lombardi trophies.
  3. The last statement gives additional insight as to why he resigned.
  4. Crap the bed. Bad time to play the worst 4th quarter.
  5. Rodgers gets a pass by most in the media. They make him out to be a victim of how the organization failed him. Well he failed the organization by failing to win the NFC championship game last season after Brady turned the ball over 3 time in the second half. Yet it's easier to blame the young coach for kicking the FG than blaming Rodger for failing to win that game. Any other QB would've been destroyed by the media.
  6. I just heard that we paying 7 million and Denver is paying 3 million so we get a net gain of 13 million. Am I understanding this correctly because he was due 20 million this year.
  7. We got a gift with the no call on the over and back. Nice dunk over Fox by Hayward. Fox has to be the fastest guy in league with the ball. Nice win with a tough road trip coming up.
  8. This is why you draft the best QB available and hope he's the one then you build around him. We are not a QB away. The Rams, 49ers and Dolphins are the only team that fit that mold.
  9. A gift because many naysayer were saying there would be no season because of COVID.
  10. Toxic masculinity is only a problem when it and alpha male.
  11. The defensive game plan and Tampa's pass rush was the reason they won, not the refs. People complaining about the refs are just mad because everyone picked the Chiefs to win and they probably lost money. Also there is no comparison to this game and SB 50. TB was effective on offense and didn't turn the ball over.
  12. Youtube titled, "Matt Rhule Press conference"
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