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  1. Panther momentum...which QB will suck the least gets the job
  2. It’s the Hornet way. They had rather play veterans to be mediocre verses being complete trash but letting the kids develop. Lottery picks are for suckers....Hornets moto.
  3. He had to get in shape. A divorce is looming and he will need to play the field again.
  4. Tepper finally found out there is no cheat code option in the owners manual.
  5. He has already moved the franchise....to the bottom rung of the NFL
  6. Rhule will be fired before the regular season ends.
  7. The franchise is cursed. Shinn made some voodoo deal before hauling ass out of Charlotte. Plus it is ran by a cheap owner unwilling to do what it takes to have a chance for prosperity. Ironic that MJ kept the 90s Hornets from breaking through and now he is also keeping the Hornets from breaking through.
  8. Shock yes....shockingly bad and dysfunctional is my guess
  9. The whole “save Rhule’s job” is defeating. If we win we still lose...lovely
  10. If the Hornets are part of any trade the best they can hope for in return is a can of Vienna sausages, out of date crackers, and 23 second rd draft picks.
  11. This is a yard sale type of franchise sadly.
  12. If he did it he doesn’t deserve that monster payout but someone will give it to him since he can play a pro sport
  13. I’m finally to the point he will be QB1 for the next decade.
  14. By turn a corner that is a lower bar to cross for this franchise. They finally got a potential star in Melo. They have not had one since the LJ/Zo days. Throw in Rice and Davis maybe. Bridges is fun to watch. I agree MJ being an owner is a head scratcher. I think he is the GOAT as a player but I’m not sure what the 180 degree opposite of that would be as an owner...a possum maybe lol.
  15. Just when you thought the Hornets were about to turn a corner.....MJ said hold by beer...damn
  16. They accomplished nothing when he coached here so why not do it again...do the new red flag laws apply to MJ? He needs an evaluation.
  17. Melo going to bolt so prepare for a very sad sign n trade one day. Not surprising from the franchise that traded Zo and Kobe.
  18. The Hornets franchise is cursed with bad trades, poor drafting, and cheap owners. Throw in loaded ping pong balls in the lottery to.
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