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  1. Zero excitement on my end. Last season I had a glimmer of hope Bryce would be entertaining even in losing but he was terrible. This season I suppose has a little hope but I’ve been beat down by the Tepper years.
  2. Who you got in this draft?
  3. I was dead wrong on wanting Scoot over Miller so I’ll sit this one out lol
  4. Ah yes the anniversary of Tepper screwing the pooch
  5. 49ers came out to For Whom the Bell Tolls…..no doubt pulling for them!
  6. 99% of the time I’m like no way he can do that. But 1 year wonder, that nobody else wanted, got Baker in the playoffs in a shitty NFC South.
  7. Anyone else watch these playoff QBs wondering if Bryce can make those throws lol
  8. They get a TD here…turn out the lights…the party’s over!
  9. After watching to many Panther games….I thought the RB had to run into the back of a lineman or trip. Didn’t know you were allowed to run by people like that lol
  10. That run by Allen….damn That fake slide will cost runners in the future
  11. New GM under no circumstances can be allowed to trade away draft picks. If we miss our guy on the draft board that is a good thing because our drafts have sucked beyond belief
  12. No way a coach worth a damn agrees to come here if Tepper says he is anchored to Bryce. The bench is in Bryce’s future at some point next year.
  13. Now we are left with PT Barnum himself….circus has left town mf’r.
  14. Without a doubt. Trash QB we are stuck with. Zero skill players. Wasted drafts. Traded away the #1 pick. Ass clown owner.
  15. Let’s see TB wins the division with our cast of Baker. Houston in the playoffs with Stroud. Titans in the playoffs with Levi’s. but here in Panther land
  16. BB proven to be a bum without Tom. Tepper we will take him and give him Bryce to work with lol
  17. They should hire Kat Williams to be the head coach at least the press conferences would be entertaining.
  18. Well 9 points is insurmountable so Bucs can punch their playoff ass whooping
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