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  1. Never seen a franchise dive head first into purgatory faster than the Panthers.
  2. Anyone with a half brain knows Rhule is a dead man walking. Why link up with a team knowing that??? Nobody worth a damn is signing on for this cluster fug.
  3. Please no. I’ve been a Panther fan from the jump but I’m not sure I can handle much more lol
  4. Need Dak to throw a $75 million dollar pick next
  5. They both suck. Rhule is a bone headed coach and Fitt made terrible trades.
  6. Rhule has got himself into no mans land. Huge oline issues and no QB to build around. He went all in on Sam (stupid) and screwed the pooch picking Horn over Slater. No way he turns this around in the off-season with what we have to work with.
  7. The way this franchise is going....may as well hire Bobcat
  8. Don’t need him. We have Scooby doo Sam and the ghost of 2015 Cam.
  9. Rhule must have sold his soul to the devil. It’s the only thing that makes sense at this point.
  10. He is a multi billionaire. He can do anything he wants at anytime he wants. The Panthers are just a hobby for him. If they suck he just goes on his yacht or private jet to do billionaire things.
  11. The circus will be back in town next year...oh joy
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