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  1. What process? To take a bad team and make it much worse? Call me when you produce back to back winning season's. I might listen then.
  2. The only thing I can possibly think of for this to make sense, and that's pushing it, is that Tepper wants to establish the organization as place where a coach gets a real chance at establishing their program without having to worry about being fired in 2 years. It certainly isn't for producing any positive results.
  3. No. He's terrible at in hame adjustments and game management. Better coordinators will not fix that.
  4. I get to eat with my ex tomorrow. She's doing the cooking at least.
  5. I was with you until you said Cam Erving as a backup. Cam Erving should not be on this team next season.
  6. This^ Besides, why would you want to expose him to anymore abuse just for your entertainment? If you feel anything for the guy at all let him go out with dignity.
  7. I have a daughter older than all of them. That game is for you young men.
  8. I've got to stop clearing my browser history. It makes ads so dull.
  9. That's why I hope Cam has the best game he's had in years to hopefully prevent that. Drive down the field and score on the first drive kinda game. One can dream can't we?
  10. Cam will start says Rhule. I expect that to last until Cam throws his first pick. I hope he doesn't throw any. Let's see how Rhule justifies pulling Cam for Sam then. I sure would like to see a 5 TD day for Cam. That would be glorious. But that would mean we probably win which might cause Tepper to second guess firing Rhule.
  11. Those voters won't always be the one making the choices. That is why I say it's a matter of when.
  12. My comments are not about Cam vs Sam. It's about whoever suits up for us that day. No matter how I may feel about the decision I still hope for the best. If that makes me a hater or a homer, whatever. I simply do not care. That's all I have to say about that. P.S. I know what Cam has done for this franchise and the NFL. He's my guy. So miss me with that lecture.
  13. WTF? Who the hell is going to sign PJ except Rhule? Insanity I tell you.
  14. I would take him in a heartbeat. Honestly, they need to take multiple qbs any chance the get just like oline.
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