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  1. Regardless, we can all agree that’s a weird opinion, right?
  2. That’s your take on Burrow?
  3. change that to be about Panthers fans and it would be just as appropriate.. That would make a funny meme too..
  4. 4 games for a joint should put it in perspective...
  5. you didn't go for the best choice scenario... should of said he wouldn't even be able to hobble...
  6. Cam said he isn't going to walk.. Loves this team too much.
  7. nahhh, all you have to do is consider them on the Bears defense ....
  8. the equivalent of thinking something sounds brilliant until you say it out loud....
  9. Yeah, on that note, he clearly didn't suck the few times he played.
  10. Can I pie you 4 or 12 times because..... Life bro
  11. saying Cam doesn't want Kapernick's contract isn't saying much when you look at it again. Cam Newton obviously deserves a real franchise QB contract to start.
  12. waiting on Dex to pay his $25.. JeffL won so his payment will be deducted.. also I have to sort leaguesafe separate from cash on hand since several people didn't pay on time. 2nd and 3rd place will get funds from leaguesafe and I'll work the rest out for jeffL.. edit: went ahead with it.
  13. Easily the most balanced league ever... Still need to change some scoring around though..
  14. Greatest 2nd half comeback in the history of FF set to take place...
  15. welcome to the start of my season... they're just waking up though... you all should be afraid... very afraid.
  16. Well, at least I'm winning money in fanduel...
  17. Check it again for week 4.. This is what I'm seeing..
  18. Pretty sure there is still a case of beer at cans:recycled.. Just sayin
  19. not naming any names, but it looks like OPFM has spygate on speed dial...
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