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  1. How often has Stewart played 16 games? What are the odds he will be here next year? ...and of course the smoke screen before the draft
  2. What is the love affair with Nicks. I don't get it. He has not been relevant for 2 to 3'years. That is a life time in the NFL
  3. Spealking of which, whatever happened to the little Vicodin episode with ole Sean anyway...that sure went hush hush.
  4. They best do something about getting a backup/grooming a replacement in for that aging QB who had some issues last year... ... now you take away his best weapon in Graham ...hmmm. Let me get the world's smallest violin.
  5. Russel Wilson throws 4 interceptions and Seattle still wins the game Newton throws one and he is the most inaccurate QB in the history of the NFL according to some on this board
  6. When people show you what they are, believe them, the first time M. Angelou
  7. Trust is difficult to regain once lost particularly when those decisions affect others I don't really care his innocence or guilt He put himself in extremely compromised positions. Not to mention having various firearms in that condo at the time We are just damned lucky that this didn't morph into a very very bad situation as seldom does anything good come of emotion, jealousy and alcohol and who knows about drugs combined with firearms. Not looking forward to his trial. . For the two seconds of positive press Thomas Davis got, this bonehead will be all over the news outlets again for
  8. Bleys the meds u r taking for that ankle has made u delusional. Lol
  9. Ok, I'll do it glad to beat my former garner pal (Bleys). Hope it's a standard and not IDP etc MSG me
  10. Stupid Tied of stupid football players He could marry her..worked for Ray Rice
  11. I just want a Win..... no injuries ...Cam to have the game of his life.
  12. This is all so painful. After 18 years of dealing with Collins, Steve B, Siefert's two experiments (Lewis and Weinke), then Jake's rise and fall, then the likes of Vinnie, Brian St. Pierre, Moore, Clausen, I think when Cam was drafted our hopes were very high. We all knew he was raw. He had the look of the winner. He had 'swag'. He gave us what so many other teams wanted, that 'francise guy' with the million dollar smile. He could do anything, he could take that team on his shoulders and make them better. He was 'Superman'. These were our hopes, if we are all honest ab
  13. What gives you the right to call anyone's opinion 'dumb'? Please explain that. The NFL is a business as your buddy says 'simple and plain'. Its how I feel. If you don't like it, don't read it. When you cough up $4200+ a year, vs. sitting home on your comfortable sofa, you might feel the same way. PSL's make many things possible for sorry ass teams. Turning them in, with people not buying them, stops it. If you think JR is not attuned to the bottom line, you are the one with the 'dumb' opinion.
  14. Until the owner gets tired of being a laughing stock of a franchise and sees empty seats, beer not being sold, money not being made, none of this will change. With each passing game, it is absolutely obvious this team needs to be blown up. It is obvious that our 'core' players are also questionable. The reality of the Panthers are there are probably 5 players that other top quality teams would be interested in and I dobut when the coaching staff is blown up that many of those will be picked up either. The Panthers are the KMart of the NFL...the original blue light special and
  15. Seems to me coaches come in two types: Innovators and Game Managers Regardless of the type, the coach must win. We all know who the innovators are and we all know who the game managers are. The question becomes, even if Rivera by some act of God or other influences, is better than 8-8, does the organization invest yet another year in him? Has he reached his ceiling? Perhaps Gettleman has seen enough to believe, what he sees is all he is going to get, combine that with a 77 year old Owner and I would say its probably going to be Lovie Smith time in Carolina...no chances will be taken on a c
  16. Hail and farewell Jon and thank you for your time with the Panthers. Zod, thank you for the insight.
  17. I have not given up and yes, I will enjoy the show and that's I can do. L I just don't have expectations that the makeup of this team can be something they have shown themselves to not be. Transformation takes more than drafting two DTs. In the NFL, there are clutch teams who consistently ****** victory from the jaws of defeat and then there are the teams that consistently ****** defeat from the jaws of victory. The Panthers have proven themselves to be the latter...and over a period of years.
  18. The Panthers are a team emblamatic and symptomatic of 'lost opportunity.' They are the 'poster children' for the phrase and have been for 5 years. The Panthers yesterday had a huge opportunity. Its gone. They had the crowd behind them. Its gone. Everyone in the stands knew with that fumble that was the end, just like with Olsen dropping those passes. There is not one single player, offensively or defensively, or Coach, that when the game is on the line to score or to stop the other team from scoring at the end of the game who steps up....not one. No excuses or reasons here, it
  19. I don't know about Rivera. Newton, IMHO is a fabulous athlete learning to be a QB at this level. Again, not trying to belittle him but there were two games clearly in his hands to win and he lost them. This is the year he must make clutch plays. As for Colin and Russell there are not two more complete teams in the NFL than Seattle and San Francisco; but, even with those two, when they needed to make plays they made them. As for RG III, I don't take him seriously, sorry, with NFL Sunday Ticket I would catch some of his games. Some of it was luck, some strength of schedule and som
  20. Cam + Luke = Bright future for the Panthers
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