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  1. I didn't see this posted anywhere, but If I missed, go ahead and delete. Looks to be happening soon! https://www.panthers.com/
  2. After last night, I think the whole Levis link to the Colts was leaked by them to protect AR. If they can sell they are interested in Levis, a team below them wont feel as pressured to trade to #3 if they like AR, thinking they might be able to stay put.
  3. Interesting numbers, pretty funny that Bryce has a higher percentage of throws from inside the pocket than Stroud or Richardson, but people like to bill him as not being able to play in the pocket and reliant on scrambling.
  4. Lol that doesn't make sense. Even if somehow they were convinced or swayed to choose Bryce because Tepper wanted it, you think in 3 years if Bryce is a bust, that would save them? Not a chance. They are going to take who they think is the best QB prospect, because their jobs rely on getting this right.
  5. Yeah Ill love if the Falcons draft a RB in the top 10, its just a terrible long term investment. What elite (top 3-5) running back second contracts have actually worked out? I'd much rather them end up with the best RB in the draft than Jalen Carter.
  6. Lol, yeah I hate to say it but he's been unhinged for months now at this point. I remember him telling me that the Panthers wouldnt draft a QB high this year cause they drafted Corral last year..
  7. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but the last clip of the whole video was McCown saying "Ill see you when you come to Charlotte" or something along those lines to Levis. I dont think that is any accident, I think that is to show he said something similar to all the QBs, not just the clip with Stroud that went viral.
  8. I dont think so, I think you need to sell it as yeah, we prefer one (Bryce) but we are ok with taking either of them. If you sell it to hard that Bryce is the guy, then if the Texans call about a trade and you are open to it, it would signal to them that you are just trying to get assets. I agree though, I dont think its a ruse at all, I think they actually like both and are deciding which.
  9. Yeah, I get the concerns about injury, but it is a bit strange coming from a fan base that watched a 6-5 250lb QB who was built in a lab break down before age 30. Its mostly about usage, I don't care how big you are, you will not last long in this league taking hits all the time. If Bryce can be smart about the hits and process/get the ball out quicker, I think he will be fine. To add to this, the fact that hes not a burner like Kyler may actually help him long term. We saw it with Cam, when you have the running ability, and you have used it all of your life, its very hard to not use it. Also, some of the worst shots Cam ever took were from within the pocket when he didnt see it coming, Bryce has elite pocket awareness, hopefully he doesn't take some of the hits other QBs do.
  10. Lol yeah, Ive watched clips of that podcast and it almost feels like the co-host doesn't ever offer his opinion or bring anything to the discussion, it turns into Steve Smith talking the whole time.
  11. Lol yeah I realized after I submitted my grim mistake
  12. I think people are wildly overestimating how long AR would sit. I could see a scenario where he sits half the year or so until the BYE and then starts. You would build your offense around him similar to Josh Allen or Lamar, and play to his strengths. Sitting QBs years with how the transition has been smooth is non sense, the only reason the 49ers did it was because they were in a championship window. ARs rubbing ability gives him a floor to work at while he improves the rest of his game and tightens those fundamentals. That being said, I’m still in favor of taking Stroud or Young. They both have very high ceilings and are farther along in development, and very young as well.
  13. Agreed, and I don't mean this to come off as Cam slander, but it felt like so many times in his career, Olsen or whoever would make the catch cause the throw was good enough and it goes down as a completion, but had to jump or stop to make a catch. YAC is a receiver stat, but I feel like a large part of it is how good the QB is at placing it in a spot so they don't have to break stride. CJ and Bryce both seem to do this very very well.
  14. Makes you wonder if those vets saw what was coming with Rhule, seemed like a few stepped away right around that time. I'm not sure how much interaction Luke would have had with Rhule to that point anyways to form an opinion, but it sure seemed like convenient timing for a few guys.
  15. I will bear the burdon of starting this one, I apologize in advance.
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