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  1. I think the path forward is actually really simple. You draft oline/WR in round 2, you bring in a FA WR, and you let Bryce start next year. If he's improved, great, if hes like he his this year, you will have a top 5 pick and you go QB again. Gone are the days of giving QBs 3-4 years, thats just not the reality. How many recently turn out good if they arent solid players in year 2?
  2. The notion that free agents wont come to Carolina, or any other not so ideal place is just never true. Sure, you probably aren't getting the aging vet looking for one last chance at a ring, but in almost all cases, the free agent signs where the money is best, regardless. Obviously they compare two situations if the money is the same, but these guys have short careers, they will go where the money is.
  3. Yeah its true, I remember all the people making fun of Nick Sirianni cause he had awkward answers at his introductory press conference, same with McDaniels, kind of an awkward dude, but a hell of a coach. Our ownership gets swept away by fluff answers and pretty responses it seems.
  4. Where do we think Thomas Brown ends up? Back with the Rams?
  5. I'm not opposed to a defensive coach, I think there's some advantages to it, as less of them get HC jobs so it should in theory be easier to get the best of the best on the defensive side. I'm just surprised that when mentioning defensive HC candidates, you didn't mention the one right in front of our eyes in Evero, guy is a stud, what he's doing with an very injured defense and an inept offense is spectacular imo.
  6. I don't know, it feels like that "culture" left for Tampa Bay and won a Superbowl. Maybe a change of scenery would help, but I think Bill is done, If we wanted to go the defensive route, give me Eviro.
  7. Nah you are right, I guess I was confusing regular ol playaction from shotgun for RPO
  8. Fooled by shotgun play action or RPOs? I will say the shotgun play action kinda feels half-assed, like the QB is clearly looking up reading the defense while hes "handing" it off lol
  9. Maybe I am wrong but I feel like we do run RPOs quite a bit? or am I mistaking play action from shotgun as something different?
  10. What about Eviro? The success of Ryans down in Houston kind of shows you can be a defensive head coach and still be open to new concepts/aggressive on offense. I guess they may run into the same issue if Slowik is hired elsewhere, having to find a new playcaller etc all the time but I think the job Eviro has done with an injury depleted defense, with an offense sabotaging games is pretty impressive.
  11. Just as an FYI, if you are a student (or can use someone's student email) you can get the Youtube Sunday Ticket for like 100 bucks versus the 360 or whatever it is.
  12. You may think that, but reality is, that's not the market.
  13. Yeah, hes tough as hell, I dont think anyone can take that away from him. Still though, can we please fix our o-line? Its not ideal long term lol
  14. Oh my, the Panther fan in me felt like he was going to miss that second one after the penalty we couldnt decline lol
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