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  1. I read an article this morning in which 18 other massage therapists worked on Watson and said the total opposite of the women working with the lawyer Their names were given who knows. Guy sure had a lot of time for massage I get medical massage once a month for scar tissue buildup and arthritic knees from knee surgeries. The glutes, hamstrings, groin (Soas) are worked on and I’m not a pro athlete It’s not pleasant and actually hurts The parts if the body not being worked on are drapped without it, I’d have a hard time functioning until I’m ready for replacement
  2. Yeah. I mailed mine last year to that address. It got lost lol Used plastic this year
  3. Woah. Sam Darnold, the guy who said ‘I’m seeing ghosts out there’ i get people think he has the pedigree but as much as people knock Ohio state, usc had one decent QB, Carson Palmer Yes, I know the Adam Gase factor but for once under Rhule it would be nice to not someone else’s scraps as a QB
  4. All the QBs that a John Fox passed on in the draft Big Ben, Flacco Rodgers and many more
  5. If he could stop running his mouth and focus he might have been better he looked better last week then today if the 49ers really want Jones over this kid, beyond stupid
  6. it isn’t groundbreaking and it isn't a rumor. It is simply news about a position of need for the Panthers Too, people respected in the main forum have definitively stated that Jones goes to the 49ers Speaking of ground breaking, it is possible to bypass the thread if one doesn’t like the topic, placement, poster or content vs adding unnecessary statements to it which keep the thread alive
  7. Fields took one OF the worst hits I’ve seen, pro or college I swear I thought he had his rib cage separated from his chest it was that hard he gets up and eviscerates Clemson It probably affected him in the next game I don’t know how anyone could over look him for Matt Jones in toughness and athletic ceiling had jones taken that hit, he’d still be in the ICU
  8. https://www.facebook.com/225093974869443/posts/740761763302659/ 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan says they’ve been in contact with QB Justin Fields’ agent and plan to get another pro day with him before April’s draft. Shanahan and GM John Lynch will attend Alabama QB Mac Jones’ pro day on Tuesday, while assistant GM Adam Peters watches Fields’ workout the same day in Columbus, Ohio, per @peter.king8. The 49ers, however, still have plans to schedule a private workout with Fields.
  9. The sad thing is, people probably knew about this...friends, trainers, other players something like this is pretty hard to keep quiet given the numbers Im like sweet baby Jesus, when did he have time to do anything else
  10. It’s Joe. Lol lot of times I share mocks for the write ups of players many on the board do not know fields has his issues but he is a winner and he is tough. That hit he took by Clemson and got up wow. It probably affected him in the championship game as for Person, as the saying goes ‘even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and again’
  11. I am an Athletic subscriber Below without the preface are Persons projections http://Panthers 7-round mock draft, 1.0: What if the Falcons take a QB? What if they don’t? 2 scenarios Mock A: Falcons pass on a QB; one falls to the Panthers If Atlanta passes on a QB PICK PLAYER POS SCHOOL 8 Justin Fields QB Ohio State
  12. Yes but isn’t that why the Panthers supposedly brought in Bridgewater...to be the bridge Qb for a young drafted Qb That was one of the talking points besides he knew Brady’s offense and he was just a swell guy and he might work out
  13. That topic has been talked about many times on the board I did not elaborate The Panthers, in my context, are the owner, the GMs and HC retaining Rivera. Retaining Hur p ey the handling of Newton. the bringing in of Bridgewater. the pretending Teddy fell from the sky and they had nothing to do with him being here. the handing out of over priced contracts for average players the public declarations of needing a replacement for said Bridgewater Winning an unnecessary game with the QB lottery the list is longer than this one I don’t consider the Panthers above expecta
  14. Yes, you are right ...the 49ers managed to navigate the situation with a lower draft position and yet Tepper’s GM and $65 million coach couldn’t
  15. Me too. Welcome. Some people on here are assholes. Ignore them
  16. The Panthers should just trade and get their QB. If they like Wilson, make it happen don’t settle. If they like fields, get him what bothers me is I feel like they in no way saw the 49ers coming and the 49ers were In Fitterer’s division The whispers were there Yeah, I hear it ‘but we have so many holes’ wringing hands. ‘Not all Round one picks work’. More hand wringing bullshit. If you want Wilson, get him. Everything has a price. more likely, the Panthers really don’t see anyone they like but they were willing to give up a lot for a beat up Matthew Staff
  17. This Rhule made it quite clear his feelings on Bridgewater. Could have unloaded that contract and rented a QB1 for a year if needed but noooo its the ‘process’ you know
  18. There are a lot of QB needy teams this year the odds of one of the top 5 QBs just magically falling to the Panthers at 8 is unlikely The odds of a team not trading up, or trying to, is also unlikely odds are for the Panthers more trading down then up Panthers screwed the pooch several times since Rhule arrived and now Rhule is stuck with the player he fell in love with having that he now wants to divorce 2021 is going to be interesting
  19. Yes, he will the problem is his ability lacks courage and that, as an nfl qb, is not good I’m not talking about courage to overcome injury. I’m talking courage to trust what he sees and to have the physical ability to deliver a ball. He doesn’t have that he will be richer than any of us will ever be but I really don’t want to sit through another year of him as a starter listening to him at the line of scrimmage is maddening. Just run the damned play
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