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  1. It never made any sense to me, and still doesn’t. It’s a move that sadly has Hurneys fingerprints all over it. The move, and I said it at the time was simple. You let Cam Newton play out the final year of his contract. If he plays well great, you can sign him, or you can tag and trade him while his value is up. If he plays like ass your letting him walk, and ultimately picking in the top 5 and drafting a QB for the future. I don’t know why this was such a difficult concept for the front office and frankly is a move that’s given me pause. It was the play to make. Instead they
  2. Jimmy G healthy is a very good QB. The Niners are frustrated with his injuries rightfully so, but to say he’s an upgrade over Teddy is an understatement.
  3. Let’s not pretend Teddy isn’t a starter in the NFL, he’s a game manager and he has limitations but in the right system (which we have) you can win games with Teddy Bridgewater. Yes we will have to rely more on CMC, and yes we would be better off with a QB who can hit the deep ball constantly to take advantage of our stud wideouts , but those guys don’t grow on trees. Im half the front office is being aggressive about getting their guy, and I’m sure Teddy has some perceived value if they shopped him. They could probably get a 4th/5th or so for him. He wouldn’t be particularly expen
  4. When are people going to stop looking at CMC as a “running back” and start looking at him as a modern day NFL nuclear weapon. This guy does so much more than just run the ball. He can be lined up all over the place, and is just as lethal running routes as a WR. Yes RBs are on average replaceable, Christian McCaffrey is not a replacement level player. I can’t even begin to imagine what his stats would have looked like with a full year this past season under Joe Brady considering what an inferior player like Mike Davis did. I’m also not upset that he had his mileage dialed back in
  5. Part of this is true also, and mostly is dependent on the QB position. If the Panthers end up taking a rookie QB, with Teddy inevitably off the books the Panthers will ultimately still have a lot of cap room next offseason. You have to also assume that at minimum 3-4 of this years draft choices will be on the roster next season also for cheap. Plus the bottom of the roster isn’t typically expensive. You churn that out year after year. Basically the Panthers even with a trade for Watson and some major signings will have plenty of space to do whatever they want next season so I still don’t s
  6. The Panthers will have close to $100 mill in cap space next season, with them being relatively tight this off-season it makes sense to push some money into future years. Remember the cap can always be manipulated, the Saints have been doing it for a decade.
  7. La Canfora is literally the worst of the worst when it comes to NFL news. His sources are him piggybacking on other reports he reads, I would not take anything he says seriously nor do I understand why he still has a job. In fact when he reports something the opposite is more likely to occur. He’s the Bob Nightengale of the NFL beat.
  8. Smitty should get in, but I’d also be surprised if he was first ballot. That would be awesome if he was though..
  9. Moton is the priority, then Curtis who I would love to keep but understand if the money isn’t right as there are other priorities (CB, LB, the entire Oline). Scott showed some upside, but the rest are all replaceable JAGs from a 5 win team. This is a copycat league. Teams see what the Buccs just did and it didn’t fall on deaf ears. Expect the Rams, Seahawks, Niners, Packers to position themselves to go all in and try and challenge Tampa while the window is still open. The Panthers are not at that stage yet as they need to find the QB of the future first. If they acquire Watson
  10. Brees is getting paid the same money he’s owed, the Saints are just spreading out the cap hit so they can get more space this year. This basically confirms retirement.. the question now is will they have enough cap room to sign Winston if another team gets involved, or will Taysom be the guy. For our sake I hope they pay Jameis lol
  11. This rumor has no credibility whatsoever, but it would be a homerun for the Panthers. I don’t think some of you realize how much better Jimmy G is then Teddy. Jimmy just hasent been healthy the last two seasons (which is troubling), but he is a significant upgrade imho. Jimmys super bowl season he had no weapons outside of Kittle (they had to acquire old ass Manny Sanders) and he was awesome. With what we have here the sky’s the limit.
  12. I think your just looking at his situation and saying he has to be better elsewhere he’s got all this talent. It’s the one mans trash is another mans treasure thinking that gets people into trouble. Darnold is gonna be trash no matter where he goes. I’ve seen plenty of Jets games, and I’ve seen Darnold play plenty of times. There’s not one aspect of his game that says to me wow this guy has a chance. He’s not really mobile, his deep ball accuracy sucks, he can’t read defenses well, he’s a disaster. Just look how much better the offense looked when Flacco played. Think about that, you k
  13. Jimmy G is def available, and outside of the injuries he’s a major upgrade over Teddy. I would love the move to be honest. He was 7 minutes away from beating Mahomes in the SB until there defense poo the bed. Mitch and Darnold are two of the worst QBs drafted in the past five years, I’d rather have Teddy all day than those busts let’s be real.
  14. Darnold is hot garbage, who the hell would trade a first for him lmfao. I get that he’s young buts he’s literally been the worst QB in the NFL to date. Most likely they would get a 3rd or 4th similar to the Tannehill trade if a team thinks they can turn him around.
  15. I don’t see how QBs don’t go 1-3 in this draft. The Jets and Dolphins would be stupid not to get the bounty of picks that will be thrown at them if they pass on QBs. Lawrence, Fields and Wilson will all be gone quickly. If the Panthers stay at 8 it’s Lance (who also may be gone) or Mac Jones. If you want one of these guys Rhule has to be aggressive.
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