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  1. I was happy taking Pickett at 6, but this hand stuff does have me very concerned. If it was just on the cusp of what's "acceptable" or "the norm" for NFL QBs, I wouldn't sweat it....just like Slater's measurables didn't concern me. These measurements coming out are real poor. No way this staff can say what they have about Slater and Christensen, and turn around and take a potentially all-time smallest-handed QB. Just looked up Pickett's fumbles, and he had 19 in 3 years. This article puts it in full perspective - https://www.profootballnetwork.com/is-kenny-pickett-qb1-in-the-2022-nfl-draft/2/ Not an end-all-be-all because he has succeeded in college. However, his hand size is in the 99% of smallest ever measured and could be a full inch smaller than Burrow/Mahomes at 9" and 9.25". Add in that the NFL ball size is slightly larger than college and it could be a real serious issue.
  2. TBF, last time we had selections similar to what lined up for Cincy recently, we got Cam and Luke. Now, could Pickett/Corral be Burrow? I think Fields will.
  3. If we re-sign DJax over Gilmore and let Reddick walk ..... woooooo, we are fugged. I wanted Gilmore > Jackson, but truthfully, Gilmore is a luxury that we shouldn't pay for. Adding at least one premier OL in FA and re-signing DJ & Reddick makes way more sense than a soon-to-be 32-year old CB. Love Gilly, but we could be swimming in top-5 draft status next year...doesn't seem fiscally responsible. Horn/Bouye/Taylor/Henderson is solid enough to kick the tires on for a year.
  4. Rock bottom as a franchise right now. A Texans ….. A Houston freaking Texans Passing Game Coordinator just told us to kick rocks for an OC gig. Don’t blame him at all - we are a dumpster fire.
  5. I want zero to do with all of the potential traded QBs. Cousins Wilson Jimmy G Watson Mayfield Tua Some are better than others, but none give us what we need....a long-term answer at QB except for Watson...and that's in jeopardy. They all have their warts and I really hope we stay the F away. That being said, Rhule is about to get the Jazz from Uncle Phill treatment in '22, so I'm sure he's banging the table for one of these guys to save his ass.
  6. Rhule would figure out a way to play him at RG because of calf size. EDIT: Also, this is based off a David Newton post.....meh.
  7. I'll pass on drafting another TE. Thomas has been average and we have Tremble trying to be our diamond in the rough. If we go TE, I'd prefer FA. If we can snag a top-notch LG, drop back a few spots in the draft and still take Linderbaum, I think our OL will be better than a year before. I'd like to see BC at LT with a full offseason as our starting LT. A veteran LG next to him and as near of a can't miss OL as Linderbaum in the middle anchoring down our OL for the next decade. Moton as the vet presence on the right and kick the tires on Brown at RG. Run a lot of packages with Tremble in to help BC on the left and your FA TE as the pass catcher. Maybe actually play TMJ and don't run CMC into the ground. Eh, this all doesn't mean anything because we'll trot out our "rockstar OC" re-tread he will f*ck it all up anyway.
  8. IMO, this is what jumps out about this coaching staff and is holding us back. Rhule, Brady, Nixon, Meyer....and to a lesser degree, Snow. They are college coaches competing against NFL coaching staffs. After enough tape shows up for opposing teams, we have for the most part, been dead in the water. We cannot adjust on the fly, have been outschemed for 2 years and I cannot think of a true "signature" win from this staff.
  9. My concern is our 2022 offseason and how much of an impact Rhule/Fitts have had on it already and will continue to have between now and OTAs. No doubt if Rhule doesn't perform in '22, he will be out midseason. That kind of instability gives me huge pause as we have a top-6 draft pick, no other picks until 105, awful positional coaches/schemes and some heavy decisions to make.... Re-sign Gilmore/DJax/Reddick/Moore? Lots of vet QBs available that we need to stay away from because they will drain more assets: Wilson/Mayfield/Jimmy G/Watson If I was an owner trying to turn a franchise around, I wouldn't bring Rhule back. He's overwhelmed, letting his ego get in the way and his style has not translated over to the NFL. One more awful offseason will set this team back 3-4 years.
  10. I'm fine with Pickett at 5/6. I'd prefer Neal or Ickey there instead, but if Pickett is selected, I think it would be a great selection. People keep saying that if we pick an OL this year that we can get our QB in '23. Can the same argument not be made for OL in '23? Sewell was the cream of the crop last year, but Slater was a helluva "next best". We missed on Wirfs in '20....and he was the third OT taken. I get Pickett isn't everyone's type of QB, but there is a lot to like about him. I was a Lance/Fields guy last year and prefer that type of mobile young QB, but Pickett would do well here in the correct offensive scheme. I don't know if this coaching staff on the hot seat would use a top pick on a QB that is going to take his lumps. Lawrence, Wilson and Fields have all struggled this year and that kind of QB play for a coaching staff that is on the brink of unemployment might not make sense to Rhule & Co. The smart move is Neal or Ekwonu...or even Linderbaum. I think BC can be a good (maybe not great) LT and I'd like to see Brown at RG with a full offseason and starting day 1. If those two can be good, Moton can be your vet stud and Linderbaum can anchor the middle for the next decade. Anyway you slice it, this staff has a huge decision to make come April. It's often the kind of decision that saves or breaks a HC based off the rest of the assets on hand.
  11. Evan Neal would be the dream, but Ickey or Linderbaum would be pretty damn satisfying too. Ekwonu could be a LT or he could be nasty at G. If Christensen can be trusted at LT, then Ekwonu at LG or Linderbaum at C would give us three very solid franchise pieces with Moton locked in at RT. I think Brown will eventually be our RG in '22. If Brown and Christensen pan out, we could in theory have 4/5 OL positions figured out.
  12. Don't get mad when Pickett is our selection at 5.
  13. There's absolutely no reason why after seeing the lack of offensive production, insane pressure rate and lack of moving the ball that our youngsters aren't trotted out the last three weeks. TMJ - WR3 Deonte Brown - RG Brady Christensen - LT I'd also like to see more of Taylor at CB since re-signing Jackson is a luxury that we can't afford. He was solid when called upon for a rookie earlier, but his snap counts have dwindled as Gilly's have gone up.
  14. For as much as I like Fitts, I would lean into him trading back a bit too much last year hurt us as much as it helped us. If Neal/Icky/Lindebaum is there when we're up, one of those three should be the selection. We already gambled away and lost on the two trades we made that put us in this situation. Don't pass on a franchise OT/IOL to make up for it. Basic kindergarten "two wrongs don't make a right" life lessons.
  15. Up until a few weeks ago, I was all for being patient for his third year. The facelift on defense and securing WR/RB and potentially TE of the future, along with Moton in years one and two made me believe that one more offseason to dig in hard on OL would be the difference. Nope. His pressers are becoming unwatchable and if we as fans can see through the BS, no way the players, front office and our Owner doesn't. Bye.
  16. I really need to know from people that are anti-Pickett..... why? I know stats and certain achievements do not guarantee success in the NFL. I also acknowledge that the ACC and opponents they've faced are not the SEC/Big 10/etc. Beyond that, the guy has achieved a lot and will probably continue to climb draft boards with two more chances to showcase his skills pre-combine. The Senior Bowl and a Peach Bowl game vs. Michigan St. Measures out at 6'3" 220 and has a Burrow-esque style of play. Great mechanics, smart reads and sneaky athletic. Broke Marino's TD record at Pitt and Watson's ACC record for TDs. I would prefer a Fields/Lance/Mahomes kind of mobile QB, but Pickett should still translate well to the NFL. I'd personally put him below Fields/Lance but ahead of Jones in last year's draft. OL is the right pick in round 1, but I'd much rather have Pickett than the third or fourth best OL. TBH, Pickett probably ends up top-7 by the time the draft rolls around, so not even sure if he's there when we pick.
  17. I was all for it earlier, but have lost faith with every passing week. His inability to take ownership and genuinely show that he is a major reason for our failures is concerning. This isn't Temple or Waco.... the press and fans see through the BS. Promoting Nixon to OC is the last straw for me. His nepotism is Busch League and is showing that he's in over his head.
  18. Def the fall guy for a HC who's seat is getting hotter by the week. To be fair, Brady's OL and QBs have been downright awful since he got here and CMC has missed 18 games during this regime's rein. OL has been passed over in both drafts and they went dumpster diving with Erving and Elflein in FA. However, Brady has rarely shown an ability to adjust and his schemes don't look like they've translated well to the NFL. Much the way McDaniels' success was hung on the GOAT and Belichick, I wonder how much of Joe Brady's "brilliance" was a byproduct of the LSU program.
  19. 4 is definitely the ceiling....1-3 is pretty much locked in. If we can get to 4 or 5 though....we are in Evan Neal territory and he should be a franchise anchor at LT for the next decade.
  20. For a college coaching gig......absolutely uncharted territory. I would be intrigued to see the optics/perception of our franchise if this happens. Truthfully, I think it would reflect poorly on Rhule, but can't look good for an NFL franchise with a LOADED owner that backed up the Brinks truck for you loses their HC 1.5 years into his gig.
  21. I am a fan of Fitts, but he did make several crucial mistakes in year 1. Passing on Fields/Slater for Horn….and then trading for two CBs. Going “trade-back crazy” in the draft while OL are flying off the boards, then settling on Christensen. Taking a LS, while Jensen is here and bypassing a starting caliber G is awful Signing Elfelin/Erving on day 1 of FA Trading Perryman Trading a 2nd and 4th rounder for a garbage QB….and then picking up his $18M option. Again, I like Fitterer’s style and trust he will right the ship. Mistakes are made by all GMs and the “what if” game is always played after a draft…hindsight is 20-20.
  22. I was pissed when he had the balls to misdirect the offense's trash play, by putting blame on the defense earlier this year....when the D was constantly keeping the team in the game. His inability to own his mistakes is insulting. We are watching the game, and though we aren't all NFL Scouts/Execs, most fans can see that Rhule's comments don't align with the play. Though I still think Rhule should get one more year to get it right, this commentary is pretty damn ridiculous.
  23. Lock it in....Rhule doesn't turn down an opportunity to get his guy. I do also see Pickett climbing draft boards. I would put him in the same tier as Mac Jones, but below last year's top 4. I still hope we go OL, but I can't see Rhule not tapping back into his NJ/Temple roots.
  24. I'm "whatever" when it comes to PFF. I like it as a measuring stick, but not as the gospel...I prefer the eye test. IMO, Elflein at C might be a decent move, moving forward. Still lots of time to figure it out, but if Moton does his thing and Elflein does his at C, I'd trust Christensen/Jordan at guard and adding a LT in the first round this year. It won't be confused with the Cowboys Oline, but pretty solid, IMO.
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