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  1. I don't know much about artificial turf, but it looks like roughly 1/2 the teams play on grass and 1/2 on artificial turf. Of the stadiums with artificial turf, 5 use the same brand as BOA (Field Turf). Could the brand of turf have played a factor into it's playability that day? I notice that New England also has Field Turf and they must play in cold weather. Do they have a process to prepare the field for play in cold weather in some way? Or were the weather conditions in Charlotte just that extreme that day? Also since the field at BOA met the playability specifications by some time in the first half, should/could the start of the game simply have been delayed.
  2. Supposedly there is the potential in Wilson's case for federal tax fraud charges since the charity appears to have been paying the salary of an executive who also works personally for Ciara and Russell Wilson. Could this be used by the Broncos to terminate his ridiculous contract
  3. Update: Suspension pending of 6 weeks or longer, likely to be announced in August. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/06/23/alvin-kamara-braces-for-suspension-of-at-least-six-weeks-eventually/
  4. I didn't see this recently mentioned, but the Phins/Brady/Payton/Flores saga is putting the NFL between a rock and a hard place having to choose between investigating aspects of tampering (in this case I guess Tampa-ing) by Phins owner Ross in attempting to recruit Brady (as far back as 2020 on Ross' yacht with Flores present) and Sean Payton, which then would substantiate Flores claims and aid his lawsuit against the NFL about Rooney rule violations. The Flores suit also is alleged to have been the reasoning behind Brady's short lived retirement, since the Phins long term plan became exposed. The plan basically was for TB to retire from TB and then join the Phins as an executive. At a later date his playing rights would be forced to be traded to the Phins also, then he would unretire and play for Miami under a "proven" coach--Payton--leading to the termination of Flores. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2022/4/13/23023571/tom-brady-sean-payton-dolphins-scheme-brian-flores-lawsuit https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-should-want-to-know-how-truthful-allegations-of-tom-brady-dolphins-backdoor-trade-are-005621548.html https://www.bostonglobe.com/2022/04/08/sports/inside-tom-bradys-un-retirement-how-brian-flores-soccer-match-were-among-key-factors/ Also recently unearthed from 18 months ago is a Mike Mularkey interview where he states how he regrets being part of the violations that occurred when he was told by the Titan's owner that he was hired, prior to minority candidate interviews, and then watched candidates without a chance be brought in. https://sports.yahoo.com/what-mike-mularkey-said-about-the-titans-and-the-rooney-rule-should-worry-the-nfl-032339002.html Lastly our own Steve Wilks has joined the Flores lawsuit, perhaps making it harder for the NFL to ignore the situation. https://sports.yahoo.com/more-men-are-joining-brian-flores-lawsuit-which-makes-it-harder-for-the-nfl-to-squirm-out-of-this-175334382.html
  5. For a good laugh, read the Extremeskins thread on the top 10 free agent busts under Snyder. Curtis "The Groin" Samuel is listed, albeit somewhat prematurely. Their take on Albert Haynesworth is via song (Graceland) is hilarious. https://es.redskins.com/topic/448852-your-top-10-free-agent-busts-of-the-snyder-era/
  6. Shaq has seemingly stepped up this year. Is that a function of scheme? Personnel? Coaching? Something else?
  7. I assisted revving a tennis player Thursday. Thank goodness the facility had a defibrillator on site
  8. To me the dilemma is that after considering the future of players drafted/signed this weekend and the development of young players from 2014-2015, and coupled with the loss of some defensive players -- are the Panthers more talented now than last year? To answer "yes" takes a leap of faith--one our coaching staff and GM have earned but maybe one not obvious to outside evaluaters, but best reflected perhaps by the success of past "C grade" drafts. Of course a little FA money/signing might go a ways to tip the scales. However it is reasonable to expect some regression to the mean this year and simply maintaining the 2015 success could be considered a success.
  9. Is it possible to post the Texans Defense/Offense PFF grades?
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