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  1. If you really think not having the best RB in the entire NFL to gameplan for makes thing harder you are on something wild.
  2. He sucks. I don't get why people were high on him. Also looks like a crackhead.
  3. Young defenses always need a vet presence when things eventually get tough come November and December. He may not contribute much on the field besides rotational depth, but could have a good impact in the locker room. If the price is right and he's a good locker room guy, I say do it. He does have a SuperBowl ring, which I don't think anyone on our roster has. Would remind me of the Jared Allen/Roman Harper signings.
  4. Smoking some wings later on the Weber smokefire. Currently marinading in Olive Oil and Lime Juice to make skin nice and crispy. Will toss in either garlic butter or traditional buffalo style using Franks. Maybe a Coors Banquet beer to drink.
  5. Great start for the Heels, ya loser.
  6. I don't mean to get hyped over a punter, but those are some really solid stats for a college punter.
  7. He absolutely can, but was trying to temper expectations.
  8. This is simply amazing. For how bad I felt after the Horn pick, I feel we've totally redeemed ourselves. We are going to come out of tonight with a solid WR2 and 3 other possible starters or on 2 Deep. Wow. Marty could never.
  9. My reasoning is we could of traded down, still taken Farley and had additional picks to play with. I think in our situation this scenario is extremely more beneficial.
  10. I know this an overreaction, but this draft feels like a disaster for us. We will be picking next year again just outside the range of Tier 1 talent like we did this year.
  11. Here's my take. Considering the circumstances, this is disappointing. We had a chance to maximize value and we chose not to. Maybe I'm making a poor and wrong assumption but someone had to be willing to come up and get Fields right? We could have really filled all our gaps with a trade down, gotten Farley, who probaly is just as good as Horn. While also picking up additional assets to fill the numerous holes we have. Im sure Horn will be solid and wish him the best for our sake. But we now have to pray we land a LT, WR, and S when we could of had more picks to find those.
  12. I have no idea how so many people are on board with Fields after the Darnold trade. It just makes that move look like total incompetence. If Darnold is good, what happens to Fields? Traded for a lesser pick? If Darnold stinks, Fields starts around mid-year and we blew those picks. Not saying Fields is bad choice at all, but it would just really leave a sour taste in mouth after giving up what we did for Darnold.
  13. I find irony that these rioters, protesting authority, are all wearing masks.
  14. Uh, what should they be counting them as, respiratory failure?
  15. I keep seeing we are 8 days behind Italy. 8 days ago, Italy was burning down already. Here we are, still waiting to see the bottom fall out, but it hasn't, because we've most likely been dealing with this much longer than Italy, or at least, just as long.
  16. I'm not sure what 'take' your referring to, but if it's the Imperial College study, it has alot of flaws and not being well received in scientific community.
  17. Plateaued? I don't think they've peaked.
  18. Delete your account. 

  19. Why is TD is pads if he has a sling on. Early gamesmanship?
  20. I dont understand how thats no PI. Good run, first good run so far.
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