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  1. It's almost fascinating seeing how he is knocked down. It's like ragdoll physics in a video game or something.
  2. Nicole thinks she's Catness when in reality she's that crazy looking announcer bitch.
  3. Did Jerry Richardson even have a wife. If he did, she knew he role damn well.
  4. Did anyone expect this bum to actually play this year? Don't expect him to play more than 4 games next year either.
  5. I'm about choked on my dinner. Drew Allar is not a franchise talent.
  6. This sucks. It all sucks. You may as well pronounce the Panthers dead.
  7. But he literally said Bryce was a near unanimous choice among the staff. Now was the staff influenced by Tepper early on and gaslit into taking Bryce? You can debate that all you want.
  8. Because they thought Texans would take Bryce. I'm not defending him, at all. I hate him. But let's not twist words.
  9. At pick 2 because they thought Texans would go Bryce.
  10. That's not what he said. He said it was nearly unanimous among staff to go Bryce. He could of vetoed but didn't.
  11. He's going to be so defensive. It's going to be horrible.
  12. Wow, cool Mr. Tepper. That's what I've done the last 5 years almost every Sunday of football season.
  13. Yes, true. Kinda trick you into thinking this might be it... Side note, Panthers need to find a way to get Wilson.
  14. How do Carolina fans do this year after year?
  15. Nebraska had to win one of its last 4 to make a bowl. Each game was winnable and I think they were favored in either 2 or 3 of those games. They lost all 4.
  16. I like how you list out all our blunders yet have enough optimism to ask how we fix it. As if the stupid people running this poo show will be able to fix things. We are toast for the next 5 years.
  17. They are bad, but Pacheco would be our best skill player by a mile.
  18. The only team the offense looked anything like an NFL offense was with Dalton. Its really hard to debate that. I was on board with Bryce after the draft, even though I want Stroud all the way back in November, but Jesus Christ he's bad. I can't believe this guy was a #1 overall pick in the modern era.
  19. I can't wait for that moment when we are finally winning again in 5 years and some fluff piece comes out on how Tepper re-evaluated how involved he was during some bullshit come to jesus moment and is absolved of his first decade without a winning season. He will look like a hero for stepping aside.
  20. Yeah, I've been thinking this the last two weeks. Then again, it's a pretty low bar that each have set.
  21. I'm going to try to get with two chicks at the same time. Also spend time with my family.
  22. And this isn't the first time all year I felt that way. Theres multiple weeks that he does nothing to make me think "Ok, that's why he went #1 in the NFL draft". If I didn't know better, I'd think this is Matt Corral.
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