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  1. Morgan starts the second half. He looks really good. Gets the ball out quick. Last play of the game is a hail Mary that goes 60 yards in the air easy.
  2. We’re going back to feed-the-stud offense.
  3. Dalvin Cook. Split carries with CMC prolong both careers and split CMC outside more.
  4. This is the most creative way to move back in the draft.
  5. The NFL are the friends you've made along the way.
  6. I hope we bring back Okung. Even if he misses some games with injury he will steady our line and we'll have a stable o decent backups.
  7. Pure drop back passer may not be his preferred QB, but it seems to be the way he prefers the QBs currently on our roster to look like.
  8. He might get cut because, as you say, he is being flat out lazy. That's the worst thing you an be if you're trying to prove yourself. The team doesn't need that energy. Having said that, if being lazy is not the problem, he should definitely stay around to see what he can do.
  9. To be fair, if I'm Rhule, I don't want my first season in which I'm asking for my players and staff (Brady) to believe in me to be subject to the unpredictability of an unproven QB. I need them to believe in the process, but there is no process if your QB is not competent enough to operate the offense, and not competent enough for the team to believe a win is possible on any given Sunday. I need a baseline of competence so everyone gives their best. This also jives with the idea of not losing on purpose to the WFT. You play to win the game.
  10. He doesn’t do it for me either. He’s not very fast. I’m not saying he doesn’t have skills or potential, but he should be a 4th rounder IMO.
  11. Trade back for an additional second and get Creed Humphries and Radunz.
  12. Agree on Tremble, I think he’d be a tremendous asset for any team. He’s just an unreal blocker. I’d be happy to grab him and let him block for CMC.
  13. He reminds me of Simmons from last year absent the ability to play some man coverage, and I don't think Simmons is being asked to play as much man in the NFL as he was in college. Snowden just plays a lot like him in the box, and I think he'd be a great value. He'd be great covering running backs and TE's coming out of the backfield in zone coverage. He's so big and long, he'd immediately deter a QB from making short passes in a quick passing game. He'd just erase a large part of the middle of the field and be a monster in the flats.
  14. Anyone else really like this guy. 6'7" with tons of length, athleticism and speed. He would need to have a scheme fit for him, but he looks like he'd be a monster linebacker in zone coverage with the ability to rush the passer and play the run on the outside. He'd certainly have to have special packages to take advantages of his traits, but the guy has the instincts and freakish ability. Having him behind our line, and the blitzes we could bring with him and dropping Burns into coverage, and vice versa would create a lot of opportunities. I don't care whether he is a scheme fit for 3-4 or 4-3, to me he's just a weapon you figure out how to use. In the 4th round he'd be a steal IMO.
  15. I really like Leatherwood or Onwuzurike in the 2nd if that happens.
  16. Verge doesn’t really make a lot of predictions. Verge mostly provides likelihoods and nuggets of what they’ve been hearing.
  17. I never said LT or offensive line wasn't important. Hell, I've said if we do draft Sewell and Leatherwood is there in the 2nd round I think we should draft both (I love his versatility and he would be a monster guard). I just don't think you pass on Pitts with the options available to us if he's there.
  18. We couldn’t protect Bridgewater and we were in almost every game at the end. A first round LT isn’t our only solution to solve the LT problem and it’s not the only opportunity. Get the unstoppable TE now. If Sam sucks next year because our multiple second round LTs suck, so be it. It’s Sam Darnold. Besides, it’s easier for Pitts to have an immediate impact than it is for a rookie LT. Besides, Darnold moves in the pocket better than Teddy. I may not feel this way if there weren’t more LT talent to be had in the second round, but because these moons are aligning we need to ride this wave.
  19. A second rounder or buy one next year. A Pitts mismatch type player at 8 only comes along once every CMC. To have both those players changes an organization. We have cap room for next year, a second round pick this year, and a first next year to address the LT. That’s three opportunities to get a longterm solution to LT in the next year. This is our only chance to get a TE with Hall of Fame ability.
  20. Pitts and Leatherwood. Get me both, and I don’t care who else you draft.
  21. I really like Leatherwood, not at 8, but if he’s there in the 2nd round, man that would be something. Even if we picked Sewell at 8, Leatherwood would be an amazing pick in the 2nd.
  22. Quicker and easier to build O line with vets in free agency than to rely on rookies in the draft. They’ll be more cuts after the draft, plus if you want a OT from the draft then wait until the second round, they’ll be someone decent left (leatherwood).
  23. I think not selecting Pitts would be a monumental mistake. The more I look, the more I’m convinced he’ll be incredible in our offense. He’s going to be so open in our offense. McCaffrey and he pulling down safeties so DJ Moore and Anderson can just run down the field will be unstoppable. Oh and then we’re in the end zone with Dan Arnold and Pitts. Lol to the defenses.
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