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  1. Is it me, or does BY look like the guy from state farm? Either way, he got slammed face down on a play today and got right up. He is pretty tough.
  3. I'll take a one win vs going winless anyday.
  4. Picking a top QB is a crap shoot and always has been. There are millions of dollars at stake and teams still get it wrong. Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf are the greatest examples. Both were considered the best in the draft. One became one of the greatest ever, and the other was the biggest bust ever.
  5. Maybe Tepper is a genius behind the scenes trying to move the team. All the coach and player trades are almost setup perfect for failure. Get the fanbase pissed and ready to send the Panthers somewhere else. Got to be a reason for all the failures.
  6. I did wish they got the record with 73 points, but I'll take it.
  7. What if Tepper fired Rhule hoping to appease fans while promoting Wilks to continue the "tanking" results only having it backfire?
  8. Bro!! Why the hell did they lock your thread?? There will be tons of Bryce shade to shut the whole site down in a couple days.
  9. I noticed that too, and I was about to chime in.
  10. Totally agree this guy was truly excited for Stroud. CJ seemed relieved all the S2 talk didn’t phase his draft stock too.
  11. This is the old link from 3 weeks ago: Can't find the one from last week. Maybe need someone to put on youtube as I did hear it myself.
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