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  1. Totally agree this guy was truly excited for Stroud. CJ seemed relieved all the S2 talk didn’t phase his draft stock too.
  2. This is the old link from 3 weeks ago: Can't find the one from last week. Maybe need someone to put on youtube as I did hear it myself.
  3. We would be HIGHLY RELEVANT for the next two years. After that, looking for a QB again.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but how would this shake things up in the NFC South?
  5. I love Cam, but number 1 is correct. Jake had the 2 min offense down pat.
  6. I’ll take it baby! Looks like the Atlanta game came back to haunt us.
  7. So Wilks should be fired because we missed an extra point kick in Atlanta to miss the playoffs??
  8. Literally was watching this movie an hour ago and was wondering who that cashier was.
  9. I love Cam. But he is only a backup at best. Plus it will cause drama in all directions from people trying to get him out there when our QB slips up. It would make it a circus more than anything else. But...ticket sales and viewership would skyrocket if he were to start.
  10. If we win this game, I feel the monkey sliding off our backs.
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