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Carolina Hurricanes 2009-2010 Regular Season Thread


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At 1st I wasn't worried about the slow start,but now I'm starting to get really concerned about this team,what's wrong,do they have pantheritus?This is supposed to be a better team w/the addition of A ward,now they are playing like a bunch of chumps,w/the exception of Cam Ward and even Cam didn't do well in the shoot outs!

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Loved the hit, Darcy tucker is one of the dirtiest players in the NHL.

Maybe so, I but I hate seeing that kind of thing happen. But, being suspended for 3 games and then getting to watch Mike Richards completely obliterate David Booth and receive nothing is pretty staggering.

That being said, we suck serious ass right now. Mo' or JR needs to do something to send a message to this team. Oh, and get rid of Samsonov. Waste of space player.


For those who haven't seen it.

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