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1 minute ago, cookinwithgas said:

Had a bit of a day today but Jades head in my lap and her deep "ah, so what" exhale made it all better.

It is really amazing how that 4 legged animal who cannot talk just seems to know when you had a bad day and what we need to make everything better. On days my back is giving me a hard time my Basset and Mini Schnauzer stay close do not leave my side.

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    • He just needs a QB that can get him the ball. 
    • So when you let a QB set his feet and throw in a clean pocket, even those with average arm strength can get the ball 40 yards down the field.  That is why Bridgewater had numerous 30+ yard completions, including one that went 48 yards in the air and frankly was thrown fine overall (it was probably his BEST throw all year even if his receiver had to slow a bit - 48 yards will do that, lol). Is Jones' arm better than Teddy's?  Maybe?  It doesn't seem remarkably so.  Scouting reports indicate that is his weakness, that his arm is average and it certainly seems so.  These things are hard to compare. Certainly he could succeed as an NFL QB, as we've heard various arm strengths can succeed, but I don't think he has the arm strength of the elites, even if he does have 4-5 nice deep throws over the 2.5 hours of clips...   
    • Even though I watched several of his games this year, I decided to review his play.  Since I challenged you, it was only fair that I challenge myself as well.  Below is a video of every play Jones made this year...not just the highlights (someone posted it earlier, not sure who).  So far I have looked at every play of his through the first four games, and so far it only reinforced my perspective.   Was every pass perfect?  No!  Did he always make the right decision? Certainly not!  However, I made a point to look at every one of his deep balls in those games (30+ air yards).  The vast majority were perfectly thrown, either leading the receiver, or thrown where only the receiver had a chance to catch it.  A couple of throws were underthrown, but the ball had zip and got there quick, Jones just didn't put the ball in the best spot.  On only a couple of balls did the receiver have to slow down at all, but even then it was only slightly.  Several were contested and on multiple occasions he was under duress.  Some key time stamps you might want to look at (that show him using the arm strength you say he doesn't possess) are 2:36, 7:46, 9:33, and 34:58.  For good measure, look at 27:09 to see a play that disproves your assertion that he cannot throw on the run (even though he doesn't do it very often, it is something he can do).   Now, to be fair, here are some time stamps where he didn't throw a perfect deep ball: 10:30, 18:45, and 41:00.  Yes, these were slightly underthrown, but they are clearly imperfect throws and not due to an inability to get the ball there. To be clear, my argument is not that he has a powerful arm and the deep ball will be his bread and butter in the NFL.  It's that while not possessing a cannon, he is capable of making deep, accurate NFL throws, and those throws do not flutter or float.  He will not be the liability deep that Bridgewater has been.  I have no argument for anyone that prefers someone with a cannon and/or is more athletic and is more of a threat to run.   For the record, I think his bread and butter will be the short to mid range game, but he'll keep defenses honest because he can hit the deep ball.  His style will be similar to the way prime Brees played (not saying he'll be as good as Brees, but that's the style he fits).    
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