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For the pet lovers of the Huddle where we appreciate that most dogs are a helluva lot better than most people.
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  2. We said goodbye to Chief today. He developed bone cancer at the site where his femur was snapped at the age of 1 when he was run over by a truck. The surgery to repair the leg was extensive, but you'd never know it as he grew up. We were always worried about how bad the arthritis might get, but that would have been welcome news besides what we did get. Once it began, it didn't take long and we didn't want the pain to rule his life. He was a great dog, gentle soul and his unconditional love was for everyone. He will be missed.
  3. Added a new pup to the household today. Little female pittie mix. 8 weeks old. Her mom was chained up outside a trailer and neglected in McDowell County and a neighbor basically stole her to take her to a rescue.
  4. Beautiful boy. Best of luck with him. I hope the news is good for everybody involved.
  5. Chief is now 10 years old. He's got Rottie, Husky, Doberman and St. Bernard DNA. Smart and a gentle soul. He's gone from walking 2-3 miles every morning on the trail to barely being able to stand up in less than 3 months. He's lost close to 20 pounds during that time an we fear he's cancer ridden and his back legs just aren't working anymore. All he wants to do is lay around and sleep. We'll know something in the next week or so.
  6. Two of our "dogter" Matilda (Tilly, aka the Wild Animal). She's an American Bulldog-American Staffordshire mix.
  7. My old girl is Half pit - half lab. Parents were supposed to breed their own respective breeds and shacked up. Whoops! Let’s my kids tug, pull, climb all over her.
  8. I love big dogs! I wish my dogs traveled well, they don't at all. One gets car sick, the other wants to sit on the driver and barks the whole time...
  9. Very pretty rottie. I had one several years ago, trained in voice and silent hand commands.

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