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  1. Hang in there, I had my left shoulder joint roto rootered a few years ago. Easily the most pain I have ever been in. Had to have help tucking my shirts in and therapy was a bitch. Took a year to finally get back to normal and it was almost worth it. Back to limited movement after 10 years...
  2. I actually read quite a bit on the Ben and Kobe cases. I was curious how they were handled and if I would agree with the results. Ben's case I believe the same thing the judge said, 2 parties were extremely intoxicated and both made decisions they both were in no condition to make. The Kobe case was a lot more gray and I couldn't really form an opinion. I would have needed to see nonverbal cues to determine who was being truthful.
  3. Very pretty rottie. I had one several years ago, trained in voice and silent hand commands.
  4. My oldest has her masters in special need education. (yes I am bragging, very proud) She is a teacher in Seattle, we had a long conversation about the challenges she is going through. There is absolutely no way she could actually do her job remotely. Those kids need the social interaction.
  5. There is also something else going around. My mother had pneumonia, the daughter of her next door neighbor also has it. I know my mom tested negative for Corona, I was there.
  6. I took my mother into Duke med in Raleigh on Thursday. She also had pneumonia, test came back negative, but we were in the hall way of the er from around 3:00pm and finally got into a room at 5:30am Friday morning. She is home now, doing better but dr was worried.
  7. I missed the 1st qtr. Who was the long was TD pass scored on?
  8. This team reminds me of the NC state team than won the national championship with the late great Jimmy V. Heart attack every game.
  9. As sloppy as the field looks, I will not hold that miss against him.
  10. Did the rain stop? Tems is looking a hell of a lot better this half.
  11. Is it just me or is cam looking a little tentative tonight?
  12. Man, gruden can get oldd, this is when I usually turn on mute.
  13. Rain making both teams look like total poo. Cam is looking frustrated right now, starting to get down on himself. He needs a couple good throws in the second half to get back on track.
  14. Asked a few pages ago but I think it got lost in the td. Why don't we throw the quick pop pass to Ginn or Brown like we used to do to Smith? Dbs are playing off them at the line.
  15. A question for the more knowledgeable people, why don't we throw the quick pop pass to Finn or Brown like we used to with Smith?
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