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  1. I'm heading to Pigeon Forge and will be looking for a sports bar
  2. I'm actually arriving in Pigeon Forge that night if there's any recommendations on best place to watch the game.
  3. This was the game I had initially penned as an away trip for when the schedule came out as I've never been to Houston. But screw Texas. Maybe I convince my wife to go for New Years in New Orleans. It may be a swampy hellhole, but last time I went there for a game it was recovering from Katrina and drinks were 3 for 1.
  4. If I owned the NFL every halftime would be frisbee dogs.
  5. A big group of fans tried to organically start the chant today, and were completely blown out by whatever thing they were selling. "Organic" can't work in such a controlled atmosphere.
  6. My pal got a chant going pretty well at the north gate on the way in. I like the idea of it organically starting, but it has to be at the right time and get loud quick, which can take a minute when its starting in a single section. Coordinating with the jumbotron makes it a lot more effective. Hope to see it at some point in the game where we really need it.
  7. I don't think they included the commercials in the full game video last year either. It's a total PITA to deal with.
  8. He's on pace to get injured and out by game 3 or 4 again.
  9. The new end zone seats were embarrassing; empty except for a few Jets fans at the edges. New security company scared away our security guy we've had for like 10 years. They also put a staircase right in front of our seats, the purpose of which I have yet to determine. Virtual Panther was neat. Music was iffy.
  10. Being right down near the players tunnel I saw a coordinator trying to communicate something to the black and blue flag guys before it all started like things were going a little haywire already. The player introductions were completely messed up - I don't think I've ever seen things go that sideways before. I wonder if the video of the Banner, and the timing of the flyover, got things mixed up.
  11. You've captured the Huddle vibe and I didn't even know it had one. Thanks!
  12. Just be thankful that you are not a Jacksonville fan, where the owners depend on opposing team ticket sales to keep the stadium open all year. I can handle one preseason game like this, or at least I've learned to deal with it.
  13. I had it and chiropractic corrected it for me. Not a fan of the industry as their appear to be a good number of quacks, but there’s no denying it worked for me. I’ve started going again for a neck/shoulder issue and getting results already.
  14. If our defense carries us to a wild card game I would consider it a really successful season.
  15. I really enjoyed listening to him, and it reminded me of other team broadcasts that utilize a famous ex player to good effect. He'll probably blurt out something contrary to the teams wishes at some point....
  16. my son just moved in for year 2 if you need some local advice. Campus is fine, the immediate area is fine. My office is 5 minutes away but I haven't been there in like 2 years LOL. Light Rail gets you downtown and back safely.
  17. In May it was 16, we had to wait for stepdaughters birthday to get her set. I'm probably getting a booster this week as us immunocompromised folks apparently need more go juice. Wifes school co worker got it when she went to her moms funeral in Florida.
  18. Well this sucks out loud, one of the best Huddlers ever. Smart and witty, and we were on the same page pretty much all the time which made her even more enjoyable to have around. @Zod if you ever want to setup a Huddle group tailgate/reunion at my spot let me know and we can plan for a game.
  19. The idea of finally getting back to the stadium with our fellow fans after a year and a half, just to watch them lose to the freaking Jets, is a very depressing one. This place would be a disaster for sure as well. The first game of the season, I've noticed the players and coaches are more focused on penalties, positioning and the running of the game they concentrated on in camp and less on the tendencies of the opposing team due to lack of relevant tape. This gives our defense the upper hand this year for the opener, I believe.
  20. I remember when he showed us who's who in preseason
  21. the season 2 finale didn't disappoint, although I felt the season as a whole suffered from too much melodrama, and in one case, went into soap opera territory; redeemed by being the target audiences dream come true LOL. Needed more of Mollys husband being happy; he was the best part of Season One. That old Cosmonaut was scary as hell. Season 3 already ordered.
  22. Last trip we made together due to Covid and her relapse. She was a K-8 principal and tough tough tough
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