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  1. Just get someone who doesn't feel the need to use the word "ample" when describing the coaches chest.
  2. Wow a fun day watching football, forgotten what that was like
  3. stretching out the misery until the last possible second for us, maximizing the beer sales in the Tampa area for them
  4. First use of "Robot" in literature https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/286379/rur-rossums-universal-robots-by-karel-capek/ We did this play in school. Good news for stirs, girlfriend upgrade in the near future.
  5. I don't see how he can keep Rhule - he has lost the confidence of everyone involved. Some of it - injuries, bad play - cannot be directly pinned on him but if this is not a systematic failure brought on by a flawed philosophy, or at least one too dependent on a single player like McCaffery, what is?
  6. Just watching some old highlight reels and feeling pretty nostalgic tonight. We really did have something with this guy, didn't we? My favorite Cam moment: the 2013 last march down the field and TD to Hixon to beat the Saints, and win the division. Because he made everyone in that stadium believe he was going to do it (including most importantly, his teammates), then he did. That was some special energy. Just a quarter of that feeling would blow anything that's happened this season out of the water.
  7. Went to the UNCC game today to see my son play in the band, and it turned out to be one of the coolest games I’ve ever seen. UNCC was down by 10 with five minutes to go, and playing like crap all second half. Suddenly they started catching crazy passes, tied the score, scored a touchdown on the first play in overtime, then intercepted Rice to seal the game. Kids went nuts it was beautiful.
  8. If anyone is interested in donating a kidney, I need one. Been waiting almost 3 years since my original transplant from 20 years ago started failing.
  9. I discovered that if I buy a plane ticket with my card, the bank knows where I am going and opens up purchases from that location while I am there without me needing to call.
  10. For me, when it's a bad season, at least there are usually some long time Panthers careers to keep watching, or someone really interesting or energizing on the team (think TD arriving to spy Vick) but no one on this team really has that spark. Brian Burns on a tear is the only thing I can think of that would come close and that doesn't seem to be something to count on much now. I knew CMC was going to be injured and out by game 4 this season; anyways; I've always seen him as a less of a Panther and more of an NFL player who happens to be on the Panthers, if that makes any sense. So yeah, pretty boring.
  11. At my sisters memorial wake last week in MA, the DJs fog machine set off the fire alarm and we all had to evacuate the hall until the fire trucks showed up to clear it. It was upstairs from a bar filled with people watching the Red Sox game so that went really great.
  12. That guy has to be set for life financially, or the dumbest guy on the planet.
  13. This is bullshit every stadium I’ve ever been to has a sizable contingent of away team fans except maybe Green Bay and complain about it like we do. But Charlotte is a bit worse since it’s a place people move to. Like Jacksonville, Tampa, Houston, etc. the Eagles fans around me today were actually pretty great, they have every right to go nuts after the way the game went.
  14. NFL had to wait until they were all considered too old and entrenched to do anything too crazy. I'm a marginal fan of hip hop but all these guys together should be fun to see.
  15. I'm heading to Pigeon Forge and will be looking for a sports bar
  16. I'm actually arriving in Pigeon Forge that night if there's any recommendations on best place to watch the game.
  17. This was the game I had initially penned as an away trip for when the schedule came out as I've never been to Houston. But screw Texas. Maybe I convince my wife to go for New Years in New Orleans. It may be a swampy hellhole, but last time I went there for a game it was recovering from Katrina and drinks were 3 for 1.
  18. If I owned the NFL every halftime would be frisbee dogs.
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