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  1. I'd like to make the suggestion that you choose your next dog from a shelter instead of a breeder. I've had both a purebred Scotty and a rescue black lab mutt and loved them both the same. We need to discourage excessive breeding.
  2. My black lab mix is pretty chill, but has been known to tear up a trash can when put out by us leaving or something like that. Sweetest girl ever though
  3. During not football season I do scale model building. It’s a great hobby that demands patience and practice to achieve really good results but it’s easy to get started in. I just finished this Buckley class WWII destroyer escort in the North Atlantic on convoy patrol. The scale is 1/700 making this ship about 5 and a half inches long.
  4. A good friend of mine was the reactor operator on a submarine doing a ballistic missile patrol when a combination of ill advised contiguous drills with a freak accident caused a scram with a complete loss of propulsion and electrical, and the submarine began to slide backwards into the ocean as they attempted to restart the reactor from battery. You surface guys are so cute.
  5. Sounds like kind of a pick and choose narrative to keep things simple but the jist is certainly correct.
  6. I was confirmed in the Catholic church at 17 so it was pretty easy to convert to a Godless heathen after that.
  7. Live and Let Live is a great philosophy. Too bad organized religion has been used as a tool for war and propaganda since the beginning of time. It’s also incompatible with Christianity as warped by European civilization for its own purposes. American Christianity as a whole has morphed from disparate groups fleeing persecution in Europe, to tax free indoctrinations of the idea that allowing whatever interpretation of Christianity in vogue the politicians latch onto should be a government obligation to enforce. The fact that so many of them are fine with the most non Christian person imaginable leading them politically has just reinforced this idea. Read about Bob Jones University, the Supreme Court, and how it led to where we are today. Hint: “Religion forbid mixing races where’s our freedom?” Does Christianity forbid interracial dating? Yes, No, or just something we can ignore? All three most likely! Mister Rogers Neighborhood should be the new Bible. Fred Rogers was even a minister! The Bible could pared down to one page, not spend any page real estate discussing fabric mixing, and we would all be happy together. And we would not need the promise of a heaven that doesn’t exist to make it that way.
  8. I’m speaking of the Bible specifically as indicated and religion based on a book everyone knows as historical fact was written and edited in ways that make it incompatible with an idea that it’s the infallible “Word of God”. There is no way I can tell you if there is some kind of spiritual thing like an afterlife or something intelligent that made us. But I’ve come to terms with that, uncomfortable as it is. I get how people need to have that but it’s all mass delusion. I am glad you found this thing to believe in, but there’s as much need to put it out here as I do my belief in the Panthers going to the Superbowl next year, for which I would deserve severe mocking for.
  9. There’s even a verse about not doing that that’s on the ignore side list lol
  10. Who the hell cares it’s a book collected from scraps of other religions and rewritten and reinterpreted by men in power for centuries to adjust to their whims. You want slavery? We gotcha covered. You hate slavery? So do we too! it’s just a different form of astrology, another con game.
  11. Christians are, by need, experts at picking and choosing rationalizations for what should still be followed and what should not, which most of the time makes their lives a lot easier. Being gay could be rationalized as easily as this but it’s not. After all back then people needed to breed more often and earlier because half of them would be dead by 25 or something and they had to have more little Christians back then. We clearly don’t have the need to procreate like that anymore. So why are so many people that consider themselves hardcore Christians not just using the same reasoning? All of a sudden, something we don’t have to fight over anymore!
  12. Once they invented the butter churn and indoor plumbing women had nothing better to do all day than play the third hole and smoke cigarettes. It’s evident from watching the world around me. Indoor plumbing is the devil’s playground mark my words. Humans have not discovered any “meaning of life” other than the biological and chemical reasons. We probably never will, most likely because there is none (but again this will not ever be conclusively proven). So we have to make poo up to fill the void. Sorry, but evidence strongly suggests you are not eternal except in your own mind, which is really the only place it needs to be. Trying to give yourself a way to avoid facing that is an important survival mechanism for lots of people.
  13. Nice to meet someone else who stuck around to the end of Star Trek The Motion Picture VGER
  14. There’s been a metric shitton more of “ungodliness” per capita in centuries past than today by far. Last century humans built killing factories for fellow humans. I’ll bet the amount of ungodly fornication has decreased since TV was invented. This is because the Flying Spaghetti Monster has finally acknowledged the need for alternative types of Pasta. His Noodly Awesomeness has dropped another Tentacle of Goodness to us for allowing Neil Patrick Harris to continue to be famous.
  15. Adblock or something similar may cause this.
  16. My morning yesterday, got 5 hairs in one pull.
  17. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/chiefs-fans-amputations_n_65e9a51be4b024897f7b9f2c Tough guys and alcohol FTW it’s not worth it just to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift.
  18. Talked to him in person once and this was my impression but clearly he’s pretty sharp. Glad to have him here and can’t wait for him to dent a locker or two.
  19. I’ve had the shingles three times. Believe me, you want the shot.
  21. Id imagine our new coaches wife and Wilsons wife would get along great.
  22. holy cow you are a retired IT persons dream lol worked great. I'll leave it there for a while if anyone else wants it. Thank you!
  23. https://photos.app.goo.gl/NDoJKgSAAEt6n6mq7 It takes some work to get a system that can drown out wind noise at 70 MPH with the top down and the air cooled engine directly behind you, but you need the loud music to get you going for another week of disappointment after the tailgate
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