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Friday Night’s Bottle

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    • Not sure I'm seeing too many people heavily supporting him now?  I'll be honest I was extremely against signing Teddy from the moment I heard it and my opinion of him actually got worse as the season went on.  Even winning some games I remembered the streak kyle allen went on and teddy couldn't even match that. Not to mention how our last few seasons have gone in general with the team falling to pieces down the stretch. With Darnold I'm not AS distraught as I was with Teddy. My faith meter is still fairly low but I'm at least hoping for something better then what we've been getting qb wise for the last 3 years .  Theres going to be a riot if Darnold ends up just as bad as he was or close to it with the Jets. At that point I'll personally lose faith in the staffs ability to evaluate QBs and we will officially be in a Washington esque QB hell.  Especially if a qb dropped to 8 that ends up being great and we passed /traded down bc we got Darnold. Whew boy.  I think after teddy people have a right to be critical until sam proves us otherwise. 4 losing seasons in a row would be completely unacceptable no matter how you look at it. 
    • https://brickwallblitz.com/2021/02/16/the-2020-21-deep-ball-project-part-1-3/ The Deep Ball Project did a breakdown of his deep passing and I think he sums up Darnold pretty well(not to mentioned nailed what ended up happening).   
    • Great research. Thanks for putting this together. I'd be curious to see the same metrics from a receiving standpoint, as play design, open targets, wr receiver win rates, etc might tell a story too.
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