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  1. He pisses timeouts away like Rivera tho
  2. I’m fairly certain you’d find something else to cry about
  3. Literally every post is you spewing garbage or whining about something…like throwing tantrums all over the place. Anyway- not my problem, yours. Carry on!
  4. Lol. Sit down somewhere Chad. check my rep- I’ve ran this board longer than mouth breathers like yourself have chummed it up so pipe down with the flex from mommy’s basement. Respect your elders, chode
  5. He may just be realistic. We have done nothing to believe this is anything other than a meh type season we’re in for.
  6. Cmon idiot you should be in your room carving out a way to hack into the jumbotron with a self filmed video orchestrating the keep pounding chat. What are you doing on here wasting time
  7. Y’all are trash for hating on Tre. That’s my guy. Plus he is speaking the truth….hopefully he’s right about Zane. inZane in the membrane
  8. Cam should have punched him when he had the chance
  9. Hey, why don't you brag about it?
  10. But for real - if stadium operations stopped doing that orchestrated keep pounding chant they need to check themselves before they rickitywreck themselves
  11. I heard Tepper is also forcing concessions to sell well-done steak with a side of ketchup
  12. I mean, 18's final year he couldn't throw a ball over 20 yards either
  13. No, he played shockingly halfway decent last season. Like, it was weird and I don't blame you for not remembering that little nugget. The only reason I remember is because I had completely written him off as well. We just cut him for the first time (under Rhule at least) this season. From an SI article: His usage on defense was fairly nonexistent during his first two years but appeared on 411 snaps last year in 16 games.
  14. I guess they were just looking for someone familiar with the system to step in on an as needed basis (aka in case of emergency). Worth remembering we get AJ Bouye activated for Week 3 (I think it was only a 2 game suspension, right?) as well, which will be huge.
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