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  1. Haha Paws up til I die. Big Katttttt
  2. PNP sounds like a moron in that clip (shocking). Big Katt paws up. Completely oblivious to chemistry.
  3. Here comes this dude making stuff up again
  4. Honestly wasn’t shaken by losing him at all. Good player, good dude, but replaceable
  5. Being removed from the stain of Matt Rhule was also the best thing that ever happened to me
  6. It doesn’t get any better at 35. I wake up sore just about every day.
  7. I don’t recall Jaycee ever having injury issues at South Carolina. I chalk these first couple years up as a fluke and still expect big things out of him.
  8. He’s an all pro corner when he’s on the field.
  9. Has cpantherking ever been right though? He just posts walls of text between the tears on his keyboard rambling about nothing.
  10. Wouldn’t a pond typically be larger than a pool?
  11. It’s very true. Had a big sophomore year then mailed it in his junior year when he was NFL bound.
  12. He’s a nutjob but I don’t believe he’s actually working at Walmart
  13. I’m sure there are a number of huddlers that can teach him a thing or two about weight gain
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