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  1. Meh. He doesn’t really have the desire to be great.
  2. I thought it was Robby? I'd like to put his tenure with Carolina behind me.
  3. Upgrade? In what mythological world is going from a Gamecock to a Tarheel on the football field an upgrade? and we just slapped y’all boys up and down and side to side in the Mayo bowl!! And we got a better coach!!
  4. Word is Hakeem Nicks visited and is expected to sign today
  5. I appreciate the post OP I really do but you must have been painfully bored to listen to Sam Darnold talk for 40+ minutes
  6. Actually we are both wrong. It was Marcus Ball https://www.google.com/amp/s/larrybrownsports.com/football/marcus-ball-odell-beckham-baseball-bat-video/285885%3Famp
  7. Hope he leaves the baseball bat at home
  8. PFF would grade Rhule as a 78.7 coach and Sean McVay as a 41.8
  9. I for one am surprised he didn’t say “Darnold sucks we made a huge mistake someone help”
  10. Rhule kiss of death. goodbye Sam. We barely knew you.
  11. Subject A: passionate, dedicated fanbase and a franchise that has loads of recent success + a very bright future Subject B: the panthers
  12. Unless it comes down to trading him for Deshaun Watson
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