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  1. No one gets blocked by a backup OL like Brian burns
  2. Marshall quit on a route week 1 that Bryce put on the money. But still, he needs to connect on a few this year
  3. The equivalent of you calling him a bust after 4 games. Stand down simp.
  4. He is awful. I empathize with titans fans.
  5. Man. I can’t believe we laid down like that. Blew a 10 point lead in the 4th. Our safety Emmanwori (21) has fallen off a cliff. Both he and Marcellus Dial cost us that game and are both returning starters. Mind blowing.
  6. Yeah I know he will show up, just about what version of our defense does. It’d be nice to finally beat florida but who knows.
  7. Bahahaha. You Raleigh folks live in a fantasy land.
  8. After Smitty just RKOd him on national tv it’s probably a 6th
  9. Man I miss everything about what Steve Smith did for this franchise. Jeudy is a tool.
  10. Frank Reich bragged about how much they were going to be/were asking out of Bryce all offseason and training camp.
  11. The only thing I took away from that is maybe we can get ben Johnson this offseason. Again
  12. Ikr. Bro pulled out the “go die out there” from his bag of tricks.
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