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  1. Little soon for Matt Rhule to be in the NFL but here we are
  2. Yeah he is. He really impressed me this season even though it wasn’t even his best year. He’s an unquestioned leader of men. Something we desperately need. but yeah, for his sake I hope it doesn’t happen. Vegas would be so stupid to move him.
  3. Yeah. And KK had as much to do with that as Shula did in 2015. Unsustainable MVP play from QB1 masked a lot of their flaws.
  4. Tepper is hands down the worst owner in the NFL.
  5. Rookie Deebo. Deebo is a dog. He's much stronger than CMC and every bit as shifty. CMC may have the advantage over him on hands but it wouldn't be by much.
  6. Bills, Cinci, 49ers. I’m also unashamed to say I want Rodgers to win another ring.
  7. Hope everyone has stocked up on milk and bread for some milk sandwiches
  8. It was apparent he was a guy who played his heart out from our first preseason game until our final miserable game. An easy guy to pull for as well. LUUUUVUUU! Hopefully we can convince him to stick around this poo show.
  9. You know he really looks more like a 10 year starter a guard to me
  10. I mean these seem like pretty decent options, not mad about it. Unfortunately, they’ll be reporting to our incompetent HC so the amount of excitement one can expect out of any assistant hire is very low.
  11. I’m sure they’re wiping their tears with the millions he suckered Tepper out of
  12. Watch them hire Flores (Caserio) and Watson is back.
  13. It just keeps getting worse
  14. That’s fine. Horn is going to be a great player and a foundational piece to our defense. That said, we didn’t miss him at all and witnessed first hand how quickly you can replace/mask that piston. Slater would have been the better pick.
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