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  1. He’s going to have a good day and follow it up with a horrific performance next week.
  2. We didn't up until yesterday. He may end up staying another year honestly.
  3. Mike Mitchell sucked when he wasn't playing behind our elite 2013 front 7, and our 2022 front 7 is embarrassing.
  4. I’ll have what he’s having
  5. What was the down and distance there? Ian Thomas was wide open.
  6. This is a stupid story and Sheena is just using it to try and get her 15 seconds. Why would anyone want an autograph on a notecard?
  7. He wasn't suited up. He's on IR.
  8. He’s in his 5th year. What more auditioning does he need to do?
  9. If they play this turd and he somehow manages to win us a meaningless game and ruin our draft position I’ll riot
  10. Brown is the only one on that list we need to keep around.
  11. Shaq is an overrated JAG who is insanely overpaid. Looking forward to moving on from that bloated contract. He has never lived up to his hype and simply isn't a difference maker. You could argue that Luvu has impacted the outcome of our games more this season in his first year at LB than Shaq has his entire career. YGM is another JAG (at best) but at least he's on a rookie deal. Decent depth I guess but doubt we'd even notice if we moved on from him. edit: inb4 top dawg slams me.
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