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A place where bourbon (and whiskey, in general) lovers can unite and share stories, reviews, bottle exchange, etc.
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  2. I have been hunting their Single Barrel Barrel Strength Rye to no avail.
  3. I've always been a Jack Daniels #7 man. Then my daughter bought me a bottle of JD Single Barrel Select, and now it's gotta be Single Barrel or, at a bare minimum Gentleman Jack. That Single Barrel is sooo smooth, and smells heavenly, like expensive cologne.
  4. It's 14 year Whistlepig, apparently. I thought it was good.
  5. Picked this up today. Just sitting on the shelf by it’s lonesome.
  6. How’s that pick? A store nearby has a pick for $90. Tempting.
  7. and yes that's all my buddy gave me ^
  8. I suppose this is about as good as thread as any to post this: from the other day. blew my mind
  9. Batch 26 is readily available around here. Buddy of mine snagged some for $87, a steal. Had it the other night - absolutely delicious.
  10. First time I have actually gotten to try this. Unreal. Hype confirmed.
  11. Still haven't snagged an OF Rye. Need to get one.
  12. I agree. OF100 is a hidden gem. I also prefer OF1910 over 1920. OF Rye is absolutely delicious as well.
  13. I love 1910 and 1920, I'd give the nod to 1910 though. For my money, the best $25 and under bourbon in the liquor store is OF 100.
  14. That's a fair assessment But as someone that never liked bourbon this was a good bottle to introduce me to this type of whiskey
  15. Recent daily drinker has been Old Forester 100. Good stuff.
  16. If I can’t pick up and go to my local honey holes and buy it on a whim then it’s too rare for my liking
  17. don't worry, it isn't rare. Check the abc on Wilkinson, I got a big bottle for like $60 not long ago.
  18. I mean.....M10 is a lot harder to locate than that. Maybe not at the same price point, though. Hard to find it sitting around at MSRP, I know that much.

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