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House of the Dragon - Episode ll


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The Rogue Prince

Spoilers incoming.


Seems to have been a bit of a slower episode laying foundations as strategies go on, of course. In many ways King Viserys Targaryenmay may have pulled a Rob Stark. He potentially decimated his relationship with his daughter, took the most powerful house, and sided with Daemon. Even though trying to be the best King he can be.

Also, the prospect there is some massive dragon no one knows where it might be is thought for nefarious cause.

Rhaenyra is probably about to move up the ranks as well, a disturbing problem. Considering the position Allicent has been put in. Being portrayed as best friends and maybe a hint of something more.

I am looking forward when they go to the Stepstones. As well as getting to know the crab feeder.


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